Sorority Rush Week Essentials

It’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for and you’re more nervous than when you went on your first date, it’s the first day of sorority rush week. It’s almost time for you to leave so you grab your bag and realize you don’t know what you’ll need! To save you the trouble and worry I have created and easy list of items to keep in your purse or bag during those long days of rush week. Trust me you’ll thank me for this later!



1. A Tote Bag, to carry all your essentials. Pick a bag that you don’t mind getting dirty or leaving on a floor!

2. Phone and Charger, a lot of recruitment days can be long and you’re phone might die. Make sure to keep it charged in case of emergencies.

3. Wallet, this is a little on the obvious side. You probably don’t want to be without your ID, student ID, and money.

4. Water and Snacks, please don’t forget to eat! I’ve seen too many girls pass out from eating, you will be standing and walking a lot! It’ll probably be hot too if you’re rushing in the fall.

5. Makeup, bring any makeup to have for touch ups between houses. I would bring your lipstick or chapstick, powder, and maybe an eyelash curler just to spruce yourself up.

6. Band-aids, chances are you’ll be wearing uncomfortable heels or walking a lot and you’re feet will probably get blisters. Keeping band-aids will help with this and you won’t be so focused on the pain!

7. Mints and Gum, some houses may offer food and you’ll want to freshen up in between parties. You’re going to be talking a lot and in close proximity of people and no one wants to talk to someone with bad breath!

8. Paper and Pen, these two things are great for writing notes about the different houses such as what you liked and didn’t like or people you talked to. This way when you go back to vote you’ll have something to reference.


Sorority rush week is an exciting time but it can be stressful as well if you’re not careful. Having these 8 items will surely make your experience more enjoyable and something you won’t ever forget!

Have more questions about sorority recruitment? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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How To Organize Your Life

How To Organize Your Life



Running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Can’t find that important document that you need TODAY? Or maybe your room is just so cluttered you can’t stand to look at it. What ever your case may be there are a few simple ways in which you can turn your life around to be organized, clutter free, and motivating to yourself. Then you’ll never lose that important document again!

Here are 8 ways on how to organize your life!

1. De-Clutter

This is one of the first major steps to organizing your life! Separate items into piles of give away, trash, and keep. I would even split this up and do it for different areas of your house such as your closet one day, desk, living room, office, etc. That way the task won’t seem as big!

2. 10-Minute Cleanup

Most of us don’t have hours to clean each and every day, but a simple 10 minutes is all you really need. Set your time and head to the messiest part of your home. For me that’s my closet (I like to just throw things in there!). By spending just 10 quick minutes picking up that messy area you’ll realize the drastic difference it has!

3. To Do List

Whether you like your to do lists on an app, paper, or in your planner just write one! Start first thing in the morning or the night before so that you’re motivated and ready to get things done. A little tip is to do the hardest thing on your list first so that it is smooth sailing after that!

4. Keep a Small Notebook With You At All Times

Having a small notebook tossed in your purse or tote is the perfect tool to keeping yourself organized. Maybe you see a date for an event you want to remember, jot it down! Or if you’re like me and you blog I tend to randomly come up with ideas when I’m out and about. Having the notebook keeps all my ideas that were floating around on paper and easily accessible.

5. Budget You Money

Budgeting your money isn’t as scary as it sounds, I promise. Whether you’re in high school, college, or an adult, budgeting will organize your finances and keep you on track financially. I suggest using an app and online website, Mint. It’s simple and easy to use!

6.When You Take Something Out, Put it Back

Easy enough right? Then why don’t we do this enough? I’m guilty of it. I take out tons of items for crafting or my blog pictures and then just toss them on my bed then come bed time I just throw them on the floor till I need them next time. If I would have simply put them back in their boxes my room probably wouldn’t be as big of a mess!

7. Use a Planner

This is one of the most simple and basic ways to stay organized. Whether you’re in school, at work, or even an adult, a planner can work wonders for keeping you organized. It’s the perfect place to write down all of your important dates and hours so nothing is overlapped or forgotten.

8. Make a Meal Plan for the Week

At the beginning of each week sit down with a piece of paper and pen. Check out your cabinets and fridge to see what food you have and what you can make for the week. As you’re creating your list and you need more items make a grocery list which you can take to the store. By using a meal plan you are making use of everything already in your fridge and keeping yourself from buying unnecessary groceries, which saves you money!


Being an organized person isn’t a huge task to take on, by switching small things in your life one at a time you can organize your life quickly and effectively. I hope these 8 tips on how to organize your life helped you and inspired you to get organized!

What is one of your must have organizing tools?



10 Preppy Summer Essentials

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.01.15 AM

Whether you’re heading to the beach or just staying at home this summer these 10 preppy summer essentials will surely help make your summer a stylish one. These pieces will add a pop of color and classic style to your wardrobe so it will be easy to expand your preppy clothing collection.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.52.15 AM


1. Nike Tempo Shorts

These shorts are a summer staple piece item. They re easy to toss on when heading to the pool, gym, park, or running errands!

2. Kendra Scott Necklace

I having been lusting over Kendra Scott for some time now, the beautiful pendant necklaces and bracelets are cute and add a feminine touch to any outfit.

3. Lilly Pulitzer Beach Towel

Now this you may have a hard time finding due to the extreme popularity of the Lilly for Target line. However, any cute beach towel will do for your days at the pool or beach vacation.

4. Long Champ Le Pliage Tote

I have had my Long Champ for over a year now and still love it to bits and pieces. The nylon fabric makes it easy to clean and wipe down if sand or anything else spills. It’s great for tossing all your pool essentials in and heading outside.


If you’re like me you’ve been loving this romper trend. What’s not to love, they are easy, functional, and cute! Several places sell them for low prices while you can still splurge and purchase one from your favorite boutique.

6. Ray Ban Aviators

These puppies will keep your eyes shaded during the hot summer months. If you’re in to croakies, Lilly Pulitzer  makes adorable ones that looks great with Ray Bans.

7. Hat

Whether you’re into monograms, baseball teams, or even your own school any baseball cap will do! I love wearing these on days when I’m running errands for a preppy and sporty look.

8. J Crew Chino Shorts

J Crew offers chino shorts in all different lengths, colors, and patterns. I would suggest purchasing a few basic colors first to build your wardrobe. You’ll probably own these for a long time considering they don’t go out of style.

9. Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots make for the perfect shoes during those summer storms. Not only are they cute and stylish but they last forever.

10. Jack Rogers

Last but not least, Jack Rogers. These sandals come in all different styles and colors. Not to mention several companies sell knock off versions that are much cheaper and still look cute!


With these 10 preppy summer essentials you’re sure to have the perfect preppy wardrobe that everyone will be envious of.

What are you plans for this summer? Beach? Mountains? Out of the country? Let me know!

Till next time,

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Life With Lauren: Speed Street


For those of you who don’t know I am from North Carolina, yes I am from the south and no I don’t actually have a country accent. However, I do the occasional southern stereotypical things like go to events called Speed Street. Speed Street is an an event in downtown Charlotte where there are tons of vendors, food trucks, not to mention a free concert! So for today’s post I’m doing a Life With Lauren: Speed Street edition.


The Departure

We headed out the door to what would be my first time at Speed Street, before today I didn’t even know it was in downtown Charlotte, I thought it was at the race track, silly me. We loaded the car and of course made a stop at Zaxby’s, our favorite. Once we got there we parked in a parking deck and walked down a back alley to get to the street. Bad decision, we ran into a homeless man laying on the ground and oh my goodness I about had a heart attack. He said nothing though and pretty much ignored us thank the Lord.



Once on the streets we walked up and down looking at the different food and beverage trucks, all the vendors with fun items and took in all the street acts. There were bands and even magicians, he wasn’t very good though. We met up during this time with a few of our other friends who were there and then decided to make our way to the concert stage.


Concert Time

My favorite part of the night was hands down the FREE country concert where Parmalee performed. If you’re wondering who they are their top 2 songs are Close Your Eyes, and Carolina. They were fantastic and had several amazing songs. Overall the concert was loud and exciting and filled with lots of dancing and screaming.

Post Speed Street

After making it back to the car safely and making it back to my boyfriend’s fraternity house we relaxed for a little while and hung out with our friends. The night ended with a bonfire and some music. By this time I was about to fall asleep with my eyes open since I’m a grandma who goes to bed early.


Overall my first speed street experience was one I won’t forget and I can’t wait to go next year. I encourage you all to advantage of free events and fairs like these and grab a few friends and go! You won’t regret it!

Do any of you have an event like this in your town?

Till next time,

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10 Quick College Tips


For some of you high school is finally coming to an end, which probably means it’s time for college. With only a few months left till you depart from home and start a new chapter in your life it can be a little intimidating. Freshman year of college will be one of your most memorable times in your life and when you were learn more than any book could ever teach you. To put some of you at ease I’ve decided to share 10 quick college tips to help your freshman year or any year be the best one!

1. Keep Your Dorm Room Door Open

An open door is the perfect excuse for someone to stop by and say hey. Trust me when I say you will make friends and it will not be hard. Everyone is trying to meet new people and find their groups of friends.

2. Go To ALL of Your Classes

Yes, ALL of them. Don’t skip a class unless you absolutely have to, trust me when I say that it makes all the difference and you’ll regret skipping them at the end of the semester.

3. Join a Club or Two

GET INVOLVED! Join a club you’re interested in, join greek life, do SGA, anything, but do something!

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Major

Changing your major is not the end of the world, take it from the girl that has changed her’s four times now. Your plans and dreams will change, but please for your sake have a major of something you actually like, it will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

5. Study, simple.

It’s not high school anymore. You may have been able to get by without any studying in high school, but college is different. If you don’t study you will fail. So do it!

6. Separate Your Colors When You Do Laundry

Don’t forget to separate your colors when doing laundry, lights, darks, brights, jeans, whites. This will save your clothes and keep them the color they were meant to be.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Your Professors

No matter how many people you hear this from you’ll probably still avoid office hours at all costs. I can’t express how important it is to make a connection with your teach, come the end of the semester when you’re between and A and a B, all those hours in their office will come in handy and they’ll probably change it.

8. Use Your Schools Amenities

The gym, counselors, tutors, free food, writing help, job opportunities, career builders, everything can help and they are usually free!

9. Go Out, But Not Too Much

Make sure to enjoy yourself and go to a party or two, you’ll have a great time and make awesome memories. But please remember to get your school work done and be productive. Take it from me, going out every weekend usually has a negative impact on your grades.

10. Workout and Eat Healthy

There is no excuse for the freshman 15. Take a group of friends and go to the gym and be workout buddies. Cafeteria areas usually have healthy options available. Be mindful of all the drunk munching you do at 3am, that pizza will catch up on you eventually.

Follow these 10 quick college tips and your freshman year will be one you won’t forget. Just remember to be smart about your time and take every good opportunity out there, now is the time to make mistakes, learn, and grow as a person.

Have more tips for college freshmen, feel free to leave them below!

If you’re going off to college what is the one thing you’re most excited for?

Till next time,

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How To Be Productive Over the Summer


Summer time is here, no more waking up early, dragging your self out of bed to go to class or worse, work. During the summer time I tend to get lazy and mornings when I don’t have to wake up early I lay around and sleep until 12! That’s half my day gone right there! This summer I’ve decided to be productive and I’ve compiled a list of ways for you all to do it too.

Set Your alarm and wake up early

That’s right, keep that alarm on each morning. I wake up usually around 7am, 6 am when I have work, and I make sure to get up and start my day. Sleeping in really makes you lazy and you end up wasting all this time that you could be doing something better.

Pick up a hobby (blogging?)

Summer is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time for in the school year. My goal for this summer was to really work hard on my blog and post daily as well as start my Etsy store and keep it up and running. So far these things keep me pretty busy during the day and I don’t get bored of them!

make a to do list

It’s summer and you may think a to do list is a little to drastic, however it will keep your time organized and I promise it’ll make a difference. Need to do laundry, grocery shop, but still want to go out to a movie, and need to go to the bank? You might forget one of those things so keeping a to do list will make sure everything gets done in the day.

Don’t get rid of your planner just yet

Classes may be over, but that planner can still can come in handy. Use it to write those to do lists, keep track of work dates, and other fun things you’ve planned. I plan out my blog post ideas, my Etsy store updates (, work, and even pool dates.

schedule something fun and something beneficial

Having something fun to do each day really makes it easier for you to get up and get out. I suggest adding something beneficial to you each day as well though. Whether it be a little time for yoga and meditation or the time to have a nice bubble bath with your favorite Lush products.

I hope these quick and easy tips on how to be productive over the summer will make easier for you all to stay focused and accomplish a lot this summer.

What is one thing you wanted to learn to do this summer?

Till next time,


Preppy Dorm Room Essentials

Preppy Dorm Room Essentials

For some of you college is right around the corner, others you’re on to your second or third year of school, either way these preppy dorm room essentials will be sure to spice up any dorm room, college apartment, or living space!

Lilly Bedding


I found this adorable Lilly Pulitzer bedding on Garnet Hill’s website and I am in love! They can brighten up any dull dorm room or apartment.



Adding a wooden monogram or vinyl monogram to your bed room wall can give it a personal touch. I’m obsessed with monograms so this one on my wall probably won’t be the only one you’ll find in my room!


Shower caddy

A cute shower caddy is a must when you’re living in a dorm room, my shower caddy was actually a Lilly Pulitzer one, and now I use it as my craft storage! PBTeen has adorable shower caddies in all different colors and styles, you can even find one that matches your rooms color scheme!



Having a rug is essential if your dorm does not come carpeted. Adding a white faux sheepskin rug can add a more glamorous feel to your room and make it feel more homey.


Storage bins

These storage bins from PB Teen are perfect for storing things under your bed which is vital with so little space in a dorm room. The boxes even come in different patterns which could add a pop of color to any dorm room!

These preppy dorm room essentials will be sure to make your dorm room one that people want to hang out in. Not only that but you’ll love hanging out in your own room if you like the style and feel of it. Make it your own and make it your home!

What was your favorite piece from the preppy dorm room essentials?

Till next time y’all,


Preppy Picks: Forever21,

Preppy Picks

Forever21 is usually a store we don’t think of when the word “preppy” comes to mind. Most Forever21 stores house clothing items that are currently in style or trending. After browsing  Forever21’s website I surprisingly found several preppy items that I thought I would share with you all! Most are decently priced, definitely cheaper than J.Crew or a boutique.

Item 1: Scalloped key hole tank

Scallop key hole tank

This top is perfect for the summer months! It looks light and airy. Not to mention to scallop detail around the neck and the key hole are to die for! I personally enjoyed the white color for this top, but blush is also available.

Item 2: Embroidered Top


I love the detail in the top, it’s cute and feminine. The top seems light so it’s perfect for the warmer months. This top tucked into a pair of solid colored chino shorts would be great!

Item 3: Cream colored dress

Blush Dress

What about this dress doesn’t scream preppy and feminine? From the scalloped ends to the embroidered detailing at the bottom and the blush colored fabric, I can’t help but want to get my hands on this dress ASAP.

item 4: scalloped shorts


Can you tell I love scallops? I’m obsessed with these darling black shorts with small white polka dots. These shorts can be paired with pretty much anything and they have such a classic shape that they won’t go out of style any time soon.

Item 5: Khaki Pants


These khaki pants are so classic and simple that you can pair them with a nice blouse, a button down shirt, or even simple v-neck or tank top when it’s hot outside.

Overall I was able to find some preppy pieces at Forever21 and all are an affordable price and in style! I know I can’t wait to pick up some of these items!

Which was your favorite?

Till next time,


Life With Lauren: A Day At The Lake


Today is the start of a series on my blog I will call, Life With Lauren. These posts will basically be a follow along of my day and how I spent it. To begin this new series I will start with my day at the lake.

One of our close friends here at school owns a house at the lake and invited my boyfriend and I to come spend the day with him out on the lake. We started at 10 am and went all the way until 3:00pm. Needless to say, I am exhausted.

My boyfriend, Clay, and I were a little forgetful and didn’t bring any food or drinks. Not to mention we only had one towel for the both of us! Well, at least I remembered the sun screen. Even after multiple applications of sunscreen I somehow still got a little burnt in a few places, Clay on the other hand only burned on his face.

We ended up mooching off of our friend’s Doritos and drinks so we wouldn’t die from starvation or thirst, hah! They didn’t mind too much if you were wondering.

While swimming in a more shallow area we became swarmed by geese, yes geese. They had all the little baby geese and were clearly just looking for food, but let’s be real those things can be a little intimidating, so of course I raced out of the water to the safety of the boat.

After escaping from the geese and then some ducks we decided to do some adventuring to see some of the houses on the lake. Wow, these houses were absolutely amazing, there were huge ones, long ones, one with interesting layouts, and siding. I was obsessing over how gorgeous they were and decided I’d love to have my own lake house one day!

Overall the day was relaxing and calm. It was nice to get away from the phone and computer and spend a little time with friends and my boyfriend. Even though I ended up with a little sunburn, it was well worth it, plus I missed summer days like these anyways!

What did you guys do today? Go anywhere new and exciting? Maybe you just chilled out at home? Either way leave a comment and let me know!

Till next time,


How To Be The Best Sorority Big


Oh yeah, it’s about that time of year again, no I don’t mean summer, I mean Big lil season! If you’re anything like me the excitement of big lil season is unbearable. Whether you’re going to be a new big or you’re adding another little to the family this post will surely help you become the best big there is and make your relationship with your little one that will last forever.

Little gifts

Big lil season means lots of gifts and presents for your little to welcome her into the sorority and your fam. Maybe you don’t know what you should get her and need some helpful ideas and things she will love! I personally think hand made things are the best (and cheapest) way to spoil your little. You can customize them to her style and your sorority.

  • Canvas paintings
  • Stitched letters
  • Wooden letters
  • Your sorority’s mascot or symbol made of wood or trinket
  • Koozies
  • Croakies
  • Wine glass
  • Mason Jars
  • Monogrammed shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tees
  • Hand me downs
  • Stuffed animals
  • picture frames
  • Cups/mugs
  • Hats
  • Hair ties
  • Buttons
  • Bags

How to make her feel at home

One of the most important things as a big is to be a mentor and supporter for your little. It is important for you to make her feel at home in your sorority and grow as a woman. This can easily be done by putting in time and effort to make her feel comfortable and this will also grow your relationship with her!

  • Ride with her to chapter
  • Eat dinner before or after chapter
  • Introduce her to you other friends in the sorority
  • Participate in philanthropy events with her
  • Invite her to get ready with you before mixers and events
  • Sit with her during sorority events or workshops
  • Invite her to go out with you and your friends
  • Offer to tutor her in a class
  • Have weekly family dinner dates (can even be potlucks!)
  • Text or call her to wish her good luck on tests, job interviews, dates, etc.
  • Be there for her when she’s upset and offer advice and comfort her

Hangout Ideas

We all want that awesome relationship with our little(s) that everyone else is jealous of and people write about on TSM, etc. But, to have a relationship like this you have to work at it! I have compiled a list of things/ways for you and your little to hangout or things to do together.

  • Library dates
  • Coffee dates
  • Craft together
  • Go swimming
  • Take a vacation together
  • Show her your hometown
  • Have a Netflix marathon
  • Go to a yoga class or the gym
  • Take a shopping trip
  • Have weekly meals together
  • Have a photoshoot together
  • Invite her to a social event

With big lil season just around the corner I hope this post gave you several ideas to create an awesome bond between you and your little. From experience I can say that putting the effort into creating a strong relationship with your little is worth it and before long you’ll have that close knit relationship others wish they had!

So, are you taking a little in the fall? Or maybe you’re rushing and you’ll soon have a big?

Till next time,