7 Things All A+ Students Do


There is no surprise that when it comes to college or high school that most classes you can’t just slide by without putting in at least some work. Now think back to your classes, remember that one person that always seems to get an A on everything? Haven’t you ever wanted to be that person? Yeah trust me we all do and no worries because you can be that person! Here are seven things all A+ students do, and soon you will be too.

  1. Study Breaks, it’s important to rejuvenate your brain by taking a break every 45-60 minutes. During this break it’s important to not be on your phone and social media, but instead take a short walk, grab a healthy snack, catch up with your friends, etc.
  2. NO CRAMMING, it just doesn’t work. You may be able to slide by and get a good grade on that one test, but trust me you will be screwed come final exam time. Your better off reviewing material over an extended period of time to better engrain it in your brain.
  3. Look over your notes, doing this 2-3 times per week outside of class and then reviewing directly after class is a proven way to really memorize the information and understand the topics better.
  4. When working on tests/homework/quizzes if you don’t know a question do a few others first and then come back to them. There may be clues in other questions that can lead you to the correct one.
  5. Talk to your professor, if you’re showing interest in the class and asking for help chances are your professor will be more willing to help you with assignments, questions, and topics you weren’t so good with. And at the end of the semester if you’re teetering between two grades they’ll be more willing to bump you up if they see all of the hard work you’ve put into the class.
  6. GO TO CLASS, you can’t learn the material if you don’t go to class, it’s that simple. Just by going to class you’ll already have a better chance of doing well in the class.
  7. Take notes and use them, this may seem obvious, but just taking notes during class and then never looking at them again will not help you out at all. Review your notes directly after class or as soon as possible, add in examples, problems, or questions you may have. Review 2-3 times a week and before and after class to really get ahead on the material.

I know what you’re thinking, those don’t seem so bad right? Exactly, it’s easy to say you’ll do all of these things, but it’s sticking to them and being committed to your studies that will eventually help you become that A+ student you’ve always been jealous of. So let’s get down to business and earn those A’s.

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

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Lizzy Cox
Lizzy Cox
4 months 14 days ago
I find that number 5 & 6 are KEY to being successful. By creating that connection with a professor; they’re going to be so much more likely to help you out in the future because they’ll know you’re a good student. One time I had an interview fall through that I had to write a paper on; my professor gave me an indefinite deadline because I had cultivated that relationship and she knew I would never NOT get my work done unless something had happened. Moving to grad school; I’m planning to keep the same mindset! Great post 🙂 Glad… Read more »
4 months 15 days ago

I love this post, Lauren! I was always a good student in high school but I did cram a lot! Now that I’m about to be spending my own money to go to college, grades have never been more important to me! I’ve also heard that studying each day within 2-3 hours of a class really solidifies the material from the day! Thank you for the tips, girl!