How Not To Look Like A Freshman


They’re easy to spot, they are scared, nervous, running around with campus maps pressed to their noses and their backpacks are stuffed to the brim with fresh school supplies and over priced textbooks. That’s right it’s the freshmen. Nothing is worse than looking like the new kid on the block, you want everyone to think you’ve been doing this for years and you know exactly how this college thing works. Well have no fear, I have the perfect tips and tricks so that you know how not to look like a freshman.

  1. Get rid of the lanyard. The easiest way to spot a freshman is a lanyard, yes they may be easy to keep your dorm keys and student ID on, but trust me it’s just as easy to keep these things in a pocket on your backpack.
  2. Walking around with a campus map. I get it your campus is new and seems HUGE compared to your high school, but don’t fret. Switch to using an online map on your phone, it’s more discrete. Also, walk around a few days before your classes to figure out where they are and how to get there the quickest.
  3. Don’t wear shirts from high school. We know you loved your high school years and you have tons of t-shirts and gear to show for it. Ditch em’. Head to the school bookstore and pick up a few school spirit items and wear those instead, it’s your new school after all!
  4. Don’t go over board at parties. Know your limits when it comes to things like parties. Don’t do something just to look “cool” or old, because trust me it’ll just make you look silly. Stick to your morals and don’t get too crazy!

Transitioning from high school to college and be pretty tough, trust me I’ve been there! So take these four simple tips and you’ll be on your way to looking like a skilled upperclassman. Don’t forget to check out my youtube channel for more college related videos every week!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle