How Not To Look Like A Freshman

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They’re easy to spot, they are scared, nervous, running around with campus maps pressed to their noses and their backpacks are stuffed to the brim with fresh school supplies and over priced textbooks. That’s right it’s the freshmen. Nothing is worse than looking like the new kid on the block, you want everyone to think […]

Study Essentials

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Yep, finals. Currently I’m sitting in the library writing this blog post, procrastinating from studying Spanish, but hey it’s a study break right? Well at least that’s what I’m telling myself. While sitting here though it ran through my mind that what better post to post than my […]

Time Management Tips for College Students

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Classes, organizations, work, friends, sleep, and working out?! How does one balance all of these things, it seems almost impossible to get everything done in a day with so much going on. Take it from me when I say time management is essential to any college student. It will help you manage your time efficiently […]

How To Survive Early Classes In College

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So you’ve been blessed with an early morning class while you’re at college, but let me guess you aren’t a morning person by any means? Yeah I thought so, because I’m the same way! Since coming to college I’ve gotten into the routine of staying up late and sleeping in until noon. However I have […]

10 Things No One Told Me About College

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College can be a rough time for anyone and if you don’t have any family members that went college before you, you might not know what to expect once you get there. And if you’re anything like me you probably are reading this blog post because you want to be prepared and you’re excited for […]

Getting Along With Your Roommate

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So you’re in college and you’ve been faced with living with another human who you may or may not know for a whole year. That might be a little daunting to some or exciting to others. Not only are you living with this person for so long, but you’re also stuck in a tiny dorm […]


Backpack Essentials

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College can be a tad confusing when you’re a freshman. You don’t know what all you will need for a class and how long you’ll be away from your dorm, should you bring money, snacks, clothes, headphones? The list is never ending and after a while your backpack ends up stuffed to the brim and […]

College Necessities

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As most of you know I’m heading into my third year of college and if there is one thing I’ve learned over my 2 full years of college it’s what things truly are necessities. So I’ve decided to share with y’all my must have things for a college kid. Ranging from accessories, clothes, and even […]

My Morning Routine: School Edition

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That’s right college has finally come back to town and it’s time to get myself into a routine schedule and start off my mornings productive. With a hectic schedule and numerous classes piled with work and sorority life, and even my blog I have to make my mornings early and productive so I get the […]

How to Make the Most of College

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  A typical college student spends anywhere from 4-5 years in college. And at first that seems like forever, but you’ll soon realize that time flies by faster than it seems. I’m heading into my junior of college and I feel as though just yesterday was freshman move in day! One thing I can say […]