Today is the start of a series on my blog I will call, Life With Lauren. These posts will basically be a follow along of my day and how I spent it. To begin this new series I will start with my day at the lake.

One of our close friends here at school owns a house at the lake and invited my boyfriend and I to come spend the day with him out on the lake. We started at 10 am and went all the way until 3:00pm. Needless to say, I am exhausted.

My boyfriend, Clay, and I were a little forgetful and didn’t bring any food or drinks. Not to mention we only had one towel for the both of us! Well, at least I remembered the sun screen. Even after multiple applications of sunscreen I somehow still got a little burnt in a few places, Clay on the other hand only burned on his face.

We ended up mooching off of our friend’s Doritos and drinks so we wouldn’t die from starvation or thirst, hah! They didn’t mind too much if you were wondering.

While swimming in a more shallow area we became swarmed by geese, yes geese. They had all the little baby geese and were clearly just looking for food, but let’s be real those things can be a little intimidating, so of course I raced out of the water to the safety of the boat.

After escaping from the geese and then some ducks we decided to do some adventuring to see some of the houses on the lake. Wow, these houses were absolutely amazing, there were huge ones, long ones, one with interesting layouts, and siding. I was obsessing over how gorgeous they were and decided I’d love to have my own lake house one day!

Overall the day was relaxing and calm. It was nice to get away from the phone and computer and spend a little time with friends and my boyfriend. Even though I ended up with a little sunburn, it was well worth it, plus I missed summer days like these anyways!

What did you guys do today? Go anywhere new and exciting? Maybe you just chilled out at home? Either way leave a comment and let me know!

Till next time,