How To Dress Like a Sorority Girl


The sorority way of dressing has changed in recent years to a more comfortable and laid back style usually sported when going to college classes. Going into college I thought everyone still dressed up for their classes and boy was I wrong. I started to notice the sorority girls in my class simply from their cute and effortless style. They managed to be comfortable and relaxed yet they still looked cute! How could this be done, so when I joined my own sorority that fall it all seemed to make sense and I began to learn the ways of how to dress like a sorority girl.


Big T-Shirt

This is the first and most important step when it comes to how to dress like a sorority girl. They typically are oversized comfort colors t-shirts from your sorority or even a fraternity. After only months of being in a sorority I managed to collect enough t-shirts to not fit in my drawers and have enough to wear for several weeks straight.


Nike Tempo Short

These shorts are the perfect essential for dressing like a sorority girl. Wearing these shorts with an oversized shirt gives you maximum comfort while still looking cute. I personally own several pairs of these shorts and happen to be wearing some right now. Starting out with a simple black and white pair is always a good choice!



Yes, these puppies are popular. They may look like shoes your grandma would wear, but I promise these are some of the most comfy shoes you will find. They even come in all different color combinations! Don’t want to dish out the money for a pair of these? Simple sandal type shoes will do like fake jacks!


Sunglasses and Croakies

These items are a must have for any sorority girl, when you’re in class and you take your sunglasses off you won’t have to risk putting them in your backpack, instead they can hang around your neck until you go back outside. I personally love Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines ones. A ton of people make different style croakies though!



Last but not least, a hat is one of the best accessories when dressing like a sorority girl. Having a bad hair day, don’t want to do your hair, humid outside? A hat is perfect, it makes getting ready easy and you still look cute with a monogram on it or even your school or sorority. I literally wear these every day for class!

So what is it that makes people interested in the way sorority girls dress, is the ability to be comfortable and cute or maybe it’s the bright colored shirts and shorts? Either way dressing like a sorority girl easy, quick, comfy, and perfect classes.

Do any of you dress like this for class? Or do you prefer dressing up and looking nice? Let me know down below!

Till next time,

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  • Heather

    Love the post! I’m an alumnae but you’ll pry my oversized sorority t’s and norts from my cold, dead hands, hahaha.

    • CollegeCulture

      Haha! Love that!