Confidence in Yourself


Kappa Delta Sorority supports and promotes a platform called The Confidence Coalition. As my chapter begins to share our message around campus during Confidence Week one thing dawned on me. My confidence seemed to dwindle in the past few years. Whether from school, busy schedules, or relationships with friends I just felt as though I wasn’t truly my bubbly self anymore.

Well me being me decided enough is enough, I’m tired of hating my body, my hair, my clothes, and anything else society says isn’t perfect about me. No, I’m better than that. Which is why I’m here, sharing my first step to being confident again. Taking care of me.


One simple thing was clear to me. I felt better about myself when I took care of myself. When I took the time to put on a cute outfit rather than leggings and a t-shirt. I felt confident when I blew out my hair and added a few curls. I felt confident slipping on a pair of comfy broken in jeans. This is my first step to being confident again.





Top: Charlotte Russe   Jeans: American Eagle   Flats: Target   Necklace: Target


It’s time to stop putting myself down and it’s time to start loving me again. It’s time to do the things I love so much, it’s time to look after myself, it’s time to be me. Who’s with me? Let me know what makes you confident in the comments!


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