IMG_1593Confidence, many women seek it yet few seem to have it. Confidence begins with little steps such as standing up for yourself, hanging out with who you want to, and trying out new fashion and beauty trend. Today I took a big step in my own life and decided to rock a beauty look I’ve always adored, red lips.



Red lips, or bright lips in general, used to scare me. I was to afraid to wear them in public for fear of people judging me or making fun of me. Today I decided to give it a whirl, because I shouldn’t care what those around me think. If I like it then why not rock it?



Although wearing red lipstick is such a little thing, it still takes loads of confidence to do, so I threw on my favorite dress from Target, no less, along with some comfy sandals and my everyday tote from Madewell.



Partaking in photo shoots for my blog have even increased my confidence in myself and my blog. Even when people are staring at me like I’m crazy when I pose for a few pictures, none of it seems to bother me anymore. I’ve decided that I am proud of the work I am putting in for my blog and I don’t care what others think of me. Because it’s for all of you who visit my blog each day and read my posts!



So today, I encourage you to take part in my red lip challenge. By no means do you have to wear red lipstick, but instead I ask that you take a step towards becoming more confident in yourself. Whether it’s walking with your shoulders back and head up or trying a new fashion trend. Go ahead, take a chance and I promise you won’t regret it.

Go confidently.

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle