10 Tips for Preparing for Sorority Rush

Preparing for Sorority Rush

1. Clean up your social media, chapters will be looking to these for an insiders look on how you really are. There should be no alcohol and drunk pictures. No excessive cleavage. No overuse of profanity.

2. Create your resume for sororities, get the help from your parents and other resources available online. Not sure what things to include in your resume, feel free to e-mail me! [email protected]

3. Have a few headshot and portrait photos taken for your application and for social media pages. This will give you a more professional edge.

4. Visit each chapter’s social media pages: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, websites, etc.

5. Begin planning outfits and start picking up needed items to complete your looks. This is great if you can’t spend as much money all at once.

6. Practice different hairstyles, nail styles, etc. Practice will help you realize what styles look best on you and which take longer than others.

7. Take care of your body, workout, eat healthy, get a nice summer glow, hair treatments, manicure, pedicures, the works. Taking care of your body will really show through during rush week.

8. Begin compiling recommendation letters from people you know who are a part of any organizations you’re looking into rushing.

9. Practice your conversation skills and become comfortable talking about your self, check my blog post about How To Be The PNM Every Sorority Wants. Practice with your friends who are also rushing or even an older friend or sister who is a part of a sorority. The more practice the better.

10. Put the final touches on everything a week before. Your hair should be treated, colored if needed and styled to perfection. Nails and toes should be painted and trimmed. Skin should be tan/glowing (try self tanners). Buy the last items to make your perfect outfits and don’t forget to break in those new shoes! Pack your recruitment bag with all of the essentials. Put a smile on and stand confidently you’ll kill it during rush girl!

Have more questions about sorority recruitment or college feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]