What Not to Say During Sorority Rush Week


Sorority rush week, one of my favorite times of the year. For me and my chapter it means finding and choosing the best women to carry on our legacy here at my school. We want the best of the best girls, someone well rounded, positive, smart, sweet, and can hold her self to a higher standard. Sounds pretty hard to be right? No one is perfect and we surely know that, trust me we aren’t either! But during sorority rush week it’s highly important to stray away from certain topics so as not to offend, up set, or turn anyone away from you, so let’s talk about what’s not okay to say during sorority rush week.

  1. Boys. It’s okay if you’ve had a boyfriend for 4 years and you love him a lot, but the woman you’re talking to doesn’t want to know about him she wants to know more about you! Same goes for those of you who are a little more boy crazy, it’s not appropriate to ask sororities which fraternity men they hang out with the most or something along those lines, trust me you’ll get the chance to meet plenty of boys once you’re in greek life.
  2. Money. Yes it’s important to know pricing for the sorority you wish to join, however during a recruitment conversation is not the time to ask it. Most will post that type of information in a packet, booklet, or on their website.
  3. Politics/religion. This one should be a no brainer, because you don’t want to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and offend them. That won’t be a good time for either of you.
  4. Partying. Yes a joining a sorority means you’re joining a social organization, some of the members choose to enjoy their free time at parties or get togethers, but not everyone is into that scene. So stray away from party topics to avoid coming off as someone only interested in sororities for the parties.
  5. Negative Topics. This can get pretty broad but stay away from topics like bad grades, a horrible breakup, a girl you don’t like, bad mouthing other sororities, how you’re broke, etc.

Overall I suggest trying to get to know the woman you’re talking to, try to connect with her on a personal level so you too can get more out of her and what her organization has to offer. I know this may seem like a lot of things that are off limits but if you can remember to just keep things positive and make sure to present your self in the best light you won’t have any problems finding the right sorority for you.

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Sorority Rush Week: Hair and Nails



You’ve got your outfits all planned out and you’ve perfected your makeup, but there is still something missing, your hair and nails! You can tell a lot about a girl by how she takes care of hair and styles it. Not only that, but the way a woman takes care of her nails really shows her attention to detail. With sorority rush week just around the corner, I thought what better to share with you all than the best hair and nail tips for sorority recruitment!



Don’ts: Stay away from fancy up-dos like people wear in weddings, it isn’t necessary for these nights. DO NOT have frizzy hair if at all possible. Use whatever you need to keep your hair down, but sleek and shiny hair looks great on everyone. Greasy hair is a big no-no. Make sure you’re washing your hair and getting out any product, use dry shampoo if necessary. Grown out roots just don’t look good, get them touched up right before rush week so you won’t have to worry about it during this busy time! Try to stay clear from crazy and harsh colors all over you head. A colorful streak probably won’t be that bad or noticeable. Just be tasteful.

Dos: Hair spray will be your best friend, just makes sure you’re not using too much. I also suggest teasing your hair even just a little to add some extra volume and bounce to your hair style. Especially if you’re rushing a sorority in the south. Make sure to test out different hair styles to find the ones that look best on you! Keep your ends split free. You can never go wrong with simple curls or straight hair if you’re not the most talented at hair or don’t have the time.



Stray away from any dark colors like black. Light browns, light pink, and french manicures are the best colors to wear so that they match with every outfit. Do not have chipped nail polish or ragged nails. If you don’t like painting your nails at least trim and file your fingernails so they look uniform and clean. Save the long fake nails for another week and keep it on the more natural side or if necessary short acrylic nails. Also, don’t forget about your toes if you’re wearing sandals!


Sometimes we get so caught up in planning the perfect sorority rush week outfit we forget other important aspects of looking nice for sorority recruitment. Luckily for you, your hair and nails will now be on point and help you stand out from the other PNMs during recruitment.

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Sorority Rush Week: Makeup Tips & Tricks

sorority rush week makeup tips


Most of us spend hours preparing the perfect outfit for sorority rush week and tend to forget about another important aspect of looking perfect for these nights, which is makeup! Knowing how to apply makeup properly and just the right amount can really brighten up your face and make you look your best. And when you look your best, you’ll be feeling your best. So let’s get into the tips and tricks to help you look your best during sorority rush week.

What Makeup Should You Wear:

Light foundation: Enough to cover any imperfections and even your skin tone out.

Concealer: Under your eyes and on any blemishes that need to be covered.

Powder: To give your face that matte finish without shine.

Bronzer: For contouring and adding color to your face.

Highlight: To highlight your cheek bones and open your eyes.

Blush: To add color to your cheeks and make you look fresh faced.

Eyeshadow: To add depth to your eyes and create a soft look.

Eyeliner: To make your eyes pop

Mascara: for opening your eyes up and looking away and refreshed.



Blend out foundation around the neck and jawline and make sure that the color matches your skin tone perfectly. Go easy on any powder so that your face doesn’t look caked on. Don’t over do the bronzer or highlight, it should give a little depth to your face but not look so harsh. Concealer should be lighter than your foundation, but not too much. Don’t over do the eyes with dark eyeshadow colors and bright colors, choose natural browns and creams for the best look. Save the winged eyeliner for night outs and stick to natural eyeliner such as brown or black if needed. Waterproof mascara is the best so it won’t smudge and get under your eyes and on your eyelids. Be careful when applying mascara so that it doesn’t clump to much, try taking an old mascara wand and combing through them when you’re finished.


Makeup to Avoid:

The wrong colored foundation, bright lipstick colors like purple or green, orange bronzer is a no go, hold off on the glitter, and any harsh eyeshadow colors like blue, purple, red, etc.


Preference Night:

Preference night calls for a more serious look and feel to your outfit. Adding in a few darker eyeshadow colors is acceptable just to add more depth to your eyes, but a dark smokey look is still not ideal. Adding a slightly darker lip color is a nice change to your look, just apply it properly with a lip liner and make sure it looks nice with your skin tone.


I hope these makeup tips and tricks for sorority rush week made it easier for your to plan your complete look. Having the right makeup can completely change your face and look and will make all the difference in sorority recruitment.

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Day 1.   Day  2.  Day 3.   Day 4. 

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Choosing the Right Sorority



Choosing the right sorority for you can be a little daunting and tough with so many good options out there! Each sorority offers so many different things to it’s members and finding the one that best matches with your personality can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Lucky for you I’ve broken it down into 4 simple questions to ask your self to help you choose the right sorority.

1. Do their values align with yours? Most sororities are committed to different things such as high grades, leadership experience, confidence, and more. You’ll want to take a look at their expectations for their members and see if you could hold your self to that standard. Don’t forget to take into consideration a sororities religious beliefs since most are centered around a certain faith.

2. Do you like the image that they give off? Could you see your self fitting into that image? If yes then that’s another thing to check off your list. It’s important to find a sorority with the image you want to perceive because once you join the sad and unfortunate truth is that people will group you in with that image and expect you to be like that which could be bad or good.

3. Do you like their reputation? Reputation is important when it comes to picking the sorority you want. Certain sororities are known for certain things on campus and it’s up to you to decide which you’d like to be a part of. People will begin to associate you with that reputation once you are a part of that sorority, so choose wisely.

4. Do you see your self fitting in/ do you feel comfortable here? I knew I wanted Kappa Delta each night because I felt comfortable talking to any girl I was matched with and they always made me feel welcome. You can just tell when you feel comfy in a certain place and I certainly did here. I could talk to the girls about anything and some I felt like were already my friends. You’ll know the feeling by preference night, I promise.

I hope these 4 simple questions will make your decision on choosing the right sorority an easy one. It can be tough when you’re faced with so many options and you’ve heard and seen so many different things. One last piece of advice is listen to your heart and go with what feels right and don’t force a sorority on yourself just because of who and what they are. Go where you feel at home!

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Sorority Resume: Everything You Need



You’re all excited about rushing a sorority in the fall and you can’t wait to see what life is like once you’re in one, but first there are a few things that have to be done. Does your school require a resume? Never had to have one before? Don’t worry about it at all, because I’ve broken it down and created an example just for you so that you don’t have to worry anymore!


When it comes to writing your resume, leave anything out! Put as much information as you can even that silly participation award you got in the 10th grade. It all counts and it all makes you stand out. Adding a picture at the top of your resume is also a good but optional idea.

One piece of advice I can give is do not lie on your resume, someone will find out and it won’t be good, not to mention embarrassing. Just be yourself and fill it out to the best of your ability.

I hope this post helped you and you’re on your way to making your perfect sorority resume.

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and then it’s yours to do as you please with!

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11 Things No One Told me About Sorority Recruitment

11 things no one told me about sorority recruitment


Sorority recruitment is right around the corner. Maybe you feel prepared, maybe you’re so nervous you can’t stop thinking about it. Either way I’m here to help you prepare yourself for what is to come. I’ve decided today to share with you all 11 things no one told me about sorority recruitment that would have made all the difference during those long and exciting nights.

1. You’re bound to be dropped by a house you love. No it won’t be the end of the world, and yes you will still find the house you belong in. Try not to get too upset because there are plenty of other girls out there waiting to talk to you and get to know you!
2. Be nice to those girls in your recruitment group. Some will end up your sisters and others you’ll see all the time. Having these friends will make recruitment week more fun and less stressful, you’ll have girls to plan outfits with and hang out during the weeks prior to recruitment. Make friends now and you’ll be set for years to come.
3. Plan your outfits ahead of time. It can be stressful, but with all of your outfits planned you won’t have to think twice about what shoes to wear with what dress and so on the night of recruitment. Read my articles about what to wear during sorority recruitment week to help you brainstorm ideas!
4. Read my sorority rush week essentials so you’ll know exactly what to put in your purse during this week! It will save you a lot of time and effort.
5. Research the sororities before recruitment so you have a little background on each and you can focus on deeper questions plus you’ll look more interested if you already know more about them. Check their websites, instagram, tumblr, Facebook, and more!
6. Break in your new heels and flats! No one wants be uncomfortable the entire recruitment night. Trust blisters are no fun either!
7. Don’t forget to eat!!! You don’t want to pass out during one of the parties or feel sick when talking to the house you love the most!
8. Eye contact. If you want to stand  out make eye contact with everyone you talk to. It makes other feel important and you’ll be focusing on the conversation and not other things.
9. Don’t mention boys, alcohol, or partying!
10. Don’t act like someone you’re not. You don’t want to be a part of an organization of people you have to pretend to be like. You won’t have fun and you’ll be too stressed out all of the time
11. Take advantage of your Sorority Recruitment Counselors, they are there to help you and they have a lot of information and knowledge to help you make your decision.
I hope that these 11 things no one told me about sorority recruitment help you to prepare yourself and put yourself out there during recruitment week. I wish you all the best of luck during your recruitment week!
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5 Reasons to Join a Sorority

5 Reasons to Join a Sorority


So maybe you’re thinking about going greek? Maybe you know nothing about sororities and just want a little information. Well I am here to help! I have been a part of my sorority, Kappa Delta going on 3 years this fall. I can honestly say without Kappa Delta I would not be the woman I am today and I probably would be failing out of college.

Greek life in general tends to get a bad rep and I’m here to change your outlook on greek life and what it really has to offer for its members.

1. Leadership

Leadership is one of the best things I think a sorority can offer its members. I myself have held 3 Appointed Officer positions which are smaller positions, but still important. I am now a part of my chapter’s council or “executive” board as some call it. I essentially am one of the 9 women who are under our president and we each hold our own job. After having so many leadership positions in Kappa Delta I have learned skills to help me in every aspect of my life. I can now talk in front a group of people larger than 150 and can talk to anyone about anything and everything. I’ve taught myself time management and organization skills that will help me in the future as well. Not only has joining a sorority inspired me to be a leader in my chapter, but I have also obtained an on campus job and plan to move up to the position of building manager soon.

2. Philanthropy

What is better than donating your time to help others? Not to much. Not only are you helping someone else feel better, but you end up gaining more from it than you probably expected. You’re able to experience hands on fundraising and events and activities that actually make a difference in someone else’s life! Each sorority has a specific philanthropy that they focus their main efforts on. For example, Kappa Delta helps to instill confidence in Girl Scouts though activities and games.

3. Academics

To join a sorority in the first place there is a minimum GPA requirement. On top of that each sorority has a set GPA that is required of its chapter’s members. Greeks have a higher GPA than the overall campus GPA, probably due to the fact that we have so many resources! In your sorority you’re bound to have someone with the same major, same classes, minor, etc. They will be there to help you with are homework, tests, and studying. Most sisters will even take the time out of their day to tutor you if needed and even create a study group. I know personally my sisters and I spend several nights a week posted  up in the library get all of our work done and studying.

4. Connections

Without Kappa Delta, or my big, I would not be working at my prestigious job on campus that is notorious for only hiring people that the current workers know. Because I was a Kappa Delta member and my big was a building manager she was able to get me in contact with her job and I was offered a position. Sisters are constantly informing the chapter about job opportunities and internships that are available. Companies contact our chapters offering positions and internship because they know how hard greeks work. Not to mention the number of alumnae from your chapter who are now successful and can hook you up with the job you’ve been dying to have.

5. It’s FUN!

You’re bound to make friends inside the sorority and out. My best friends are in my sorority and several of my other best friends are a part of other sororities. You don’t have to stop being friends with someone just because she’s in another sorority. Sororities even host fun events like mixers and date functions where you get to meet other members from other chapters on campus and make even more connections! And trust me the philanthropy events and study dates and even workshops are all fun, especially with your best friends!


I hope after reading this you’ve decided to go greek yourself. It doesn’t hurt to take a shot and see if it’s for you. I guarantee there is a spot for everyone in greek life you just have to find the right spot for yourself. One thing I know for sure is that greek life offers a number of opportunities that you won’t find from any other organizations on campus.

Are you planning on going greek? If you’re already greek do you have any more reasons why joining greek life in the best decision you’ll ever make? Let me know in the comments!

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What to Wear During Sorority Rush: Preference Night

What to wear pref night


For those of you who don’t know, preference night is the last night of sorority rush week. This night is when each sorority will share with you a part of their ritual and chapter. Focus on what each sorority is saying during this night because by the end of it you will be choosing your future home. You may cry, you may laugh, but I promise you that you will feel a connection to at least one chapter.

The night of my preference round I went in the first sorority more nervous than ever, the ceremonies were touching and I thought I knew my decision. Before walking into the next sorority, Kappa Delta, I felt calm and relaxed. As soon as I sat down to talk to a member I felt at ease. Their ceremonies began and I found my self crying in my sit as a listened to them sing Never Alone. I had goosebumps running up my arms and I felt like I finally found the place where I belonged.

Today I will share with you three more outfits to help you decide what to wear on your preference night. This night is special so most schools require a cocktail type dress or something similar. You may even be instructed to wear a black or white dress, either way pay attention to your school’s rules before choosing this outfit.

Sorority Rush Week: Preference Night Outfit


Outfit Number 1:

LBD (little black dresses) are a classic when it comes to preference night. They are stylish, flattering, and stunning. When choosing a black dress find one that has an element that stands out from the others. For example, this dress has a lovely lace neckline making it more feminine and delicate looking. Don’t over do a dress with big accessories, your jewelry should be kept to a minimum and simple. As for heels I suggest a pair that you are comfortable walking in and don’t hurt your feet. And please don’t wear 6 inch heels that make you look like you just came form the strip club, it’s not cute.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 1.14.21 PM


Outfit Number 2:

During preference night you should not be wearing pants or rompers or shorts, dresses are the only thing I recommend wearing. Hence why I have chosen three dresses for you today! If you choose to go with a colorful dress I suggest keeping cut and fit in mind. You will want a dress that flatters your figure, not a tight fitting club dress or one with a super low cleavage line. These nude heels here are the perfect pair of heels for any outfit. Steve Madden sells a pair while stores like Target have great knock offs for a better price! Add a few accessories to spruce up a plain dress and you’re set for the night!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 1.14.08 PM


Outfit Number 3:

Last but certainly not least, my favorite outfit choice. Although the neckline on this dress is lower than the other two it is still classy and simple without being trashy. If it’s too low for you, try finding a cute bandeau to throw underneath it! I paired this dress with flats for those of you who may be tall like my self or if you’re just not comfortable in heels. Just make sure your flats are broken in before this night so you won’t be left with blisters!


When choosing your preference dress I suggest going with a more conservative piece. These dresses can be found anywhere from Target, Nordstrom, or even a local boutique. Shop around to find the best fit and style on your body type. Don’t forget to choose comfy shoes for walking, plus you’ll be more confident if you’re not focused on your feet hurting all night!

Good luck on your preference night, only 1 more day till bid day!

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What to Wear: Sorority Rush Week Day 3



Sorority rush week is almost over! In just two short days you’ll be running home to your new sorority, your future best friends and bridesmaids. Pretty exciting huh? Now that it’s the third day of rush week you may be a little lost on what to wear, how dressy your outfits should be? What outfits aren’t acceptable? No worries, because I’ve created three perfect outfits for the third day of sorority rush week!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.23.42 PM


Outfit Number One:

On the third day you’ll be visiting less houses and sorority members will be looking for something in each PNM that makes them stand out from the rest. Wearing a bright colored dress will make it easy for someone to remember you and they’ll be more likely to remember why they love you so much! Pair a bright dress with a pair of simple and comfortable wedges. Adding a few accessories is ideal, just remember less is more.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.26.24 PM


Outfit Number 2:

Staying with dresses I chose this yellow shift dress which is bright and stylish. Shift dresses are the perfect outfit of choice for rush week day three. Shift dresses are stylish and flattering and can be found in several stores now a days for decent prices! Check your local boutiques for cute patterns and styles that describe you. A few cute accessories are key for dressing up a simple dress. I love House of Harlow necklaces and Kendra Scott personally! P.S, those adorable wedges are from Tory Burch, I’ve seen them everywhere lately and can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.20.54 PM


Outfit Number Three:

Depending on your school’s greek life you may have more strict rules for what you have to wear on day three, this is why I have included a dressier version for those of you that this applies to. A simple a-line dress is flattering on everyone and is still stylish. I couldn’t help but gush over the adorable pattern on this dress! Pairing an a-line dress with a pair of nude or black heels is the perfect way to dress up any dress. They add a more sophisticated and classy look. Again we are sticking with minimal accessories so as not to over do.


During day three of sorority rush week expect to be having more serious conversations and longer conversations at that. Now is the time to really get to know the sorority and what they are truly about and their beliefs. If you see someone in a party you remember talking to during a previous night don’t be afraid to wave and acknowledge them, it lets them know that you remember them and it will leave a great impression! Refrain from sandals, rompers, and shorts during the third day of sorority rush week. You should be wearing more business like or dressier clothing pieces.

Good luck on your third night of rush week, I know you’ll kill it!

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What To Wear During Rush: Day 2 Outfits



Welcome to sorority rush week day 2, you’ll be expected to dress slightly dressier, however I would still stay away from heels and cocktail type dresses. Depending on your school you may be attending skits, philanthropy night, or history night. Any which way, these three outfit choices should make your rush week easier by breaking down what you should be wearing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 8.05.22 AM


Outfit Number 1:

Pairing a casual skirt with a nice blouse can be an easy yet effortless look. It is perfect for those of you who may be attending house skits or walking to and from houses. Pairing this outfit with some simple accessories such as a gold bar necklace and Kendra Scott earrings can really spruce up the look. Wearing a cute pair of flats is another way to make this simple outfit slightly dressier.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 7.28.01 AM


Outfit Number 2:

Can you tell I like rompers? They are just so easy and cute for any occasion! This one shown is perfect for rush week night 2, it’s simple yet not to dressy. Pairing it with Jack Rogers sandals and a statement necklace really adds to the look. Wearing a bright colored romper will really help you stand out among other PNMs and make it easier for people to remember you!

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 7.35.23 AM


Outfit Number 3:

Although this outfit has a shift dress, it is still casual yet slightly dressier. It’s perfect for those of you who are required to dress up a little but more on night two. Shift dresses of any kind would be a great item to wear during night 2 or even 3! Throwing on a pair of cute sandals and minimal accessories really adds to the look. Tassle necklaces are really popular right now, check Etsy and Forever21 for cute ones!


Night two of sorority rush week is slightly more dressier than night one. Take into account your school and how much walking and sitting you will be doing during the day to decide which outfit is best for you. When choosing skirts, dresses, or rompers remember to make sure they aren’t too short! I hope this day two of sorority rush week really helped you figure out what to wear and now you can head out shopping!

Have more questions about sorority rush week or college? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]