6 Shoes Every Girl Should Have



Whether you’re a shoe obsessed girl or you’d rather be barefoot like myself, every girl knows that there are just some shoes that every girl could benefit from having. It’s important to have a few basic pairs of shoes for any occasion that you might come across. Investing in these pieces are essential to ensuring they last for years to come. Not only will they last for years to come, but they also won’t go out of style because they are classic and simple making them versatile and easy to come by!

Today I decided to share with y’all 6 shoe essentials that I think should be in every woman’s closet and that are in mine!



1. Black Sandals. Perfect for summer barbecues, going shopping, or taking a stroll in the park. They are easy to throw on and match with any and every outfit, making them the first shoe essential every woman should have.

2. Black Heels. Classy, sleek, and neutral are the words that come to mind when I think of black heels. They add a sense of professionalism and elegance to any outfit and truly make a different in your appearance.

3. Nude Flats. For all of my tall girls out there this is for you. Nude flats are a great alternative to heels and again go with any outfit. They are also perfect for those important meetings or conventions where you may be on your feet all day.

4. Nude Heels. Who doesn’t love longer looking legs, well that’s exactly what nude heels do. They lengthen the look of your legs and make your calves look amazing! Not to mention they match with just about any outfit and look classic and sleek.

5. Brown Wedges. Perfect with a sundress, skinny jeans, or shorts, brown wedges add a sense of put together-ness (is that’s a word) that just makes you look like you took more time to get ready than you probably did.

6. Tennis Shoes. Probably the most obvious of the bunch is a nice pair of tennis shoes! They are great for not only working out but running errands, grocery shopping, and or moving into a new house!


Having these 6 essential shoes in your closet will help you be prepared for just about any event that comes your way! Whether you are a simplistic person and just want the basics or you’re a shoe fanatic and want to build your collection, this post can be helpful and make sure you’re prepared for the next big event in your life!

Which is your favorite pair of shoes?

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What to Wear During Sorority Rush: Preference Night

What to wear pref night


For those of you who don’t know, preference night is the last night of sorority rush week. This night is when each sorority will share with you a part of their ritual and chapter. Focus on what each sorority is saying during this night because by the end of it you will be choosing your future home. You may cry, you may laugh, but I promise you that you will feel a connection to at least one chapter.

The night of my preference round I went in the first sorority more nervous than ever, the ceremonies were touching and I thought I knew my decision. Before walking into the next sorority, Kappa Delta, I felt calm and relaxed. As soon as I sat down to talk to a member I felt at ease. Their ceremonies began and I found my self crying in my sit as a listened to them sing Never Alone. I had goosebumps running up my arms and I felt like I finally found the place where I belonged.

Today I will share with you three more outfits to help you decide what to wear on your preference night. This night is special so most schools require a cocktail type dress or something similar. You may even be instructed to wear a black or white dress, either way pay attention to your school’s rules before choosing this outfit.

Sorority Rush Week: Preference Night Outfit


Outfit Number 1:

LBD (little black dresses) are a classic when it comes to preference night. They are stylish, flattering, and stunning. When choosing a black dress find one that has an element that stands out from the others. For example, this dress has a lovely lace neckline making it more feminine and delicate looking. Don’t over do a dress with big accessories, your jewelry should be kept to a minimum and simple. As for heels I suggest a pair that you are comfortable walking in and don’t hurt your feet. And please don’t wear 6 inch heels that make you look like you just came form the strip club, it’s not cute.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 1.14.21 PM


Outfit Number 2:

During preference night you should not be wearing pants or rompers or shorts, dresses are the only thing I recommend wearing. Hence why I have chosen three dresses for you today! If you choose to go with a colorful dress I suggest keeping cut and fit in mind. You will want a dress that flatters your figure, not a tight fitting club dress or one with a super low cleavage line. These nude heels here are the perfect pair of heels for any outfit. Steve Madden sells a pair while stores like Target have great knock offs for a better price! Add a few accessories to spruce up a plain dress and you’re set for the night!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 1.14.08 PM


Outfit Number 3:

Last but certainly not least, my favorite outfit choice. Although the neckline on this dress is lower than the other two it is still classy and simple without being trashy. If it’s too low for you, try finding a cute bandeau to throw underneath it! I paired this dress with flats for those of you who may be tall like my self or if you’re just not comfortable in heels. Just make sure your flats are broken in before this night so you won’t be left with blisters!


When choosing your preference dress I suggest going with a more conservative piece. These dresses can be found anywhere from Target, Nordstrom, or even a local boutique. Shop around to find the best fit and style on your body type. Don’t forget to choose comfy shoes for walking, plus you’ll be more confident if you’re not focused on your feet hurting all night!

Good luck on your preference night, only 1 more day till bid day!

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Lauren | Simple Southern Belle