Getting Along With Your Roommate


So you’re in college and you’ve been faced with living with another human who you may or may not know for a whole year. That might be a little daunting to some or exciting to others. Not only are you living with this person for so long, but you’re also stuck in a tiny dorm room and sharing all of your personal space. So how do you deal with that? Well here are my tips to help you get along with your roommate this year or any year!


Step 1: Greet your roommate, get to know the basic facts about her. Where is she from? What’s she majoring in, etc.

Step 2: Talk about rules and expectations for your shared space. Are guests allowed? Do things need to be kept clean? Do you need to ask to borrow something? Depending on how close or not close your relationship is with roommate will depend on how strict your rules are.

Step 3: Talk about your class schedules. Does she have an 8am class and you only have afternoon classes? Will you need to respect that fact that she needs to sleep early and vice versa?

Step 4: Invite your roomie anywhere and everywhere. Grab lunch, go shopping, get groceries, see a movie, join a club, go to the gym. The list of things are endless and there are so many great ways to get to know your roomie and really make that special connection.

Step 5: Be respectful. You really can’t go wrong here. Respect your roommates space, time, guests, things, and pretty much anything and this will hopefully keep you from any problems.


So what happens if you do have a fight?

Step 1: CONFRONT them. Don’t talk behind their back and ignore them, ask them upfront what’s wrong apologize and own up to any mistakes. It can’t get fixed until someone apologizes.

Step 2: Forgive and forget. If you truly want to remain friends and not have an awkward time as a roomie just learn to forgive and move on. Things will happen and now is the time to be the big person!


Having to share a room with a stranger can be tough, and even sharing a room with someone you know can really test your friendship. Just remember these simple steps and you and roommate will be on the way to the picture perfect relationship and hopefully no issues the whole year!


Have more specific questions? Comment them down below!

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How to Choose the Perfect Big



What’s better than bid day? That’s right big-little reveal. It’s the one thing that every new member in a sorority looks forward to from the start. Everyone is itching for that perfect big-little relationship, you know the ones you see all over Pinterest and Well I’m here to help y’all find YOUR perfect big, whether you’re someone looking for the perfect person to have some fun with or someone that helps you push yourself in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

One of the best ways to pick a big is to really ask your self these questions, it helps to narrow down your decisions and really help you choose the type of big you need in your life.

1. What do you want to get out of a big?
     A mentor, friend, someone to push you to do fun things, someone to help you get involved, someone to study with?
2. Do you have anything in common?
     Does she have the same major? Are you from the same city? Do you both love a certain sport?
3. Has she been kind to you and not pushy or rude? Will she treat you with respect?
      You want a big who isn’t going to make your life miserable. You’d hopefully want someone upbeat and positive!
4. Is she someone who talks behind others back or is she sweet and supportive?
       To really get a feel for this hang out with her one on one and with her group of friends, this will be a great way to really see how she truly is.
5. Will she be there for you when you’re upset?
       One of the most important things a big can do for you is be there for you and support you with whatever you do.
6. Will she tear you down for a bad decision or help you make a better one next time?
       Everyone makes mistakes, everybody has those days (comment if you understood that reference) seriously though, a true big would be there for you and help you get over anything whether you made an awful mistake or not.
7. Can you see yourself going to her for advice and help?
       Try to reach out to her before you decide and ask her for advice on things. Boys, school, work, anything at all and see how she responds.
8. Do you like her whole family, g-big, gg-big, twin?
        This is something not a lot of people think about, but you’ll want to try and hang out with her family too and make sure you click with them as well!
9. Will she help you become a better version of yourself?
         A big is there as a mentor and someone you can look up to. Without my big I doubt I’d be where I am now. She’s been the one to push me to try leadership positions, study for tests and quizzes when I really didn’t want to, and even cheer up after a few boy incidents.
A big can make a world’s difference when it comes to your time in your sorority. She’s someone who should not only inspire you, but should be there for you and mentor you every step of the way. Words can’t even begin to describe the love and appreciation I have for my own big and I hope my little would think I was even half the big that mine was for me. Which is why I want you all to find the best big out there for you! She should be someone to lift you up and never tear you down, and make you feel like you’re never alone.
Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Backpack Essentials


College can be a tad confusing when you’re a freshman. You don’t know what all you will need for a class and how long you’ll be away from your dorm, should you bring money, snacks, clothes, headphones? The list is never ending and after a while your backpack ends up stuffed to the brim and your shoulders are left sore and aching from carrying the weight of everything in your bag. With that being said I thought I’d share my backpack essentials so you know exactly what to pack in your bag without overloading it and hurting your self!

1. Sturdy backpack/bag
     The first and most important backpack essential is a sturdy backpack. Mine is a North Face Recon and I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still going strong. It’s comfy, has lots of pockets, and it’s black so it never goes out of style.
2. Laptop

     I always recommend taking a laptop to your classes, it’s easy to take notes in, study with between classes, or watch Netflix when you have a break! Mine is a Macbook Pro 13 in.
3. Notebooks
     My personal favorite for taking notes in class or rewriting typed notes is 5 star notebooks. They are great quality and perfect for class time. I even use Moleskin notebooks for daily task reminders, writing random ideas or jotting down thoughts or doodling.
4. Folders
     I suggest having one folder for each of your classes to keep your syllabus, loose papers, scantrons, etc. so that you can grab it and run out the door and head to class.
5. Pencil Pouch
     A pencil pouch is extremely important when trying to keep all your supplies organized. Mine is from Vera Bradley, but several stores have them. This makes finding a pencil or pen easy and quick in class!
6. Pencils/pens
     Steadtler, these are my favorite pens. They are colorful, thin, and write so smoothly. I use them in every class to help things stand out in my notes and for color coding my planner.
7. Chargers
     What’s worse than being at school and your phone dies? Not much, to keep this from happening keep an extra phone charger in your backpack and don’t forget your computer charger too!
8. Headphones
     Headphones are perfect for listening to music while heading to class, watching Netflix (in between  class not during of course) and even listening to assignments and videos for your classes.
9. Wallet and keys
     These two are pretty obvious, you’ll need your keys to drive to class or get into your room after class, you may need your student ID to get lunch in between classes and your wallet for other personal reasons.
10. Snacks/gum/water
     I am one of those people who always has snacks in class. I find it hard to focus when you’re hungry in class, so having a few snack options is always a smart idea. Also don’t forget to stay hydrated in class and drink up your water!
I hope that by me sharing my backpack essentials you’ll be able to prepare your self and feel ready for your next day of classes. I always suggest packing your backpack the night before classes so you’re not rushing in the morning to find what you need and so you don’t forget anything important.
What’s one thing you always have in your backpack? Let me know in the comments!
P.S Have you checked out my YouTube channel yet? I’ve been posting weekly and have several new videos coming soon!
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Game Day

IMG_1966 IMG_1967 IMG_1969 IMG_1970 IMG_1972 IMG_1977


Dress | Booties | Crossbody | Watch

Game day is here and I can’t help but love this adorable garnet colored dress. From the ruffled back to the gorgeous color and flowy style it’s perfect for tailgating and football games. Usually I’d pair it with a pair of cowgirl boots but today I decided to show you all the versatility of the dress and pair it with my favorite booties, a black cross body purse and my favorite Kate Spade watch.

Keeping it simple makes this outfit casual and fun, but it can easily be dressed up for a fancier occasion. I never understood the concept of dressing up for southern football games, but I sure do love it anyways. I look forward to throwing on this cute dress on Saturday mornings and heading out to tailgate with my friends and root on my school’s team!

What do you like to wear on game days? Let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Transition Rompers


IMG_1979 IMG_1980 IMG_1985 IMG_1988 IMG_1990 IMG_1996

Romper | Booties | Necklace

There is nothing I love more than a comfortable and stylish romper. Which is why I just can’t get enough of this romper from Beth-A-Belle. Their store never ceases to amaze me and every item is great quality. My favorite part about this romper is the fact that it can go from day to night with just a quick change in accessories!

Speaking of accessories, I decided to pair it with a long drop necklace which adds a bit of edginess to the look. It’s enough to spice it up without being too much with the print of the romper. Lastly I added in my trusty brown ankle booties which I adore. They are comfortable, cute, and just dress up any outfit!

Whether you’re having a night out on the town with the girls or you’re just feeling fancier that day, this romper and outfit is a look I know everyone will love. Something about it just makes me feel confident and excited to show it off to everyone, maybe it’s the playful cut of the romper or maybe its the edginess of the necklace either way you’ll be sure to see me in this romper all the time now!

What is your favorite piece of this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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College Necessities

As most of you know I’m heading into my third year of college and if there is one thing I’ve learned over my 2 full years of college it’s what things truly are necessities. So I’ve decided to share with y’all my must have things for a college kid. Ranging from accessories, clothes, and even room decor!



  1. IMG_9483_2A comfy and stylish bed. There is nothing I love more than coming home from a long day of classes and jumping up onto my comfy bed and taking a nap. As you can see I love having an array of pillows to decorate. My bedding is first from Target and it is part of the Shabby Chic collection. The first pillow on the left is from Daisy Do Designs and it’s monogrammed, doesn’t get much better than that does it?! It’s cute to add a pop of color to your bed and it’s so chic. Next I had an Ikea pillow with a leaf design which is so soft! As you can see above my bed I have this adorable monogrammed wooden cut out. You can find one just like it at SarasCuts. It’s an awesome accent piece to add to your wall and it’s just plain adorable.


2. Tumbler. I need to have a tumbler with me at all times. I love me some water and I have to drink it constantly. So having a cute cup to carry it around in is essential. And if you’re a coffee drinker it’s even better because it will keep your drink warm during class! You can find the one I have at Properly Southern  it’s the cutest thing ever!


3. Notepads galore. I use notepads and sticky notes every day. From writing to do list to jotting down a few quick lots. It’s easy to have a few on hand to write anything at quick notice.


4. Comfy Shorts. If you’ve been going to college for a while you’ll understand when I say everyone wears shorts and a t-shirt to class. Not many people dress up. So I found these adorable monogrammed running shorts from Properly Southern. They are my school’s colors too so they are perfect for game days or just wearing around campus.


5. Cork boards. Having these little cork boards has been a great way to post things above my desk where I can see them to when I’m doing homework or working on a test. I have a few upcoming class dates and assignments and even a few sorority tasks I had to get done. Mine are from Target!

IMG_2013 IMG_2015

6. Something fun! I love theses new Marble stickers for computers, there is something so sleek and exciting about them. You can find some from Marble Decals which is where mine is from. I get so many compliments on this all the time because of how original it is! Adding something exciting like this to your laptop could be a great incentive to study or go to the library to show it off!



Although these things may seem slightly random, all of them are my personal college necessities that I think are important to surviving college. College can be tough if you don’t equip yourself with the right tools and tricks to get by which is why I had to share my necessities with you all!

What are some of your must have things for college? Let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Being A Leader in Your Sorority


One thing I’ve always encouraged and pushed people to do is to get involved and take on a leadership role in their sorority or organization. I believe it’s  an awesome way to learn useful skills that you’ll need when you’re in the adult world working. After taking on several smaller positions in my chapter I decided to run for a council position, where I am now our Vice President of Membership Education. With this title comes a lot of responsibility, hard work, and long days, but in the end it’s made me a strong leader, sister, woman, and student. So now I’m going to tell you why YOU should be a leader in your sorority.


What You Should Know:

Holding a leadership position can first be a big time commitment, depending on the position that is. Smaller positions are better for those of you who want to take the initiative and be involved while still having time for other things.

There will be criticism, and you will probably get stressed out and upset at some point, but don’t let that ruin it for you! You’re making a difference in your chapter and you can’t always please everyone! So smile and move on because one persons opinion doesn’t mean everything and you’re probably doing a killer job anyways!

You will have to sacrifice some things. By this I mean sleep, time with your boyfriend, and some times just free time. Honestly it can be tough to turn all these things down when you have a huge task at hand, but once you see the results it’s totally worth it.


How To Do It:

So you’ve decided you can handle the stress and task now let’s get into how you go about being a leader. Most sororities have several smaller positions and large ones as well! So take it from me and start somewhere small. I took on three small positions my freshman year in Kappa Delta. It was a great way to learn what areas I wanted to really work in and I met a ton of sisters and learned a lot about my leadership style.

After holding smaller positions and doing them successfully run for a larger position for example a council seat or executive position. All sororities have this and they are the main women in charge of large portions of the chapters events, PR, membership, finances, and more!

Maybe you want to hold a position on your Panhllenic council, make sure to have some experience under your belt and know that you’ll have enough time!

At some point you may have to give a speech for why you should be chosen, my tips for those are to stand up tall, speak loudly and with confidence, and plan your speech ahead of time and practice practice practice. People love strong confident people to be leaders of their organization! Just believe in yourself!

Talk to girls who hold large positions and get to know their duties, tasks, and how things work. This will be a great way to figure out which position is for you!

Get involved where ever you can! That’s being a leader!


How to Manage Your Time:

With being a leader comes meetings, scheduling, events, planning, and more and it’s crucial to plan out your days and time efficiently so everything is getting done. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times but don’t procrastinate. The sooner you start on your project or event planning the smoother it will go!

Keep a planner with all of your dates and times and schedule in time for planning or anything that deals with your leadership position duties!

Make time for fun things though too!



Overall being a leader in a sorority will teach you a lot about your self and what type of person you truly are. In turn you’ll also learn a lot about others. Just remember that as a leader people are looking to you for answers and have expectations so be the best role model and figure for them and you’ll do an awesome job! Don’t forget to be confident in your self and get involved in however you can. You don’t always have to have a title to be a leader.

Have more tips you want to include, leave them in the comments below!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Babydolls and Summer Whites

IMG_1936 IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1943 IMG_1944



Top (on sale) | Jeans | Necklace | Shoes

Summer is coming to an end so I couldn’t help but wear this shirt just a few more times! What I love most about this shirt is how comfortable and flowy it is! It’s easy to toss on with a pair of jeans and head out the door, while still looking great! I’ll also bet that you’ll catch me wearing this on game days too because it’s perfect for dressing up for tailgates!

I decided to pair it with a simple but stylish gold necklace from Rose Water Designs, every time I wear it I get constant compliments. It’s such a unique piece no one else has!

Lastly I added a pair of denim jeans from Lucky Brand along with my favorite sandals from Lucky Leaf on Etsy, they are hand painted Lilly Pulitzer inspired sandals! HOW CUTE! Even my mom is obsessed with these and can’t get enough of them!

For 20% of this top at checkout add coupon code “SimpleSouthernBelle” !

What was your favorite piece from the outfit, let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Comfy & Casual







| Top | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes |

How cute is this outfit? It’s the perfect style for walking to class or sitting in classes all day. It’s comfy yet still cute and casual!

I’ll start with the adorable blouse from The Salted Hippie. First I would love to say that the women at The Salted Hippie are some of the kindest and most diligent women I know. They are all about self empowerment and beating the unrealistic standards that society puts on it. Their message and the whole atmosphere of their website is positive vibes and confidence and I couldn’t help but just love their message and their business! The top is such great quality and it fits perfectly. It’s soft and it’s light and airy and the detailing is just too cute.

I decided to pair it with my favorite jeans from Lucky Brand, they are the straight legged style jeans and possibly the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. They are a perfect dark wash color that just give any outfit a clean and chic look.

With my outfit being very simple I thought it would be fun to spice it up with a colorful necklace and pair of earrings, both are from Brass Jewelry and I love this store! They have so many cute stone jewelry pieces that are just unique and so stylish!

Lastly I wanted to pair this outfit with these hand painted Lilly Pulitzer inspired sandals. The amount of color and detail in the shoes is to die for and I had several compliments on them when I wore them this day! You can find them at Lucky Leaf where she creates several different patterns and color options!

Overall this is one of my go to outfits for a day of classes or running a few errands! Not only is this outfit great for classes or running errands but it’s also extremely cute and comfortable so it can be used for several different occasions!

What’s your favorite piece of the outfit, let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Embroidered Dress










Dress | Crossbody Bag | Necklace| Booties (sold out, similar here) |

On hot days like today my favorite piece to reach for is this adorable white dress from Beth-A-Belle, it’s so flowy and light that even in 90 degree weather I feel cool and cute! I typically wear a nude lace bandeau because the back is slightly lower as well as the sides! And let’s not forget the adorable bright colored embroidery, it’s the perfect pop of color.

I couldn’t help but pair it with my favorite cross body bag from BoHo-Tique. It has two separate pockets for storing everything and it’s so sleek and neutral it seriously goes with every outfit you can imagine.

Adding the final touches to the outfit I chose this simple hammered bar necklace from Rose Water Designs, her jewelry is gorgeous and she offers several cute pieces that are simple and so elegant! Which is why I chose it for this feminine outfit.

Lastly I chose a pair of brown booties to spice up the outfit, usually if I am trecking across campus I’d go for a more comfortable option, but these are awesome and super comfy ones from Charlotte Russe. They just add a more dressy feel to the whole look!

What is your favorite part about this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle