Time Management Tips for College Students


Classes, organizations, work, friends, sleep, and working out?! How does one balance all of these things, it seems almost impossible to get everything done in a day with so much going on. Take it from me when I say time management is essential to any college student. It will help you manage your time efficiently by getting the most done in one day.

Here are my tips I use to keep myself organized and hopefully will help you as well.


  1. Actually use your planner. Anyone can have a planner and write down dates and times for events but unless you’re looking back at it and editing things and referring to it, then it won’t be of any use. I live for my planner and without it lord knows how many things I’d miss.
  2. Use an efficiency calendar. Something new I’ve been using to keep myself on track and getting the most out of my days is my efficiency calendar. I do this weekly and sit down and plan out my week hour by hour. Of course some things change, but for the most part it remains. This is a great way to see when you have extra hours in your day where you could fit in extra studying, working out, catching up with a friend, etc. Here is a peek at my week.

Screenshot 2015-10-27 11.08.58

As you can see I schedule every hour of my day to include something important. There are days where I don’t have as much to do, which is fine because I do like to have some free time to do things that make me happy like Netflix, pampering nights, etc.

I also schedule in everything from blogging, classes, studying, meals, sorority events, etc.

3. Color Code. Even if you don’t use an efficiency calendar I suggest color coding your planner so that you know what events are for what class, organization, etc.

4. Sync your calendars on all mobile devices. It’s great to have you calendar updated on your computer and your phone so that at a glance you can see and remind yourself of any events that are coming up that may be very important to you.


Time management doesn’t have to be some huge task to get yourself organized, but choosing one or two of these tips and implementing them into your life could help organize yourself and your time. Then you’ll be on your way to being a more productive and time efficient person.

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How To Survive Early Classes In College


So you’ve been blessed with an early morning class while you’re at college, but let me guess you aren’t a morning person by any means? Yeah I thought so, because I’m the same way! Since coming to college I’ve gotten into the routine of staying up late and sleeping in until noon. However I have this dreaded 8 am class twice a week which requires me to be up bright and early, and be ready to pay attention! So, I’ve managed to collect a few tips along the way to help y’all have a smooth sailing morning that’ll have you wide and awake for your morning class!

  1. Wake up at least an hour before you have to leave. You’ll want to give yourself time to get ready and time to do a few extra things to get you awake and ready for class.
  2. Set your phone just out of reach so it requires you to get out of bed to turn your alarm off. Once you’re up you’ll start to feel more awake.
  3. Take 5-10 to just stretch out all of your muscles, doesn’t have to be yoga or anything to intense I just like to stretch out my legs and arms and neck to really loosen up my body.
  4. Rinse your face with cold water. This should help your eyes and face feel more awake and it’ll get any excess oil and dirt off that was collected from your pillows! (Wash those frequently)
  5. Have your clothes laid out the night before so no thinking has to go into what you’re wearing!
  6. Head to the kitchen for some breakfast! This is incredibly important to staying awake and having energy. I usually eat instant oatmeal because it’s quick, yummy, and filling!
  7. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!
  8. Have your bag ready and packed the night before so the rest of your morning you’re not running around like a chicken with their head cut off.
  9. Enjoy your morning! Do what you like to do whether it be watching your favorite netflix show, reading the news, meditating, reviewing last nights homework, or catching up on Instagram.

Welcome to the world of morning people! You can now wake up feeling refreshed, positive, and productive because you’ve taken that extra step in the morning to feel ready and calm for your day. Having an easy morning routine like this makes you ready for your day ahead and you’ll be on your A-game in your morning class! Don’t forget to pack a big bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and focused during your class!

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How To Make Good grades In College


Going into college I had the mind set that I would be able to get by without studying for tests, doing assignments last minute, and not reading my assignments. WRONG. High school was easy for me and I’m sure it’s like that for most of you, but I’m here to say college is not like that! YOU NEED TO STUDY, READ, AND DO YOUR WORK! College is not the time to goof off and forget quizzes, class, readings, and tests. These next four years will decide what career and life you will have so it’s time to get serious! So, let’s jump into some tips for making those 4.0s.

  1. GO TO CLASS. I can not stress this enough. Class is optional for most in college, but that does not mean you just skip. You will likely miss important notes, questions, pop quizzes, or hints for questions on the test.
  2. You don’t have to read. LIES. Read your textbooks before class, it’ll help you get a head start on the material and you’ll be able to soak everything in during class time.
  3. Review your notes right after class. Reviewing them directly after class will increase your likely hood of remembering the information. It’s a great way to get ahead on studying.
  4. Create study groups. The classes I’ve done the best in have been the ones where I have a group that I study with. We are able to help teach each other topics we don’t understand and we get more work done because we can break it down.
  5. Attend study sessions provided by your school. These are a great time to get in some extra practice for homework or discuss topics you’re having a hard time understanding.
  6. Don’t be afraid of your professor. Attend office hours and ask those questions you’ve been wondering about. Review information with them. Look over your tests with them and really get to know them. At the end of the semester it could mean the difference between an A and a B.
  7. Sit in the front of the class. There are less distractions, you won’t be tempted to play on your phone and you’ll stay focused on the subject at hand.
  8. Study at least a week in advance for tests. This gives you ample time to go over each chapter, subject, and topic in depth and review them all several times.
  9. Make study time fun! Grab your friends, a pizza, and your books and head to the library. You’ll have a little fun and get work done. Just don’t get too distracted.
  10. Write your notes versus typing them. It’ll be more likely to stick in your head and is one step to remembering the information better.

Welcome to college, where you actually have to work for that A and not just sit back and hope you do well. Hopefully with all my tips from the post y’all will be on your way to making those 4.0s and on your way to an awesome career you love.

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Welcome to Paradise






Romper | Tote | Sandals

If you’re in college or maybe you’re in high school either way fall break and winter break are right around the corner! And for some of us that means it’s time to travel to somewhere warmer which is why I had to of course share this adorable romper  from Fascino with y’all before you head out on your travels. It’s perfect for a cruise, trip to Florida, or maybe somewhere else more exotic! Not to mention because it’s a romper so it’s easy to throw on and look put together and it’s beyond comfy! I paired it with my favorite Jcrew sandals which I got on sale for $15, (crazy right?) along with this HUGE tote from KaileysMonogramShop! It’s perfect for packing up all of your things and heading on vacation which is exactly what I used it for this past weekend and I’ll be using again this weekend! It’s big enough to throw in everything you need!

Are you going anywhere fun for fall or winter break? Let me know in the comments!

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Living Like Lilly

outfit4-2 outfit4-3 outfit4-4 outfit4-5 outfit4-7


Top | Shorts (similar) | Shoes | Watch

What’s better than Lilly Pulitzer, not too much! Which is why I love these shorts, they are Lilly Pulitzer inspired shorts, but no where near the price of real Lilly shorts. The fun pom moms and the bright colors really make these shorts stand out! I paired them with a white flowy blouse from Charming Charlie, little did I know they have some really cute clothing items! I couldn’t help but choose to pair the outfit with my new gold sandals that I got a Jcrew warehouse sale for $15! Crazy deal right?! Overall the outfit is pretty simple so I kept my accessories the same way and chose my Kate Spade watch which I love to wear every day. It’s such a cute and girly outfit that can even be worn to transition into fall!

Are you a fan of Lilly Pulitzer? Let me know your favorite thing from her store in the comments!

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Lilacs & Southern Belles


outfit3-4 outfit3-2 outfit3-1 outfit3 outfit3-6 outfit3-5

| Romper | Boots |


Rompers, who doesn’t love em’? They’re easy to throw on, they have shorts so you don’t have worry about your dress flying up! They are comfy, easy to dance in and you still look freaking cute in them! Which is why I can’t get enough of this adorable lilac romper from LilyLulus. It’s so feminine and fun I couldn’t get enough of it.

Of course me being the southern girl that I am I had to pair this adorable romper with my cowgirl boots. Of course these won’t be everyone’s style but these suckers are beyond comfy. Excuse the dirt on them because a hurricane just ripped through the east coast and ya girl couldn’t miss a football tailgate for just a little rain, so it was muddy that day! Adding a pair of cowgirl boots really dresses down the outfit and makes it a little more fun!

Make sure to follow LilyLulus on Instagram at @lilylulusboutique to order more cute items like this romper! Use code SB15 at the checkout to get 15% off your order!

Are you a fan of cowgirl boots? Let me know in the comments!

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Olive is the New Black

outfit2-1 outfit2-2 outfit2-4 outfit2-5 outfit2 IMG_9885


| Dress | Shoes | Necklace | Clutch |

Olive. My new favorite color, fashion’s new favorite color, and the best color for fall! How can it get any better than that?! This dress is a perfect transition piece between fall and summer. All you have to do is throw a cute cardigan or jacket and you’re set to go on a colder day or go without a jacket on a warmer day. This color is so flattering and I can’t get enough. Not to mention this dress is probably the softest, more comfortable piece of clothing I own. It’s easy to throw on for class, work, running errands, a meeting and more!

To spice up my outfit I decided to add a few daring accessories. The first being this gorgeous navy clutch, it’s HUGE and it’s perfect for a night out on the town or even just running around during the afternoon. With it I chose to pair this hand made arrow necklace that is perfect, the colors are great, the length is on point, and it’s totally in style. Lastly I recently picked up these HOT HOT shoes online from a boutique called Love You Back, they are so comfy (yeah I said comfy) and stylish. The unique style is perfect for spicing up this simple dress. Plus I wore these the other day and got several compliments on them!

What’s your favorite color to wear in the fall? Let me know in the comments!

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Pleasantly Peasant

outfit1-1 outfit1-2 outfit1-3 outfit1-4 outfit1-5 outfit1-6 outfit1-7 outfit1-8 outfit1-9

| Top | Jeans | Shoes |

Fall is finally here which means it’s time to pull out the jeans, the long sleeve tops, and those cute booties you’ve been saving for the cold weather! Walking to class the past few days has been hard for me considering it’s so cold when I leave for class, but when I’m done it gets warmer by the afternoon! Not to mention some of my classrooms are freezing and some already have the heat on!

For this very reason I’ve chosen this peasant top several times for class. With the detailed sleeves it’s enough to keep you warm on your walk to class in the morning, but doesn’t make you hot once the sun is out in the afternoon. The back of this top is very open so if you’re not comfortable showing this much skin add a simple nude tank top underneath!

I paired this beautiful top with my all time favorite jeans. American Eagle jeans have the best fit, color, and styles. They’re flattering, comfy, and easy to take care of too, which is why I always wear them! I threw on my trusty brown booties to give this outfit a more simple fall look!

Make sure to follow LilyLulus on Instagram at @lilylulusboutique to order more cute items like this top! Use code SB15 at the checkout to get 15% off your order!

What is your go to fall item, let me know in the comments!

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10 Things No One Told Me About College


College can be a rough time for anyone and if you don’t have any family members that went college before you, you might not know what to expect once you get there. And if you’re anything like me you probably are reading this blog post because you want to be prepared and you’re excited for college! So let’s jump into 10 things no one told me about college.


1. People dress up for tailgates (at least in the south): Now I live in the south and have my whole life and one thing I failed to realize was that everyone dresses up, I’m talking rompers and dresses, for football games! Lord knows why we do this, but it’s something I’ve grown to love!

2. EVERYONE drinks coffee, well except me: Coffee seems to be the only thing that really keeps a college student sane. Coming from someone who doesn’t like coffee there are times I really wish I did so that I could manage to stay up late and write a paper or finish a project!

3. Pulling all-nighters are a thing and they happen at least 2-3 times a semester: Chances are even if you are a planner and don’t procrastinate you’ll still pull an all nighter at some point in your college career. Just the sheer fact that you are taking so many classes with each there long list of tasks and assignments sometimes things all pile up at once and your only decision is to stay up all night and do it! If this happens at least take the time to watch the sunrise, it’s gorgeous.
4. Not everyone parties/drinks: Yeah there are those stereotypical frat parties and house parties that people go to, but not everyone does! Freshman year it’s fun to go to just for the simple reason of meeting people, but beyond freshman year a lot of people crack down and don’t party as much.
5. You need to maintain a good GPA even your freshman year: Don’t fool yourself into thinking this one semester of bad grades won’t hurt you because it can have an impact on your overall GPA.
6. You actually have to go to classes: Even if your teacher doesn’t take attendance you still need to go. You’ll miss out on valuable information or even a pop quiz.
7. You’ll have endless opportunities to make friends: From sporting events, parties, organizations, free campus events, classes, work and more there are numerous ways in which you can meet people and make friends, so don’t worry!
8. It’s normal to sit alone during lunch, it’s not like high school: No one will care that you’re sitting alone at lunch because you’re in between classes and no one else could meet up with you. Don’t worry, it’s normal.
9. Freshmen boys suck: For the most part, they are immature and not looking for relationships. They want to get out and have some fun and meet some people. Don’t get me wrong there are some who are interested in relationships and nice guys just beware of the bad boys.
10. You’ll have more acquaintances than friends: Yes you’ll make plenty of friends, but not all of them will stay that way. You’ll find your close knit group of people and then have plenty of other acquaintances. It’s also normal so don’t worry.
I hope these 10 things no one told me about college can help you all become prepared for your time at college. Just remember to keep an open mind about anything and everything and ignore the stereotypes and you’ll find that by the time you’ve graduated you’ve had the best four years of your life.
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