How To Wear Bean Boots


Ah yes, bean boots. This seasons hottest shoe and everyone is itching to get their hands on them. I myself was lucky enough to snag a pair from a close friend who bought them a size too big. Since having them I find myself pairing them with every outfit I put on in the morning. Their comfort, look, and fit are to die for, making them my new go-to shoe.


After purchasing their first pair of bean boots many people are left confused on how to style, tie, wear, etc. their new shoes. Well I’ve decided to save you some time and break it down for you.

Tips When Buying Bean Boots

  1. Buy them at least a size down, they run incredibly big. I wear a size 10 shoe normally and fit comfortably in an 8 in bean boots.
  2. Order them in the Spring or Summer, during the winter they are usually on back order till Spring.
  3. You’ll want to pick up a few pairs of tall socks to wear with your new bean boots too! These help you jeans or pants stay tucked in.

How To Wear Them

  1. Tall socks are your best friends when it comes to these puppies, without out them your jeans or pants will be coming untucked all day long and trust me it’s obnoxious.
  2. For girls I suggest always tucking your leggings or pants in, for men untucked or sloppy tends to still look nice for them.



  1. As you can see in the pictures this is usually how I have mine laced up, I like to tie them in a bow at the top loosely just so the strings aren’t everywhere.
  2. Loose ties are great for a relaxed effortless look, simply loosen all the strings and your feet will still be secure.
  3. There are several tutorials on YouTube on how to tie/knot your bean boots in different or cool ways so if you’re interested in different looks I suggest searching there first.

Outfits To Wear With Them

  1. Blouse/flowy tops, skinny jeans tucked in, Jcrew thermal socks, bean boots. Add a cute scarf and a few accessories to finish off the look.
  2. Big t-shirt, leggings, thermal socks, bean boots for a more casual look.
  3. Bundle up in a sweater, coat, jeans, thermal socks, and boots for a cozy winter look.



So you’ve wanted to bean boots for a while but just didn’t know if they’d work for you? Well now you know it all from sizing, styling, and tying. So why not head on over to LLBean and pick up your first pair. From dressing up to dressing down this new shoe is the perfect trend for winter and even transitioning into Spring. So grab your pair and lace up!

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What Not to Say During Sorority Rush Week


Sorority rush week, one of my favorite times of the year. For me and my chapter it means finding and choosing the best women to carry on our legacy here at my school. We want the best of the best girls, someone well rounded, positive, smart, sweet, and can hold her self to a higher standard. Sounds pretty hard to be right? No one is perfect and we surely know that, trust me we aren’t either! But during sorority rush week it’s highly important to stray away from certain topics so as not to offend, up set, or turn anyone away from you, so let’s talk about what’s not okay to say during sorority rush week.

  1. Boys. It’s okay if you’ve had a boyfriend for 4 years and you love him a lot, but the woman you’re talking to doesn’t want to know about him she wants to know more about you! Same goes for those of you who are a little more boy crazy, it’s not appropriate to ask sororities which fraternity men they hang out with the most or something along those lines, trust me you’ll get the chance to meet plenty of boys once you’re in greek life.
  2. Money. Yes it’s important to know pricing for the sorority you wish to join, however during a recruitment conversation is not the time to ask it. Most will post that type of information in a packet, booklet, or on their website.
  3. Politics/religion. This one should be a no brainer, because you don’t want to say the wrong thing to the wrong person and offend them. That won’t be a good time for either of you.
  4. Partying. Yes a joining a sorority means you’re joining a social organization, some of the members choose to enjoy their free time at parties or get togethers, but not everyone is into that scene. So stray away from party topics to avoid coming off as someone only interested in sororities for the parties.
  5. Negative Topics. This can get pretty broad but stay away from topics like bad grades, a horrible breakup, a girl you don’t like, bad mouthing other sororities, how you’re broke, etc.

Overall I suggest trying to get to know the woman you’re talking to, try to connect with her on a personal level so you too can get more out of her and what her organization has to offer. I know this may seem like a lot of things that are off limits but if you can remember to just keep things positive and make sure to present your self in the best light you won’t have any problems finding the right sorority for you.

Have more specific questions regarding sorority/college life? Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Also check out my youtube channel for more sorority and college related advice!

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Planner Review: Stick N’ Plan

Screenshot 2015-12-14 15.36.12

Ah yes, planner decorating, one of my new and favorite hobbies. It’s like scrapbooking without all of the work. It’s something that relaxes me and I just get so excited over new planner stickers! So I thought what would be better than to share some of my favorite planner sticker shops by reviewing and sharing the best!

Stick N’ Plan

2015-12-14 09.13.53

Stick N’ Plan kindly sent a few sheets of stickers to review and I can  not express to y’all enough how amazing the quality of these stickers are. They are glossy and you get full sheets! What a bang for your buck! The quality of the sticker paper is great, it’s easy to peel, easy to write on, and fits perfectly in my Erin Condren planner.

2015-12-14 09.16.20

Not only is the quality of the paper amazing, but the quality of the color is outstanding. The stickers were vibrant and colorful and looked great in my planner for a fall themed spread.

2015-12-14 09.15.03

What really sold me were the beautiful patterns and color schemes. They are unique and not something you find anywhere else.

2015-12-14 09.14.41

Overall between the price, paper quality, color quality, and unique patterns I am in love with this shop! Not to mention the owner is incredibly sweet and you’ll definitely want to check this shop out!

Comment down below if you find these planner reviews interesting or have a way to make them better!

Stick N’ Plan

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Holiday Bucketlist

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.41.49 PM

Holy cow, the holidays are upon us. And before you know it’ll be 2016! YIKES! Well with most of us going on holiday break soon from school I thought what’s better than a holiday bucket list to get you in the holiday spirit or simply to keep you busy!

  1. Drink hot cocoa
  2. Make/decoarte a gingerbread house
  3. Make DIY ornaments
  4. Go to a light show
  5. Visit Santa/take a picture with him
  6. Bake some cookies
  7. Decorate the tree
  8. Write a letter to Santa
  9. Go on a sleigh ride
  10. Go ice skating
  11. Drink hot cider
  12. Have a bonfire
  13. Make reindeer food
  14. Volunteer somewhere
  15. Make peppermint bark
  16. Give a few gifts
  17. Fill up the stockings
  18. Watch a Christmas play
  19. Go caroling
  20. Kiss someone under the mistletoe
  21. Watch Elf
  22. Send out Christmas cards
  23. Read a Christmas story
  24. Go to a Holiday parade

Let’s play a game and see how many of these we can get done this holiday season! I know these will keep me busy in the weeks to come. So grab your friends and family and let’s get in the holiday mood!

Comment below some of your favorite holiday traditions!

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Study Essentials


Well, it’s that time of year again. Yep, finals. Currently I’m sitting in the library writing this blog post, procrastinating from studying Spanish, but hey it’s a study break right? Well at least that’s what I’m telling myself. While sitting here though it ran through my mind that what better post to post than my study essentials, to maybe motivate y’all to get to studying or at least survive your finals!

  1. Textbooks, I mean this should be obvious, yes? You won’t get very far without these.
  2. Hot Chocolate, yeah not coffee because I’m a baby and don’t like the taste of any coffee. So I enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and make myself look cool like all of the other coffee drinkers in the library.
  3. Water, just to balance out my liquids and keep myself hydrated.
  4. Flashcards, a must have for basic classes like Spanish or History.
  5. Headphones, I can’t focus in the library without a set of headphones and my favorite songs on Spotify.
  6. SNACKS, surprise surprise I have to have food with me at all times. I get hungry and when I’m hungry things just go down hill from there.
  7. Hair Ties, because nothing bothers me more than my hair in my face while I’m hunched over my textbooks for hours.
  8. Last but not least, my favorite pens and pencils. I’m a hoarder of nice pens and pencils and I have my favorites that just make studying more fun.

Those these things may seem basic, I like to keep things simple when it comes to studying. I pack it all up and hike to the library where I stake out a table on the greek floor of the library (yeah it’s a thing) and crash for hours trying to get the most work done that I can. To all of you out there with exams, good luck and may the force be with you as you try to survive finals week this year.

What are some of your study essentials? Let me know in the comments, because it might help someone else!

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