Gifts for Your Sorority Little


Sorority big little reveal is just around the corner! And with so little time to prepare it is crucial that you bigs out there get a head start on spoiling your new little! I personally couldn’t wait to get my little and I was so excited to get to spoil her and buy her everything and anything! After searching the internet far and wide I came across several stores on Etsy that were perfect for these gifts. Etsy is a great place to find unique monogram and sorority items. Lucky for you guys I’m going to show you a few of my favorite stores so you’ll know where to get the best gifts for your perfect little.


Gift Idea 1: T-shirts on t-shirts on t-shirts. There are so many cute and fun shirts out there for any all sorority girls. Any easy and fun monogram tanks like this one from Simply Sew Precious is an essential for any sorority girl. It’s great to throw on with some leggings and nikes and head out the door!


Or this adorable stitched Kaydee tank from KyiStitches. What sorority girl doesn’t love Lilly and comfort color tanks, not many! Making this tank adorable and fun!


My next favorite style for shirts have been racerback style with writing down them! It’s so unique and no one will have a shirt like this one which is from KyiStitches.


My next favorite shop for shirts is Silly Little Girls. She creates tanks that are perfect for reveal day so that you and everyone in your fam can match. She is great at customizing shirts for anything you’d like!

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I also suggest passing down several of your old shirts or people’s from your family. It will have sentimental meaning and trust me she will love them all!

2. Accessories:

Now that your little is clothed to perfection in her new sorority apparel. I suggest working on the accessories. Accessories are a cheap and easy way to spoil your little with out breaking your bank!

My first favorites are from the adorable shop of Simply Sew Precious. If your school is near a beach or you know your little loves swimming these could be perfect! Her monogram bathing suit is to die for and the monogram spiker is perfect for the sand!



One of the best things for rainy days or bad hair days is hats. I’m a huge fan of baseball caps and these are two of my must haves. The first being a sorority hat from the Kappa Delta Boutique and the other an adorable monogrammed hat from KyiStitches. Hats are inexpensive and great way to shower your little with fun gifts.



I am obsessed with adorable makeup bags, I’m pretty sure I have more than I will ever need, but if your little is like me and just can’t have enough a cute makeup bags, this one with her monogram or sorority letters is great, mine is from KyiStitches and I get compliments on it all the time!



The next few items are drinking related, these are not for everyone and by no means am I saying you have to buy these for your little. You know them and whether they are into that sort of thing or if they are old enough for that, so keep that in mind when purchasing these items!

I think koozies are a great gift for anyone, cheap and fun and with you monogram or sorority letters it’s just adorable. This one is from KyiStitches. I couldn’t help but love this adorable monogrammed shot glass either. It’s even pink on the bottom and looks great on my new desk, lol. You can find it at PutMyNameOnIt . My new favorite glass to use for any drink at all (aka, Coca-Cola) is this monogram wine glass tumblr. It’s adorable and chic and I got so many comments on it, it’s from Simply Sew Precious.











My next favorite items are the cutest for your little’s car keys and backpack! I’ve been loving cute keyrings, wrist straps, and water bottles for adding a little spice to a not so cute key ring or backpack. The adorable Lilly Pulitzer Monogram keychain is from Rocky Top Monograms. I mean how cute is that?! The sorority keychain is perfect for a new sorority member to show off her new organization, this one if from Put My Name On It. Put My Name On It also sells this adorable sorority water bottle which I’ve been getting so much use out of! The Lilly Pulitzer sorority wrist strap is so cute and perfect for your new little and it’s from KyiStitches!











Last but not least, my most purchased items from Etsy and one of the best gifts to get your new sorority little is monograma and letters! She can use these on her car, laptop, door, cups, water bottles, binders, planners, etc. The options are endless! Here are few of my favorites!


A classic circle sorority letter monogram is great for your new little to put on her car or laptop to show off her new sorority! This one is from Rocky Top Monograms



Also from Rocky Top Monograms is this adorable Lilly Pulitzer printed script monogram, I can’t wait to use this on my planner or laptop for this school year!


My next three favorite stickers are from Preppy and Painted the first being these cute Lilly Pulitzer Sorority letters which are to die for! My other favorite from her was the adorable Lilly Pulitzer Pineapple and monogram sticker! It’s so original and fun!










3. Crafts!

There is nothing more fun than creating crafts for your new little. From canvases, pin boxes, wooden letters, coolers, painted glasses/mugs, shadow boxes, picture frames, baskets, and more! Hand made gifts will last a life time and show your little how much you love her!

4. Things she likes!

I loved getting my little her favorite candy, gift cards to her favorites store, food, her favorite drink, her favorite magazine, movie, books, pens, makeup and more!



Stores Mentioned in this post:

Simply Sew Precious 

Put My Name On It: Sorority Gift Pack

Preppy and Painted

Rocky Top Monograms



Shopping for a new little can be stressful when all you want to do is buy her everything without breaking the bank. Or maybe money isn’t an object and there are just so many options out there, which is why I’ve shown you all my favorite stores to purchase sorority gifts from as well as some original gifts and ideas to spoil your new little!


Lauren | Simple Southern Belle