11 Things No One Told me About Sorority Recruitment

11 things no one told me about sorority recruitment


Sorority recruitment is right around the corner. Maybe you feel prepared, maybe you’re so nervous you can’t stop thinking about it. Either way I’m here to help you prepare yourself for what is to come. I’ve decided today to share with you all 11 things no one told me about sorority recruitment that would have made all the difference during those long and exciting nights.

1. You’re bound to be dropped by a house you love. No it won’t be the end of the world, and yes you will still find the house you belong in. Try not to get too upset because there are plenty of other girls out there waiting to talk to you and get to know you!
2. Be nice to those girls in your recruitment group. Some will end up your sisters and others you’ll see all the time. Having these friends will make recruitment week more fun and less stressful, you’ll have girls to plan outfits with and hang out during the weeks prior to recruitment. Make friends now and you’ll be set for years to come.
3. Plan your outfits ahead of time. It can be stressful, but with all of your outfits planned you won’t have to think twice about what shoes to wear with what dress and so on the night of recruitment. Read my articles about what to wear during sorority recruitment week to help you brainstorm ideas!
4. Read my sorority rush week essentials so you’ll know exactly what to put in your purse during this week! It will save you a lot of time and effort.
5. Research the sororities before recruitment so you have a little background on each and you can focus on deeper questions plus you’ll look more interested if you already know more about them. Check their websites, instagram, tumblr, Facebook, and more!
6. Break in your new heels and flats! No one wants be uncomfortable the entire recruitment night. Trust blisters are no fun either!
7. Don’t forget to eat!!! You don’t want to pass out during one of the parties or feel sick when talking to the house you love the most!
8. Eye contact. If you want to stand  out make eye contact with everyone you talk to. It makes other feel important and you’ll be focusing on the conversation and not other things.
9. Don’t mention boys, alcohol, or partying!
10. Don’t act like someone you’re not. You don’t want to be a part of an organization of people you have to pretend to be like. You won’t have fun and you’ll be too stressed out all of the time
11. Take advantage of your Sorority Recruitment Counselors, they are there to help you and they have a lot of information and knowledge to help you make your decision.
I hope that these 11 things no one told me about sorority recruitment help you to prepare yourself and put yourself out there during recruitment week. I wish you all the best of luck during your recruitment week!
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Lauren | Simple Southern Belle