You’ve got your outfits all planned out and you’ve perfected your makeup, but there is still something missing, your hair and nails! You can tell a lot about a girl by how she takes care of hair and styles it. Not only that, but the way a woman takes care of her nails really shows her attention to detail. With sorority rush week just around the corner, I thought what better to share with you all than the best hair and nail tips for sorority recruitment!



Don’ts: Stay away from fancy up-dos like people wear in weddings, it isn’t necessary for these nights. DO NOT have frizzy hair if at all possible. Use whatever you need to keep your hair down, but sleek and shiny hair looks great on everyone. Greasy hair is a big no-no. Make sure you’re washing your hair and getting out any product, use dry shampoo if necessary. Grown out roots just don’t look good, get them touched up right before rush week so you won’t have to worry about it during this busy time! Try to stay clear from crazy and harsh colors all over you head. A colorful streak probably won’t be that bad or noticeable. Just be tasteful.

Dos: Hair spray will be your best friend, just makes sure you’re not using too much. I also suggest teasing your hair even just a little to add some extra volume and bounce to your hair style. Especially if you’re rushing a sorority in the south. Make sure to test out different hair styles to find the ones that look best on you! Keep your ends split free. You can never go wrong with simple curls or straight hair if you’re not the most talented at hair or don’t have the time.



Stray away from any dark colors like black. Light browns, light pink, and french manicures are the best colors to wear so that they match with every outfit. Do not have chipped nail polish or ragged nails. If you don’t like painting your nails at least trim and file your fingernails so they look uniform and clean. Save the long fake nails for another week and keep it on the more natural side or if necessary short acrylic nails. Also, don’t forget about your toes if you’re wearing sandals!


Sometimes we get so caught up in planning the perfect sorority rush week outfit we forget other important aspects of looking nice for sorority recruitment. Luckily for you, your hair and nails will now be on point and help you stand out from the other PNMs during recruitment.

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