Tips for Getting Your First Job

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If your parents were anything like mine, the second I turned 16 my parents demanded I get a job and start earning my own money. Whether you need to save for college or maybe just want to buy a few nice things for yourself, getting a job while in high school is a smart decision. And lucky for you I’m here to give you a few tips to make sure you stand out during your interview and get your 1st job.

1. Apply Everywhere: You really want to keep your options open and apply to several different places. That way you will have options to choose from. Chances are you won’t be starting out somewhere nice so an easy restaurant job is usually ideal.

2. Dress to Impress: When you head to your interview don’t forget to look your best. You should be wearing business clothes and your makeup and hair should be done nicely. Stay away from anything revealing and too tight. When in doubt a pencil skirt with blouse and blazer are the perfect outfit.

3. Practice Interview Questions: Check Pinterest and the internet for several sample interview questions and practice answering them. If need be have a friend or parent test you with the simple questions just so you have an idea of what to say.

4. Be Confident. When you get a phone call from a business, when you’re answering questions in the interview, and when you come in for your first day, be confident about yourself and your abilities and you’ll be an awesome worker.

5. Sell Yourself. When you’re heading into an interview you want to explain to them why you are the best candidate and why you should be chosen above other applicants. Prove to them that you’re the most qualified and can handle anything.

6. Don’t Forget Your Resume. Bring a printed out copy of your resume and the application when you go to the interview. This way you can refer to it when you are asked questions and they can see your abilities and school information.

7. Have questions ready to ask them such as when should I expect to hear back from you about the position? What is a typical day like at this job? What duties would I be require to perform, etc.


Getting your first job can be a little nerve racking, but with a little confidence and a lot of practice you’ll ace the interview and be on your way to being a money making teenager. Good luck!

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