College Closet Essentials



You’re packing for college and you realize it’s time to pack the clothes. You stare aimlessly at your closet and drawers thinking how could I possibly have this many clothes? How am I going to fit this all in my tiny dorm closet? Do I really need that jacket I’ve had since 7th grade? Stop worrying and let’s get down to business, I’ll share with you what you’ll really need in your closet at college, so let’s break it down.


2-3 Business shirts

10-15 Nicer shirts/blouses

3-4 Plain tees

1-2 T-shirts (you will receive plenty at school, trust me)


1 Business style

1 Cocktail

4-6 Casual (Any dresses for sorority rush)


3-4 Leggings (you will be living in these)

3-4 Gym Shorts (you will be living in these, again)

1-2 Skirts (1 business, 1 casual)

3-4 Jeans (1 white, 1 black, 2 denim)

3-4 Shorts


Rain Jacket

1-2 Sweatshirts

1 Nice Jacket (to wear with business clothes)

1 zip-up jacket

2-3 Basic cardigans (black, white, navy)


Rain boots

Tennis shoes

7-8 Normal Shoes (nude heels, brown wedges, black/plain flats, and others)




1-2 Swimsuits

Costume Pieces (for parties, mixers, events, etc)




A reminder when packing for college that you don’t need to take every piece of clothing you own with you to school. You can even leave out of season pieces at home and come pick them up around holiday breaks. Try to only take pieces you know you’ll use and love, that way you have room to buy more things if you choose to do so.

I hope this helped you if you’re getting ready to head off to college and you just don’t know what clothes you should pack. Don’t forget to check out my Ultimate College Packing List so you know everything you’ll need for your dorm room.

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