Decorating a dorm room can get expensive. You want something that looks like the pictures on Pinterest, but your mom doesn’t see the need to spend a ton of money on decorations that you’ll probably get tired of! Well lucky for you guys I’ve created several images that can turn your dorm room into the next Pinterest sensation.

The way this works is pretty simple. Once the print is purchased you can print it out as many times as you wish and then buy a cheap picture frame for it and hang it on your wall! Boom, you’ve got a gallery wall of beautiful images, quotes, and pictures that’ll be sure to make everyone in your hall jealous! Personally I love white picture frames and images in different sizes, so I’ve created several different options for you guys to choose from!

1. Lemonades

2. dreambiglittleone

3. notallwhowanderarelost

4. nevergrowup


5. Pink and Black Marilyn Monroe Quote

6. Motivational 1


Another great thing to add to any wall is canvas painting! Check out my Etsy store, Catchy Canvas where I sell hand painted canvases that are perfect for any dorm room!


Adding a gallery wall of framed photos is an easy and cheap way to decorate any dorm room, apartment, or bedroom! Once downloaded, feel free to print as many copies as needed to style your room or even for making a cute binder cover!

Enjoy your decorating!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

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