Preppy Dorm Room Essentials

For some of you college is right around the corner, others you’re on to your second or third year of school, either way these preppy dorm room essentials will be sure to spice up any dorm room, college apartment, or living space!

Lilly Bedding


I found this adorable Lilly Pulitzer bedding on Garnet Hill’s website and I am in love! They can brighten up any dull dorm room or apartment.



Adding a wooden monogram or vinyl monogram to your bed room wall can give it a personal touch. I’m obsessed with monograms so this one on my wall probably won’t be the only one you’ll find in my room!


Shower caddy

A cute shower caddy is a must when you’re living in a dorm room, my shower caddy was actually a Lilly Pulitzer one, and now I use it as my craft storage! PBTeen has adorable shower caddies in all different colors and styles, you can even find one that matches your rooms color scheme!



Having a rug is essential if your dorm does not come carpeted. Adding a white faux sheepskin rug can add a more glamorous feel to your room and make it feel more homey.


Storage bins

These storage bins from PB Teen are perfect for storing things under your bed which is vital with so little space in a dorm room. The boxes even come in different patterns which could add a pop of color to any dorm room!

These preppy dorm room essentials will be sure to make your dorm room one that people want to hang out in. Not only that but you’ll love hanging out in your own room if you like the style and feel of it. Make it your own and make it your home!

What was your favorite piece from the preppy dorm room essentials?

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      Thank you I’m so glad you loved it! I’ll be doing more posts like this!

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    I love this!! Anything Lilly is so cute.

    • CollegeCulture

      Agreed! I even found towels and shower curtains!