It’s that time of year again, SUMMER TIME! We’ve been waiting on it since January and it’s finally here. If you’re anything like myself I get bored pretty quickly with the same day to day routine of Netflix, pool, and work. So today I’m going to provide you all with an endless list of things to keep you occupied and active this summer!

1. Visit a beach

2. Have/go to a bonfire

3. Take a road trip with some friends or your family

4. Visit a town you’ve never been to

5. Stargaze

6. Go to an amusement park

7. Attend a local concert

8. Attend a yoga class

9. Go hiking

10. Go to a local farmer’s market

11. Visit an old friend

12. Read a book!

13. Binge watch you’re favorite show on Netflix

14. Have a nerf gun fight

15. Make your own popsicles!

16. CRAFT!

17. Have a photoshoot, even bring props!

18. Set off fireworks and sparklers! (Be careful!)

19. Have a water balloon fight

20. Make a YouTube video

21. Start a blog!

22. Make a dessert or meal from Pinterest

23. Have a cookout

24. Go bowling

25. Visit a lake

26. Build a fort (blanket or tree!)

27. Have a picnic!

28. Make an inspiration wall or book

29. Create your own room decor

30. Go 24 hours with out social media

31. Play Twister with paint

32. Visit a zoo

33. Take a photo every day

34. Get lost in IKEA

35. Make and sell lemonade

36. Go camping

37. Create a scrapbook

38. Learn to play an instrument

39. Have a movie marathon

40. Start and keep a journal

41. Go ziplining

42. Thrift shopping

43. Have a spa day

44. Prepare for a 5k

45. Run a 5k

46. Clean out your closet

47. Find a summer job!

48. Tie Dye shirts

49. Go to a water park


Hopefully this long list gave a few new ideas of things to do this summer! If you do one or more of these let me know! When do you guys start summer? What are you looking forward most to doing? I personally can’t wait to go to Disney World this summer I’ve never been!

Have a great summer vacation!


  • Elizabeth Gracie

    Love this list! Will try and do all of these!

    • CollegeCulture

      Excited to hear how it goes!