Dorm rooms, the dreaded twin size beds and shared living space, cement walls and old furniture. Yep, that’s college and it’s an experience all in its self, trust me I’ve been there and done that. Living in a dorm room was one of the best decisions I made however my freshman year in college. I was able to meet and make so many friends and still hang out with most of them. I learned a lot about myself and how to take care of myself on my own. Today I thought it would be helpful to share with you all the tips and tricks I wish someone had told me before living in my dorm room, so enjoy!


I’ll start by listing a few general tips to get you started!

1. Clean the entire room before you move in all your stuff, a clean start is a happy start.

2. Bring air freshener, enough said.

3. Microwaveable food will be your best friend, learn to love it!

4. Command strips and hooks will come in handy when decorating your room!

5. Keep your dorm room door open so people walking by can say hello, you’ll make friends faster I promise.


Now I’ll break the room into sections and give a few ways to make each a little easier to deal with.


You will need 2 sets of sheets, plan to buy them

Have a lot of pillows and blankets because your bed will also be doubling as a couch and lounge area most days.

Bed risers/lofting your bed will save you SO much space.

Rearrange the room so your bed is near an outlet, it’ll make your life easier when you want to charge your phone at night or be on your laptop in bed.

Purchase a bug protector/allergen sheet protector, it’s just sanitary.

Buying a foam mattress topper will make your bed ten thousand times more comfy and you’ll sleep a lot better. Just don’t sleep in and skip class!



You will need those black huggable hangers. They will save you a lot of closet room and your clothes don’t slip off of them, they are a great investment.

Only keep in season clothes in your room, try picking up and trading out clothes around holiday times and breaks.



Invest in drawers organizers, pencil organizers, jewelry organizers, etc. Your desk is not only a desk but also a holder of all things in your room that don’t have a place otherwise. And a dinner table.



Shower shoes, this should be self explanatory.

Cheap shower caddy, it’s just going to get dirty anyways and it just needs to hold all of your things.

Buy 3 or more sets of towels unless you want to do laundry more than once a week.


Hopefully these few tips will make your time in a dorm less stress and more fun. I promise that the time spent in your dorm room will be more about making memories and meeting people and you’ll get adjusted to dorm life in no time.

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