Preppy School Supplies



School is right around the corner, hard to believe right? And with school so close it’s time to start thinking about next year’s school supplies. If you’re like me and can’t stand those plain colored notebooks and pens from Target that just aren’t cutting it anymore then this post is for you. I’ve found the cutest of cute school supplies and the best places to find them so that we together can be cute and stylish this school year.

1. Pink Custom Pencils. What’s not to love about these pencils? They’re chic and stylish and only $8.00! The custom saying in gold makes them all the more cute, everyone will be jealous of these when school rolls back around.

2. Kate Spade Polka Dot Planner. For only $36.00 this adorable planner could be yours. I’ve had this style planner for the past year and get compliments on it all the time. It’s great for those of you who aren’t into the super bright Lilly Pulitzer patterns. Target does have some cute alternatives similar to these if you don’t want to cash out the money for a planner.

3. Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips. These $12.00 bow paper clips are to die for from Kate Spade. They are chic and perfect for organizing your self this year or even marking off pages in your new matching planner.

4. Monogrammed Tumbler. I found this little thing on Etsy for just $44.95, it’s perfect for your hot cup of coffee early in the morning or even your water to keep you hydrated in style through out the day. Etsy has several options for different style monogrammed tumblers if you’re interested.

5. Vera Bradley Pencil Pouch. I’ve had this adorable pencil case for over a year now and it holds all of my pencils and pens perfectly inside. For only $18.00 this pencil case is sturdy and will literally last you for years to come.

6. Kate Spade Gold Striped Folders. These gold striped folders from Kate Spade for only $16.00 will be sure to keep your papers and important documents organized in that tiny dorm room of yours or even in your bedroom. And who doesn’t love a gold pattern?

7. Lilly Pulitzer Planner. They’re the planners we all know and love and how can you not love the adorable patterns and options available. For only $28.00 this cute and bright planner could be yours this year for keeping you organized and on top of things.

After years of searching for cute and preppy school supplies I have found that the best places to find things are Kate Spade, Etsy, and Lilly Pulitzer, so if you’re in the market for new and preppy school supplies I suggest checking out those websites to find the cutest new school supplies for you.

Do you use any of these school supplies items? If so leave me a comment telling me how you like them!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle