Dorm Room Shopping 101

Dorm Room Shopping

Bedding, storage bins, microwave, shower caddy, shower shoes, towels, the list is never ending when it comes to dorm room shopping. With so many things to buy it’s easy to forget something and lose track. Dorm room shopping doesn’t have to be stressful, with just a few tips you’ll be smooth sailing on your way to being prepared for moving into your dorm room.

When going dorm room shopping make sure to look at different stores to get the best price for your new items! Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond have great dorm room items each year and usually have plenty of sales too!

On to the tips!

1. Mattress Pad. Invest in a thick mattress pad for your dorm room bed, this will make all the difference and sleeping in your bed will be enjoyable and relaxing. Most dorm beds are hard and stiff making sleeping almost impossible.

2. Two Sets of Sheets. Having at least two sets of sheets will make it easy for you to wash your sheets each week. Yes I said once a week. Since you’re in a dorm room your bed turns into a couch, study area, eating table, and more so it’s important to wash your sheets frequently.

3. Huggable Hangers. Huggable Hangers are those black velvet hangers sold pretty much everywhere. These puppies will save your life in a dorm room. Closets are small so they save you more room and your clothes won’t slip off of the hangers.

4. Command Hooks/Strips. Since dorm rooms don’t allow for you to poke holes in your wall or hang hooks, command strips and hooks come in hand! They don’t leave any marks and they are pretty sturdy.

5. Pepper Spray: If you’re a girl please for your safety purchase a pepper spray to keep on your keys. At college you may be alone at times in scary situations and personally having pepper spray makes me feel slightly more comfortable in those situations.

6. Mini Fridge with a freezer. Having a mini fridge with an attached freezer is ideal. You’ll be able to have frozen meals and ice-cream and what is better than that?!

7. Rain Attire. Rain coat, rain boots, and umbrella. Buy them, you will need them and they will keep you from getting soaked on your way to an important test when there is torrential down pour outside.

8. Medicine Box: Go ahead and buy common medicine items and medical supplies and create your own emergency box. Even if you don’t use everything in there, there is bound to be someone on your hall in need of it.

When you’re shopping for your dorm room keep in mind the size of your room. You’ll more than likely be sharing a room with another person and those rooms are already tiny as it is. Talk to your roommate about big items for your room and don’t buy things you won’t need.

Stay tuned for a complete college packing list!

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Lauren | Simple Southern Belle