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College is here at last, well at least for me! I’m heading into my junior year of college and decided to live in my sorority house this year! My room came with all typical dorm room furniture expect I have a full size bed (which I made beyond comfy). One of the first things I wanted to get set up in my room was my desk. I have this awesome desk hutch from Dormco which has been helping me organize everything I have and everyone in my hall loves it and wants one. So, since I’ve finished setting up everything I’ve decided to share it with you all and how I organize it to hopefully help you get some ideas for desk organization!


Make sure to head on over to YouTube and check out my desk tour and organization there as well!








Welcome to my lovely desk! Here is a small overview of what it looks like! Here you can see the dormco desk hutch which I am using to organize myself this school year. It’s great for getting things off your desk top and providing you with extra room and space for books, school supplies, or decorations like myself.



The top section of the hutch has 4 cubby whole spots for storing items! Mine is all neat and styled now, but Lord knows it will be organized and filled with junk in the next few weeks once school starts, anyone else find that happening to them too?

desktour11    desktour12    desktour13

Here you can see how I’ve organized each cubby hole. On top I’ve placed an Ikea plant, Bath and Body Works candle, and some cute plates from Target. In the first cubby on the left I have another Ikea plant, my sunglasses, and an Anthropologie mug with some decorative washi tape. 2nd cubby has a light up decorative L, monogrammed jewelry dish, and a mason jar with some decorative straws. The 3rd cubby is broken down into 2 smaller compartments for smaller items to be stored! The top one has a cosmetic case from Forever21 where I keep my daily jewelry and a tide detergent pod. The bottom has a yellow bowl from target with 3-4 Essie nail polishes and another Bath and Body Works candle (to bad I can’t burn those in the house).



Welcome to the actual desk top. I really like to keep this area clean and free to work on because I love spreading my books out and seeing everything at once which is why this adorable desk hutch is perfect. Down here I keep my small makeup mirror, lip balm, decorative L (which I made myself), my keys, some notebooks, and my laptop on top of my laptop case. You can even see my sorority paddle to the right (it’s broken and I’m working on fixing it before I hang it up!)

desktour8         desktour

Below this main part of my desk I have a long skinny drawer which I have yet to really fill with anything except random odds and ends. It houses my planner, this hustle notepad, my planner stickers in my Target file organizer, scissors, headphones, Vera Bradley pencil case, sticky notes, and a little jewelry tin.

desktour      desktour

Last but not there is storage space on the right side of the desk which includes a large drawer and 2 shelves. In the top drawer I store random accessories, like sunglasses, external hard drive, Go Pro, stickers, notebooks, my wallet, my old phone, etc. Most of this will probably change once I go school supplies shopping, but for now it will do!

Below I’ve placed 3 makeup bags all with my makeup, basic toiletries like deodorant, body spray, contacts, and more just for easy access while I’m sitting at my desk. Next to those I have some cosmic brownies because those are my favorite snacks and I’m currently eating one as we speak. Below in the empty space is where I will be storing all of my binders, textbooks, notebooks, etc. to keep my self organized.



Overall I am excited for how my desk looks! Thanks to this awesome desk hutch from Dormco I was able to get everything off the top of my desk to keep it clutter free, chic, and organized. I can now decorate my room with the extra space all while still having my area to spread out and do homework.

Let me know in the comments if you liked a peek into my desk if you’d like to see a dorm room tour as well?!

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  1. Your desk is so cute, I love all the bright colors!
    xo, Syd

    1. Thanks girl! I’m organized for now, but lord knows when school starts that will probably change! Haha!

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