Surviving College Move In Day


Yes that girl in the photo is in fact me on my freshman move in day! I was beyond nervous and didn’t know what to expect when I was moving into college. All that I knew was that this was a fresh start and I couldn’t wait to see what college had to offer. If you’re about to head to college in the fall and your move in day is getting near then this post just might help you! I’m going to give you my tips for surviving college move in day. Since I’ve done it 3 times now, wow I’m getting old! Enough about me being a grandma, let’s jump into the tips I have for you!

Keep like items together, by this I mean keep all of your bedding packed together, everything for your bathroom, all of your clothes, etc. That way when you get to your dorm room all you have to do is separate items to where they go and then simply unpack.

Wait to buy food once you’re at school. This way you will know how much you can fit in your fridge, nothing will go bad, you can find a close grocery store for future reference, and your parents will probably help you buy it!

Clean the entire room before bringing anything in. Please do this because you don’t know the last person who was in that room or if the past RA and building people really gave it a thorough clean. Wipe all surfaces down and even inside the closet and drawers! Clean the windows and mirrors. And wipe down your bed frame too!

Get all the big items out of the way first when setting up. There is nothing worse than having a tv and computer and wifi when you don’t know how to set it up. Get the help of your dad, mom, or brothers and get that stuff figured out and working before they leave.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. There are usually plenty of people on campus to help make your move in day easier. Ask them for help when needed, that’s what they are there for! They might even know the way around campus or the area around campus pretty well too for if you want to explore a little later.

Visit the bookstore with parents for school apparel and any last minute school supplies. You’ll want a few school shirts and last minute supplies so that you can show your school spirit, and I’m sure your parents will want to buy some too so that they can brag about you!

Label any boxes so that you know exactly what is inside and it isn’t a guessing game as to where you packed your shorts or textbooks.

Bring a rain coat, just in case. Out of my 3 move in day experiences, it’s rained twice so it never hurts to be prepared. Keep it out and in reach in case of down pour!

Start mingling with others in your hall. Invite your roommate/hallmates to lunch or dinner with your family, that way you can get to know the people around you better and so can your parents! Everyone is looking for friends on the first day of college so most people will be open to hanging out!

Keep a water bottle near by, because trust me after lugging around heavy boxes and such you will get exhausted and want something to drink!

Take pictures of your room, you and your roommate, you with your family, etc. to make memories. You will want to look back on these, trust me I just did this when I was looking for an image for this post.


Well y’all that’s all the tips I have for surviving your college move in day! I wish you all the best of luck at college this semester! I know you guys will make some awesome memories and learn a lot about yourself and who you are.

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