How to Make the Most of College

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A typical college student spends anywhere from 4-5 years in college. And at first that seems like forever, but you’ll soon realize that time flies by faster than it seems. I’m heading into my junior of college and I feel as though just yesterday was freshman move in day! One thing I can say for sure is that my time at college has been well spent. I’ve learned a lot about myself, how I study, how I work, and much more! I made sure to make the most out of my college days and continue to do so. So, today I’m going to tell you all how to make the most of your college years so that you have endless memories to look back on years from now.

1. Live on Campus: One of the biggest tips I can give to freshmen is to live on campus. You’ll be close to school so you’ll be more likely to be involved and you’ll make friends so easily!

2. Join 1-2 Organizations: Now don’t over do yourself, but join 1 or 2 organizations so that you’re doing something you love, you’re making connections, making friends, and learning valuable skills.

3. Play Intramurals. Even if you’re not the most athletic person I promise that intramurals can be fun. Grab a few friends and make a team, make shirts if you want, and just have some fun with yourself!

4. Campus Festivals. Every year my school has a international festival where there are people from all different cultures and races and there is amazing food, games, and things to see. Take advantage of these things and learn some new stuff!

5. Career Fairs. Career fairs are a great time to make connections in the business world and maybe find a new job! Don’t pass up these awesome opportunities to further your career.

6. Free Events. Most campuses host free events with free food, shirts, games, and more! Go to these! Take a few friends and go have fun! I know one day my school had a laser tag event and it was the most fun thing ever. We spent hours playing in it. And hey since most events give out free shirts, who doesn’t love that?

7. TALK to People. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Introduce yourself to people sitting near you in class. Ask them to study or work on a project. Same goes for when you’re anywhere with people, ask people to hang out! They probably won’t pass up a new friend.

8. Go to a Party of Two. I’m not saying go party crazy, but going to at least one college party is an awesome experience. It’s a great way to meet people, get closer to your other friends, and just let loose and have a good time!

9. Sporting Events. Go to them! Go support your school! Football, basketball, tennis, track, soccer, hockey, whatever! Just go and enjoy it. Most schools offer free tickets to students so there’s no harm in going!

10. Study Abroad. One of the best opportunities college can offer is studying abroad. This is a time to travel, learn about other cultures, learn a new language, make friends abroad, see how other countries work! There is so much to learn and do and such a good experience overall.

11. Take Interesting Classes. If possible take classes outside of your major that interest you, you might find a new passion or hobby from that! It’ll also open your eyes to new career opportunities out there that you didn’t know of.

12. Internships. Interning with a company is great exposure to different careers. It will give you an opportunity to work with a company and get a feel for what life is really like with that job. You’ll even make connections that could lead to a job later on.


There is definitely more to college than just books and the library. If you’re willing to put yourself out there and take a chance on some new and exciting things you can learn a lot about yourself and what you want to do with your life. I hope this inspired you all to really make the most of college and put yourselves out there!

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