5 Reasons to Join a Sorority

5 Reasons to Join a Sorority


So maybe you’re thinking about going greek? Maybe you know nothing about sororities and just want a little information. Well I am here to help! I have been a part of my sorority, Kappa Delta going on 3 years this fall. I can honestly say without Kappa Delta I would not be the woman I am today and I probably would be failing out of college.

Greek life in general tends to get a bad rep and I’m here to change your outlook on greek life and what it really has to offer for its members.

1. Leadership

Leadership is one of the best things I think a sorority can offer its members. I myself have held 3 Appointed Officer positions which are smaller positions, but still important. I am now a part of my chapter’s council or “executive” board as some call it. I essentially am one of the 9 women who are under our president and we each hold our own job. After having so many leadership positions in Kappa Delta I have learned skills to help me in every aspect of my life. I can now talk in front a group of people larger than 150 and can talk to anyone about anything and everything. I’ve taught myself time management and organization skills that will help me in the future as well. Not only has joining a sorority inspired me to be a leader in my chapter, but I have also obtained an on campus job and plan to move up to the position of building manager soon.

2. Philanthropy

What is better than donating your time to help others? Not to much. Not only are you helping someone else feel better, but you end up gaining more from it than you probably expected. You’re able to experience hands on fundraising and events and activities that actually make a difference in someone else’s life! Each sorority has a specific philanthropy that they focus their main efforts on. For example, Kappa Delta helps to instill confidence in Girl Scouts though activities and games.

3. Academics

To join a sorority in the first place there is a minimum GPA requirement. On top of that each sorority has a set GPA that is required of its chapter’s members. Greeks have a higher GPA than the overall campus GPA, probably due to the fact that we have so many resources! In your sorority you’re bound to have someone with the same major, same classes, minor, etc. They will be there to help you with are homework, tests, and studying. Most sisters will even take the time out of their day to tutor you if needed and even create a study group. I know personally my sisters and I spend several nights a week posted  up in the library get all of our work done and studying.

4. Connections

Without Kappa Delta, or my big, I would not be working at my prestigious job on campus that is notorious for only hiring people that the current workers know. Because I was a Kappa Delta member and my big was a building manager she was able to get me in contact with her job and I was offered a position. Sisters are constantly informing the chapter about job opportunities and internships that are available. Companies contact our chapters offering positions and internship because they know how hard greeks work. Not to mention the number of alumnae from your chapter who are now successful and can hook you up with the job you’ve been dying to have.

5. It’s FUN!

You’re bound to make friends inside the sorority and out. My best friends are in my sorority and several of my other best friends are a part of other sororities. You don’t have to stop being friends with someone just because she’s in another sorority. Sororities even host fun events like mixers and date functions where you get to meet other members from other chapters on campus and make even more connections! And trust me the philanthropy events and study dates and even workshops are all fun, especially with your best friends!


I hope after reading this you’ve decided to go greek yourself. It doesn’t hurt to take a shot and see if it’s for you. I guarantee there is a spot for everyone in greek life you just have to find the right spot for yourself. One thing I know for sure is that greek life offers a number of opportunities that you won’t find from any other organizations on campus.

Are you planning on going greek? If you’re already greek do you have any more reasons why joining greek life in the best decision you’ll ever make? Let me know in the comments!

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Lauren | Simple Southern Belle