The Perfect Tailgating Outfits



Tailgating season will be here before you know it! Tailgating is the perfect time for relaxing with friends, meeting new people, and getting ready for a football game! And nothing is more important for a tailgate than looking cute and perfect! Whether you’re a casual style person, southern, or sporty I have the ideal tailgating outfit for you!

Outfit 1: The Casual Tailgater


This is great for those of you who are more on the stylish side of fashion and don’t really like the whole southern belle tailgating style. This outfit is perfect for fall weather! By adding a few accent pieces in your school’s colors you will have the perfect amount of school spirit. Adding a cross bag is good for keeping your essentials all in one place and without having to tote around a huge purse.

Outfit 2: The Sporty

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.17.36 PM


If you’re someone who likes comfort more than anything than this outfit is for you! Throwing on a cute school tee with a pair of high waisted shorts and converse is the perfect sporty look for tailgating. Adding a few accessories will add to the outfit. Also, don’t forget a cup for any drinks before the game!

Outfit 3: The Southern Belle

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.23.29 PM

If you’re like me and you love getting dolled up for game day and sporting your new flowy dress in your school’s colors, than this is the outfit for you! I love adding cute dresses with a pair of cowgirl boots to add the perfect southern touch. Adding a few accessories in your school’s colors makes a basic colored piece stand out!


Everyone loves tailgating, it’s like a party during the day time and it’s the most fun way to show your school spirit and hang out with your friends. From sporty to casual and even southern, I have shown you all the perfect outfits for tailgating this fall, so game on! Don’t forget to actually go to the game after tailgating, lol!

Which outfit is your favorite?

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Preppy School Supplies



School is right around the corner, hard to believe right? And with school so close it’s time to start thinking about next year’s school supplies. If you’re like me and can’t stand those plain colored notebooks and pens from Target that just aren’t cutting it anymore then this post is for you. I’ve found the cutest of cute school supplies and the best places to find them so that we together can be cute and stylish this school year.

1. Pink Custom Pencils. What’s not to love about these pencils? They’re chic and stylish and only $8.00! The custom saying in gold makes them all the more cute, everyone will be jealous of these when school rolls back around.

2. Kate Spade Polka Dot Planner. For only $36.00 this adorable planner could be yours. I’ve had this style planner for the past year and get compliments on it all the time. It’s great for those of you who aren’t into the super bright Lilly Pulitzer patterns. Target does have some cute alternatives similar to these if you don’t want to cash out the money for a planner.

3. Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips. These $12.00 bow paper clips are to die for from Kate Spade. They are chic and perfect for organizing your self this year or even marking off pages in your new matching planner.

4. Monogrammed Tumbler. I found this little thing on Etsy for just $44.95, it’s perfect for your hot cup of coffee early in the morning or even your water to keep you hydrated in style through out the day. Etsy has several options for different style monogrammed tumblers if you’re interested.

5. Vera Bradley Pencil Pouch. I’ve had this adorable pencil case for over a year now and it holds all of my pencils and pens perfectly inside. For only $18.00 this pencil case is sturdy and will literally last you for years to come.

6. Kate Spade Gold Striped Folders. These gold striped folders from Kate Spade for only $16.00 will be sure to keep your papers and important documents organized in that tiny dorm room of yours or even in your bedroom. And who doesn’t love a gold pattern?

7. Lilly Pulitzer Planner. They’re the planners we all know and love and how can you not love the adorable patterns and options available. For only $28.00 this cute and bright planner could be yours this year for keeping you organized and on top of things.

After years of searching for cute and preppy school supplies I have found that the best places to find things are Kate Spade, Etsy, and Lilly Pulitzer, so if you’re in the market for new and preppy school supplies I suggest checking out those websites to find the cutest new school supplies for you.

Do you use any of these school supplies items? If so leave me a comment telling me how you like them!

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Preppy Picks: Purses

Preppy Picks Purses


Love the preppy style but maybe you don’t know where to get these “preppy” things? Maybe you love the preppy style yet you don’t want to spend loads of money on one preppy piece. Rest assured today’s preppy picks are the perfect bags for the oh so coveted preppy look and there are some in every price range!

Monogrammed Lux Cross Body Clutch  If you’re trying to save a little money but you still love the preppy style, Marley Lilly has great options when it comes to bags. Their monogrammed clutch is one of my personal favorites and I use it all the time.

LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag Could these bags be any more perfect? Not only are they stylish and affordable, but you can even have your monogram put on them! I love using these types of bags for heading to the pool, lake, or even to a friend’s place.

Cedar Street Medium Harmony-Kate Spade Anything Kate Spade screams preppy, especially this bag which is the perfect every day tote. It also comes in a few different colors, one being black which would match everything.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote A longchamp tote is the perfect preppy accessories not to mention it’s great for a girl who’s out and about from school to work and all over. It’s durable yet light and the nylon material makes it easy to clean off!

From $20 to $200, I’ve given you several options for preppy bags that will be sure to take your preppy wardrobe to the next level. Which of these bags is your favorite and do you own any of them, let me know in the comments!


Lauren | Simple Southern Belle


Bid Day: What to Expect

Bid Day


Can you believe it?! It’s finally bid day! You’ve survived the long nights of sorority recruitment and today is your bid day! You’re probably too nervous and excited to think about anything else, trust me I was like that too! First let me say congratulations and secondly let me say that today is the day your life will change. Many people don’t understand the positive impact that sororities have on a college woman’s life, but that’s simply because they’ve never been a part of it. You’re finally going to be a part of an organization bigger than yourself! You’ll grow stronger, smarter, more confident, and positive. You’ll gain leadership skills, community experience, and time management. Welcome to the wonderful life that is sorority life!

First let me say that bid day is different at each school, so pay attention to rules, locations, times, attire, etc. for you bid day!

Most schools require all new members to meet in a central location where you will either A. Open up your bid and run to your sorority right there or B. Open your bid and run to your new sorority house. When you get to this central location meet up with the girls you made friends with during recruitment, talk and laugh to ease your nerves and blow off some time. Take groups pictures, pictures with your Rho Gamma or SRC or whatever you call them to have for memories!

You’ll probably be told to hold your card behind your back so there is no peaking and then they will blow a whistle and everyone rushes to open them at the same time. Take your time to actually read your card so that you can make sure you get the right house!

At this point you’ll probably be too excited for words and off and running towards you new home!!! YAY! Be extremely careful though! DO NOT TRIP! I promise they will love you just as much if you’re the second, third, or last girl there! I suggest finding girls you talked to during recruitment first, they’ll probably remember you and you will already have a connection. Grab your bid day goodies and head to your bid day festivities!

As for clothing I always suggest a few things so that you’ll look great in any bid day attire given to you. Denim shorts, can be any style you’d like. I personally love the new faded, ripped, and frayed ones! Wear a camisole or tank top for easy changing right on the spot. Chances are there will be boys around and that’s weird to change in front of them. Strapless bra so that you’re not worried about straps hanging out! And shoes that you can easily run in, doesn’t have to tennis shoes, just something easy for you to run to your new home in!

Lastly I suggest doing your hair and makeup because trust me you will be taking loads of pictures and you’ll look back on these forever!

Once you’ve reached your new home and you’re off to celebrate don’t forget to really soak it up. Talk to girls you’ve never spoken to, play games to interact with other people, take so many pictures you don’t know what to do with them and just put yourself out there! Bid day is meant to help you get to know all your new sisters so don’t be afraid to talk to them and ask them questions or just eat with them! They are all excited you’re there and remember they chose you!

Once again congratulations on your new home! I’m proud of you and so happy for you. Your life is about to change for the better and it all begins with today, bid day!

Good luck!

Have more sorority related questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

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Surviving Freshman Orientation



Freshman orientation, maybe it’s a little scary to you? Maybe you don’t want to go? Maybe you’re beyond excited? Any which way I’m going to help you survive your freshman orientation so that you can get the most out of it and walk away feeling ready for college in the fall.

Positive Attitude

Walking into freshman orientation with a positive attitude and an open mind will make all the difference. You should be excited to be starting a new chapter of your life and this is the first step! Orientation will offer a lot of resources and help so keep your eyes and ears open for important information that you don’t want to miss.

Dress Comfy

I suggest wearing comfy clothes to freshman orientation because chances are you’ll be walking all over campus and it’ll probably be hot because it’s summer. Bring a pair of tennis shoes or comfy sandals for walking in and layers so that you can cover up in cold rooms but not sweat to death outside.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Get used to it now, asking questions will save you in the long run, I promise. Get the help at freshman orientation while you can, whether it’s registering for classes or choosing a meal plan, you can never ask too many questions.

Get to Know Other Students

Getting to know other students is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to any freshman during orientation. I’m a junior in college and I’m still friends with several kids in my freshman orientation group, chances are you’ll probably have class with these kids down the road anyways! Everyone is looking to make friends and fit in so don’t be afraid to talk and joke with those around you.

Attend Every Event Possible

For most freshman orientation groups there will be several events for you to attend, these can be about greek life, philanthropy work, campus tours, academic related clubs, registration sessions, placements tests, etc. Take note of your schedule and plan accordingly, you don’t want to miss an important event that you need to attend.

Go To the Resource Fair/ Student Organizations Fair

If your school hosts a time where all student organizations are available to talk to and get to know, GO! Use this time to scope out each organization to find one you may want to join. Joining an organization is great way to meet people with common interests, not to mention it looks great on your resume!

My last and final advice is to take advantage of each and every opportunity you can while at freshman orientation, really put yourself out there and get to know people. I promise you’ll make a few friends and by the end of it you’ll probably be itching to start college in the fall!

Good luck!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Every Day Rompers


Rompers, the combination of a dress and shorts. The versatility is endless with this new and stylish piece. Whether you’re going to a movie, class, or the mall a romper is the perfect outfit for just about anything. They can easily be dressed up or down when needed and let’s not forget how comfortable these things can be!


My new favorite purchase has been this simple yet girly black romper from Forever21. It has long bell sleeves with lace detailing on the ends as well as on the ends of the short line. I like to think the lace adds the perfect feminine touch making this romper the perfect clothing piece for me.



With this lovely black romper as my main piece in my outfit, I styled it with gold accessories to add more detail to the otherwise simple romper. A gold Kate Spade watch, Alex and Ani Bracelet, a Kendra Scott look a like necklace from Forever21, and gold Jack Roger sandals.



If you’ve been in the market for a new romper I highly suggest checking out Forever for affordable yet cute rompers. Lastly to keep my outfit simple and not too done up I decided to leave my hair in it’s natural state, wavy/curly.


If you haven’t noticed, I recently was passed down a nicer camera than what I was currently using (my iPhone, ha!), so now I am able to do more fashion posts. I’ve been fiddling around with camera settings and learning out to take photos of myself, so bare with me as my photos will be getting better over time. I hope you all are just as excited as I am about this change!

Do you like the romper trend? Let me know below!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

A Southern Girl’s Favorite Things

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.59.41 AM


She dresses up for football games, she loves baking for anything and everything, and she’s obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer, she’s a southern girl. Being “southern” is a way of life for most and even more so when you attend a college in the south. Everyone loves the stereotypical southern belle, she’s sweet and kind, gorgeous, yet smart. What’s not to love? So today I’m going to share with y’all a southern girl’s favorite things so that maybe you too can get in touch with your inner southern girl.

1. Southern girls love tailgating and of course dressing up at tailgates. Southern girls always have to out do everything and tailgating is a perfect excuse. We can dress up, wear our boots, and drink with the men. It’s the best college past time if you go to school in the south.

2. Southern girls love cooking and baking. Have an event coming up, they will always be ready with cookies in hand. Tailgates need good food too right? They are always there early to make sure everyone is fed properly with their delicious eats!

3. Lilly Pulitzer. This may be an obvious, but it’s a southern girl staple piece. Lilly Pulitzer creates bright and colorful patterned clothes and accessories that match perfectly with the southern girl’s personality. Not to mention it’s classy and cute!

4. Cowgirl boots, these are essential to any southern girl’s wardrobe. They can pretty much be worn with anything, from dresses and skirts to jeans and shorts. Nothing says southern girl quite like a nice pair of boots with a flowing dress.

5. A southern girl never leaves the house without being ready. Even it’s the slightest bit of mascara and powder, she feels the need to look her best at all times. After all you never know who you might run into, and you always seem to run into that one person every time you’re looking like a bum.


Being a southern girl is more than just looks and skills it’s more of an attitude and way of life. A southern girl loves to be the best at everything and loves to take care of everyone around her. Now that you know a southern girl’s five favorite things you too can channel your inner southern girl.


What to Wear During Sorority Rush Week: Round 1



It’s the summer before college and you have your mind set on rushing a sorority right? You’ve probably read endless articles on clothes, talking points, hair and makeup, etc. Somehow you still aren’t sure what to wear each night of sorority rush. You want your outfits to be the best out of any PNM, you want to look hot yet classy and you want everyone to be gushing over your clothes. Well lucky for you I’m here to help with that! I will be breaking down each night of sorority rush week to show you the best outfits for each night. Keep in mind that all school’s rush weeks are slightly different and you may have to tweak these outfits to fit the standards and rules of your school. Enough of that though, let’s get into the fun part, the outfits!

Sorority Rush Week


Outfit Choice Number 1:

This outfit should only be for those of you who your school provides a rush week shirt and they ask you to wear it the first day. I would pair a nice pair of J.Crew chino shorts (Old Navy as some too!) and a white pair of converse for all of the walking you’ll probably do. These two things will go great with any rush week shirt. Feel free to add some simple jewelry such as a watch, bracelet, or pearl earrings.

Sorority Rush Week


Outfit Choice Number 2:

This outfit is casual yet still nice looking which is what you want to go for on the first day of recruitment. Each day will get progressively dressier so you want to start out casual and work your way up. I would pair a nice blouse with a pair of white skinny jeans rolled up at the ankles. Throw on a pair of Jack Roger sandals or a nice pair of nude flats. Play around with accessories and find some you like. My favorites are Kendra Scott necklaces combined with pearl earrings and a few bracelets to stack.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 7.39.34 AM


Outfit Choice Number 3:

The last outfit is the dressiest of all three and is better for bigger colleges where rush week is taken more seriously. I would choose a cute summer romper (not too casual though) and pair it with a nice pair of sandals or flats. Make sure that the romper isn’t too short or revealing as you are impressing women not men. Add a few accessories items such as a nice watch and a few bracelets. David Yurman bracelets are too die for!


Each school will be different when it comes to dress code for sorority rush week, however I hope that these different variations helped you to decide which will be best for you! If you have any more questions regarding sorority life or college feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]



10 Tips for Preparing for Sorority Rush

Preparing for Sorority Rush

1. Clean up your social media, chapters will be looking to these for an insiders look on how you really are. There should be no alcohol and drunk pictures. No excessive cleavage. No overuse of profanity.

2. Create your resume for sororities, get the help from your parents and other resources available online. Not sure what things to include in your resume, feel free to e-mail me! [email protected]

3. Have a few headshot and portrait photos taken for your application and for social media pages. This will give you a more professional edge.

4. Visit each chapter’s social media pages: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, websites, etc.

5. Begin planning outfits and start picking up needed items to complete your looks. This is great if you can’t spend as much money all at once.

6. Practice different hairstyles, nail styles, etc. Practice will help you realize what styles look best on you and which take longer than others.

7. Take care of your body, workout, eat healthy, get a nice summer glow, hair treatments, manicure, pedicures, the works. Taking care of your body will really show through during rush week.

8. Begin compiling recommendation letters from people you know who are a part of any organizations you’re looking into rushing.

9. Practice your conversation skills and become comfortable talking about your self, check my blog post about How To Be The PNM Every Sorority Wants. Practice with your friends who are also rushing or even an older friend or sister who is a part of a sorority. The more practice the better.

10. Put the final touches on everything a week before. Your hair should be treated, colored if needed and styled to perfection. Nails and toes should be painted and trimmed. Skin should be tan/glowing (try self tanners). Buy the last items to make your perfect outfits and don’t forget to break in those new shoes! Pack your recruitment bag with all of the essentials. Put a smile on and stand confidently you’ll kill it during rush girl!

Have more questions about sorority recruitment or college feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]



10 Reasons You Should Live In Your Sorority House

10 Reasons Why You Should Live iIn Your Sorority House


Living in a sorority house sounds like a blessing to some and a headache to others. However, I have 10 reasons why you should live in your sorority house because trust me it will be one of the best decisions you’ve made in college besides joining your sorority in the first place.

1. You get to live with all of your best friends! What is better than living with multiple of your best friends and having them around all the time. It’s like having a giant slumber party every night.

2. There is always someone around to talk to or vent to. When you’ve had a stressful day or your boyfriend is getting on your nerves, you’ll have a house full of girls who are willing to listen to you rant until you feel better. Then they will probably take you for some frozen yogurt afterwords!

3. You instantly make new friends when living in your sorority house. When you are a part of an organization that may have 150+ girls in it, it can be hard to know each girl on a personal level, by living in the house you can finally meet new girls and make new friends!

4. All the closets. Just imagine, 20-50 girls most of which are the same size as you! That means sharing all of the cute clothes, accessories, and makeup! You’ll never run out of outfits!

5. You will always have someone to go to the gym with you. And vise versa you’ll always have someone to make candy runs with you at 1 in the morning.

6. Study buddies. When you’re living in the house you’ll always have someone to study with, go to the library with, and maybe even someone in the same classes! It’s the perfect study motivation.

7. You’ll always have the inside scoop. You’ll be the first to here the latest gossip or chapter news. Nothing can stay a secret for long in a house full of girls!

8. It’s the perfect pre-party place. Everyone will want to come get ready at the house and hang out before mixers and social events.

9.The chapter room will always be close by. No more being late or rushing to get ready, or forgetting something, because you’ll be just a few short steps from your room where you have it all!

10. You’ll make memories that last a life time. 10 years from now you’ll be glad you had the experience of living in your sorority house and you’ll be thankful for all the fun times, memories, and friends that you made.

Overall I can not suggest enough living in your sorority house at least one year. It’s the best way to get involved in your chapter, get to know your sisters, and make the best of your college years.

Are you living in your sorority house this year? Let me know what you’re most excited for in the comments!