The Ultimate Summer Bucket List


It’s that time of year again, SUMMER TIME! We’ve been waiting on it since January and it’s finally here. If you’re anything like myself I get bored pretty quickly with the same day to day routine of Netflix, pool, and work. So today I’m going to provide you all with an endless list of things to keep you occupied and active this summer!

1. Visit a beach

2. Have/go to a bonfire

3. Take a road trip with some friends or your family

4. Visit a town you’ve never been to

5. Stargaze

6. Go to an amusement park

7. Attend a local concert

8. Attend a yoga class

9. Go hiking

10. Go to a local farmer’s market

11. Visit an old friend

12. Read a book!

13. Binge watch you’re favorite show on Netflix

14. Have a nerf gun fight

15. Make your own popsicles!

16. CRAFT!

17. Have a photoshoot, even bring props!

18. Set off fireworks and sparklers! (Be careful!)

19. Have a water balloon fight

20. Make a YouTube video

21. Start a blog!

22. Make a dessert or meal from Pinterest

23. Have a cookout

24. Go bowling

25. Visit a lake

26. Build a fort (blanket or tree!)

27. Have a picnic!

28. Make an inspiration wall or book

29. Create your own room decor

30. Go 24 hours with out social media

31. Play Twister with paint

32. Visit a zoo

33. Take a photo every day

34. Get lost in IKEA

35. Make and sell lemonade

36. Go camping

37. Create a scrapbook

38. Learn to play an instrument

39. Have a movie marathon

40. Start and keep a journal

41. Go ziplining

42. Thrift shopping

43. Have a spa day

44. Prepare for a 5k

45. Run a 5k

46. Clean out your closet

47. Find a summer job!

48. Tie Dye shirts

49. Go to a water park


Hopefully this long list gave a few new ideas of things to do this summer! If you do one or more of these let me know! When do you guys start summer? What are you looking forward most to doing? I personally can’t wait to go to Disney World this summer I’ve never been!

Have a great summer vacation!


Mason Jar Decor

I have recently been obsessed with mason jars and using them for decor. Upon this new obsession I decided to create a few decor pieces for my Etsy store, Catchy Canvas.

I currently have two designs that I offer, the first being a set of 2 mason jars painted gold with chalkboard lids, I find these perfect for storing pens, pencils, hair ties, hair accessories, odd and ends and more. The set of 2 is sold a reasonable price of just $12.00.


The second design is a mason jar painted white with a large monogrammed initial, I can add any letter to the mason jar. This mason jar is adorable for a room decor piece or even as cute pencil holder on your new chic desk. It adds a cute and clean touch to an otherwise boring area. This mason jar only costs $10.00, a price that is lower than any others on Etsy.


Since all of you are so lovely I am offering a 25% off discount code: catchycanvas to you all because you’ve been so supportive of my store.

I hope you all enjoy my store and please feel free to like and share my page on Facebook as well!

Link to my Etsy page:

Facebook Page where new offers are always being posted and pictures of new items!

Weekend Morning Routine


Hello my lovelies!

Today I created a new video on YouTube called my Weekend Morning Routine. I’ve been meaning to do a more in depth video and one with varying angles, shots, and editing techniques. However I thought it would be fun to share with you all my typical morning on the weekends! I also linked my new video here so you can all check it out!

Wake up

I wake up usually when ever I please on the weekends since I don’t school or work to worry about!


Gotta take a shower, no one wants to stink, am I right? I recently made another video all about my shower routine and the products I use. If you’re interested give it a look!

Get dressed

For this lovely Saturday I picked out a black tank maxi dress from Old Navy that is beyond comfy and still super cute. I then add accessories!

Scrunch my hair

I usually scrunch my hair on the weekends to give a break from the heat, plus it’s super easy! I use Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse!

Makeup time!

My favorite time, makeup time. I usually do quick and natural makeup for the weekend again to let my skin relax and not clog it up all the time. I usually stick to concealer, powder, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and one eyeshadow color!

Food food food

The best part of the morning is breakfast! I typically will eat oatmeal, a bagel, or some cereal before starting my day. Most of my food choices are simple and quick because I’m always on the run!

Teeth time!

Last but not least I spend time brushing my teeth and having fresh breathe because we all know who important that is!

Once all of these things are done I grab my phone, wallet, and keys and usually head out the door to do my errands or anything else for the day!

What is your favorite part about your morning routine?

Till next time y’all!


YouTube Obsessed


Recently I’ve been on the YouTube grind, I can’t stop filming and editing, I just find it so much fun and interesting. Each time I make a video I’m learning new tricks and tools to my videos more high quality. It take time and patience, but seeing the finished product feels so good!

I’ve recently uploaded two new videos that I would love for you all to check out! Please leave so feedback and maybe even subscribe! I love hearing what you guys have to say!

Till next time y’all,


What’s In My Beach Bag


This past weekend I spent with my boyfriend and several of our friends at his fraternity formal. Most fraternities at our school schedule trips for their formals where each member can take one date and usually spend the weekend in the mountains or at the beach. So of course I had the great idea to do a what’s in my beach bag post because now that the weather is warming up and summer is rolling around I’m sure many of you are planning on going to the beach or even the pool!

The bag

You’ll obviously need something to carry everything in. I use my Thirty One tote that has water proof material on the inside in case my towel, bathing suit, or anything else is wet.


A coverup is essential for protecting your skin from the sun or even wearing to the store or restaurant after you’ve been at the beach all day. Mine is a white crochet style top from Marshall’s.


One of the most important things to bring is a pair of sunnies, otherwise you’ll be squinting the whole day and trust me you’ll get annoyed quickly from that! Mine are the New Wayfarer style glasses from Ray Ban.

Sunscreen (and lots of it)

Yeah we all want to be tan, but we definitely don’t want to be burnt. I use SPF 15 sunscreen that also helps with tanning as well as a stronger SPF sunscreen for my face.


To put all your lovely beverages in of course! Whether it’s your water bottle, soda, or a nice cold Corona having a koozie is a necessity to keep your drinks cold, plus they come in lots of styles like my Vineyard Vines whale koozie (it’s a crowd pleaser).

Cosmetic case

This is important to carry a few essentials like powder, mascara, face brush, and eyelash curler. I also throw in a hand sanitizer and hair tie for obvious reasons. This is great for going out right after the beach when you need to spruce yourself up a little. My makeup case is from Vera Bradley.


Whether it’s a book, magazine, or tablet, I suggest bringing something to read while you’re laying the beach. It’s perfect time to catch up on that novel you’ve been putting off from reading!


Whenever I’m at the beach or outside in the sun for long hours I tend to always wear a hat, whether it be a sun hat or baseball cap I always keep my face and head covered.

There’s nothing better than packing up and heading to the beach for today, just remember to pack these essential items to make your day at the beach a perfectly planned one. I hope this helped some of you to pack for your next beach or pool day! Comment below and let me know your must have item in your beach bag!

Till next time y’all,


All About My YouTube Channel

YouTube is something I’ve always been interested in. Since I was middle school I’ve watched millions of beauty and fashion related videos and even tried to make a few of my own along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.48.29 AM

I recently started my channel back up and this time I’m giving it the full attention it needs. I currently have 6 videos, but I plan on posting more and more as the ideas keep flowing.

PicMonkey Collage copy

My videos are very similar to the content here on my blog, fashion, beauty, organization, college, etc. So, with that said, I would love the support of y’all by going to my channel and watching a few videos, leave me some feedback here or on the videos, maybe even subscribe. I really want to get my videos out there and have a wider audience. So if you have the time please stop by it and give it a look!

If you have any tips or tricks please don’t hesitate to let me know!

If you’re feeling extra nice and love my posts try following me on Instagram @college.culture or on Twitter @CollegeCulture2

Till next time y’all,


What’s In My Purse Video

Hello lovelies!

I posted a video yesterday all about What is in My Purse, Long Champ Edition. If you’re interested in watching it please check it out, subscribe, and leave some feedback!

whats in my purse

Until next time y’all,


How I Stay Organized

Blog 1

Between college classes, Kappa Delta, work, and blogging my life can get a little hectic. It is essential for me to stay organized or else I simply go crazy and can’t get anything done. Here are a few ways I stay organized which will hopefully help you stay organized as well!

1. My Planner!

This is a huge part in how I stay organized. I use my monthly calendar to keep track of all due dates, events, blog posts, or anything else in my life!

One way I organize the calendar is by color coding different things. For example everything for class is in orange, everything for Kappa Delta is in green (obvi) and so on.

2. To Do Lists

My to do lists are in the same notebook as my monthly calendar so it is easy for me to access both and flip back and forth. Sometimes I’ll do daily lists or even just a running list of long term things that need to be done. This way once I’ve finished a task I can cross it off (this makes me more excited to finish other things).

I also keep a running list of things that can only be done on my computer on the Stickies app for MacBooks. It’s just a sticky note on my desktop where a keep important things to finish!

3. Check School Websites and E-mail

Most colleges have a website they use where teachers put assignments, quizzes, grades, syllabi, and more information. Now if your teachers are anything like mine they update these things all the time with projects and assignments we have to do and never inform us! So, it is extremely important for me to check these daily so I don’t miss anything.

E-mail is another important thing to check daily. I think I check mine at least 100 times a day. Checking it frequently is important so that you don’t miss any class cancelations, new assignments, important e-mails, and more.

These are just a few of the ways I keep myself organized in school and at home! If y’all have any tips you’d like to share please don’t hesitate!

Till next time y’all,