College Necessities

As most of you know I’m heading into my third year of college and if there is one thing I’ve learned over my 2 full years of college it’s what things truly are necessities. So I’ve decided to share with y’all my must have things for a college kid. Ranging from accessories, clothes, and even room decor!



  1. IMG_9483_2A comfy and stylish bed. There is nothing I love more than coming home from a long day of classes and jumping up onto my comfy bed and taking a nap. As you can see I love having an array of pillows to decorate. My bedding is first from Target and it is part of the Shabby Chic collection. The first pillow on the left is from Daisy Do Designs and it’s monogrammed, doesn’t get much better than that does it?! It’s cute to add a pop of color to your bed and it’s so chic. Next I had an Ikea pillow with a leaf design which is so soft! As you can see above my bed I have this adorable monogrammed wooden cut out. You can find one just like it at SarasCuts. It’s an awesome accent piece to add to your wall and it’s just plain adorable.


2. Tumbler. I need to have a tumbler with me at all times. I love me some water and I have to drink it constantly. So having a cute cup to carry it around in is essential. And if you’re a coffee drinker it’s even better because it will keep your drink warm during class! You can find the one I have at Properly Southern  it’s the cutest thing ever!


3. Notepads galore. I use notepads and sticky notes every day. From writing to do list to jotting down a few quick lots. It’s easy to have a few on hand to write anything at quick notice.


4. Comfy Shorts. If you’ve been going to college for a while you’ll understand when I say everyone wears shorts and a t-shirt to class. Not many people dress up. So I found these adorable monogrammed running shorts from Properly Southern. They are my school’s colors too so they are perfect for game days or just wearing around campus.


5. Cork boards. Having these little cork boards has been a great way to post things above my desk where I can see them to when I’m doing homework or working on a test. I have a few upcoming class dates and assignments and even a few sorority tasks I had to get done. Mine are from Target!

IMG_2013 IMG_2015

6. Something fun! I love theses new Marble stickers for computers, there is something so sleek and exciting about them. You can find some from Marble Decals which is where mine is from. I get so many compliments on this all the time because of how original it is! Adding something exciting like this to your laptop could be a great incentive to study or go to the library to show it off!



Although these things may seem slightly random, all of them are my personal college necessities that I think are important to surviving college. College can be tough if you don’t equip yourself with the right tools and tricks to get by which is why I had to share my necessities with you all!

What are some of your must have things for college? Let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Babydolls and Summer Whites

IMG_1936 IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1943 IMG_1944



Top (on sale) | Jeans | Necklace | Shoes

Summer is coming to an end so I couldn’t help but wear this shirt just a few more times! What I love most about this shirt is how comfortable and flowy it is! It’s easy to toss on with a pair of jeans and head out the door, while still looking great! I’ll also bet that you’ll catch me wearing this on game days too because it’s perfect for dressing up for tailgates!

I decided to pair it with a simple but stylish gold necklace from Rose Water Designs, every time I wear it I get constant compliments. It’s such a unique piece no one else has!

Lastly I added a pair of denim jeans from Lucky Brand along with my favorite sandals from Lucky Leaf on Etsy, they are hand painted Lilly Pulitzer inspired sandals! HOW CUTE! Even my mom is obsessed with these and can’t get enough of them!

For 20% of this top at checkout add coupon code “SimpleSouthernBelle” !

What was your favorite piece from the outfit, let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Comfy & Casual







| Top | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes |

How cute is this outfit? It’s the perfect style for walking to class or sitting in classes all day. It’s comfy yet still cute and casual!

I’ll start with the adorable blouse from The Salted Hippie. First I would love to say that the women at The Salted Hippie are some of the kindest and most diligent women I know. They are all about self empowerment and beating the unrealistic standards that society puts on it. Their message and the whole atmosphere of their website is positive vibes and confidence and I couldn’t help but just love their message and their business! The top is such great quality and it fits perfectly. It’s soft and it’s light and airy and the detailing is just too cute.

I decided to pair it with my favorite jeans from Lucky Brand, they are the straight legged style jeans and possibly the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. They are a perfect dark wash color that just give any outfit a clean and chic look.

With my outfit being very simple I thought it would be fun to spice it up with a colorful necklace and pair of earrings, both are from Brass Jewelry and I love this store! They have so many cute stone jewelry pieces that are just unique and so stylish!

Lastly I wanted to pair this outfit with these hand painted Lilly Pulitzer inspired sandals. The amount of color and detail in the shoes is to die for and I had several compliments on them when I wore them this day! You can find them at Lucky Leaf where she creates several different patterns and color options!

Overall this is one of my go to outfits for a day of classes or running a few errands! Not only is this outfit great for classes or running errands but it’s also extremely cute and comfortable so it can be used for several different occasions!

What’s your favorite piece of the outfit, let me know in the comments!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

My Morning Routine: School Edition

That’s right college has finally come back to town and it’s time to get myself into a routine schedule and start off my mornings productive. With a hectic schedule and numerous classes piled with work and sorority life, and even my blog I have to make my mornings early and productive so I get the most out of my days! So I thought what better than to share with you all my morning routine and what it consists of.


I start my morning off by first really waking my self up. I spend time stretching out my muscles and doing a few quick workouts like crunches and squats. This is a great way to get my blood flowing and myself truly awake!

I then move to the basics of getting ready. I start with a clean face and clean teeth so I’m fresh faced and ready to go.

Next I start with my hair, I typically curl it with a 1 1/4 in. curling wand for loose curls that are casual and cute!

I then proceed to my makeup where I typically do the same thing every day. Starting with BB cream, concealer, powder, blush, eyeliner, and mascara to top it off!

I then of course pick out my outfit or put on what I chose the night before and then throw all my stuff in my backpack and head downstairs!

When I have early classes I like to grab my breakfast and take it on the go and eat it as I walk to class or in class. I also make sure to pack a water bottle so I’m staying hydrated throughout my classes!

My normal morning has 2 classes and then I can walk back to my room and relax for a while or do homework until it’s work later at 3pm!



School rolling around really made me realize the importance of organization, consistency, and a routine so I decided last week to implement this structured morning routine and so far I’ve found myself being more productive throughout my whole day and just in a better mood overall.


What’s your favorite part of your morning routine? Let me know in the comments!


Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

Plan With Me: First Week of School





Planner stickers, I’m kind of obsessed! Maybe it’s the crafty side of me or maybe it’s the OCD side, either way decorating my planner with stickers should come as no surprise to some of you! Which is why I’m back again today with another Plan With Me, this one being the first week of classes and well as my birthday weekend! Here I will show the stickers chosen for this week and the lovely shops that they are from! Let’s jump in!



The first thing I did was go ahead and add in a few header labels that match a little better with my daily schedule and also break up the vertical layout. These lovely aqua ones are from The Everyday Planner. She can even custom make ones for whatever your busy day holds! After that I went ahead and added in a few flags to the side to just add some more color and cover up the numbers. Again these are from The Everyday Planner and are perfect for just about anything!


My next step was to add in some full size boxes because I’m someone who likes a lot of color and pretty patterns. The one from The Everyday Planner were perfect for the coral and turquoise color scheme I was going for.



Here you can see the entire spread with the labels, flags, and full size boxes. I tried alternating the colors from pink to blue to balance out the spread. You’ll also notice that Monday is not decorated due to the fact that it was Tuesday when I finally got down to planning the spread!



Next I got a little excited and added this adorable quote sticker from Craft Cake Designs. She has amazing quote stickers, summer themes, and even made a few Kappa Delta stickers which you’ll see later in the post! I also couldn’t resist adding that adorable blue donut sticker from Anxiety Aids. Her donut stickers were to die for and I wanted to seriously use all of them!



My next step was adding these awesome college related stickers from Crafted By Corley. These stickers were perfect for marking off the days this week that I didn’t have class, I can’t wait to use the exam and quiz stickers once the semester really kicks in!



One of my favorite things to do is to mark out the weeks weather by adding these adorable weather stickers from Crafted By Corley. Luckily it’s nothing but sunshine this week!



After working a little on the actual week I decided it was time to pay attention to the weekend, AKA my birthday weekend! Woo, if you’re curious I’ll be 20 on Saturday so holla! Starting at the top the adorable tassel banner is from Starlets Doodles. The banner was seriously the perfect color for my color scheme too! I next had to of course add a cupcake from Anxiety Aids to symbolize my actual birthday! Woo hoo! The green watermelon was just really cute so I had to add it, you can find it at Planner Envy’s store! Sunday I decided to add a cute water color full size box from Planner Envy as well and just the usual weather stickers to add a pop of color!



The next area I wanted to focus on was the bottom of the page for daily tasks and such! As you can see I added the adorable Kappa Delta stickers with bows from Craft Cake Designs to symbolize the sorority recruitment practice nights! I later wrote in the time and location beside them! Under I added to each day 2 bars with tear drops and interchanged the colors! Both are from Rima Nur and they are such adorable pastel colors!



I began to add icons on top of the teardrops.  The laundry baskets were a reminder to do laundry for the week and they are from Starlets Doodles! Adding onto every other day are the little tennis shoes from Eve’s Sticky Room which were perfect for marking the days I needed to work out!



My next thing I decided to do was add small icons to the different sections. The cute camera at the top is from Anxiety Aids and was a reminder to photograph this for my blog! Underneath an adorable trash bag from Eve’s Sticky Room so that I wouldn’t forget to take the trash out that day! I also added these adorable YouTube and Instagram stickers from CSIllustrations to remind myself of tasks I needed to get done! Also from CSIllustrations I added 2 chevron wash strips to fill in space and act a background that still went with my color scheme!



After all that was done I decided to use these cute water tracker stickers form The Everyday Planner so I would remember to get my 8 glasses of water each day!



I decided after that to move to my side bar! So I started out by adding a To Buy header from Starlets Doodles along with a little checklist from Rima Nur to keep track of my list! I also thought to add a few makeup stickers from Anxiety Aids to the bottoms because I’m obsessed with makeup and I thought they looked cute!



The last touch to the spread was these perfect flag stickers from Eve’s Sticky Room to remind me to do online work, they come with lots of different labels which are perfect for students!


Sticker Stores Mentioned:

Eve’s Sticky Room: Thankful15 for 15% off

Anxiety Aids: NOTREADY for 20% off

Rima Nur: FREESHIP50 for orders over $50

Starlets Doodles: SSB25 for 25% off

The Everyday Planner: SIMPLESOUTHERN15 15% off $5 or more


Craft Cakes Designs: STICKIT15 for 15% off

Planner Envy: PLANNERENVYSAVE5 Spend $35, save $5

Crafted By Corley


Anyone else loving planner stickers and decorating your spreads? I know I just can’t get enough, it’s a great way to relieve stress and have fun! Anyways, what kind of planner do you guys use? I love my target Day Designer it’s the best bang for your buck and seriously so cute! I hope this plan with me was fun and interesting to see what stickers I use and how I organized and decorated my planner for the week!

Don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel for new videos every week as well!


Lauren | Simple Southern Belle



Dorm Room DIY



College has finally rolled around and I don’t know about you guys but I hate dorm room furniture and dorm rooms in general. The rooms are small the furniture is outdated and it’s not customizable. With that being said one of my main focuses when it comes to creating the perfect dorm room is my bed. I want it to be my oasis, the place where I go to relax and get a good nights rest, but I want it to also be the centerpiece of my room. Cute dorm room bedding can get pretty pricey and trust me no one wants to pay that. So, I’ve come up with a cute and easy DIY to add a little pop of color or style to your dorm room for under $10 and 10 minutes!

Here’s What You’ll Need


  1. Iron. Make sure you’re careful to not burn yourself or anything else with this!
  2. Iron on Monogram: Mine is from South Boutique, her store is packed with tons of cute monograms and other things!
  3. Pillow Cases: Target has a set of two for around $6.00
  4. A Smooth Surface: You’ll need this for ironing on the decal!


Now for the Fun Part…


Step 1. Place your iron on monogram in the center of the pillowcase or wherever you please. Make sure it’s straight and all lined up!


Step 2. Iron over the monogram lightly making sure to evenly spread the heat all over. I had to do this 2-3 times for 30 seconds to make sure the monogram was secured to the pillowcase.


Step 3. Remove the transfer paper making sure to not lift the monogram from the pillow case surface. If some pieces still are not completely ironed down replace the transfer paper and apply heat until finished.


Step 4. Toss your new and adorable DIY pillow case onto your bed and watch as the comments roll in about your adorable new dorm room decor!


How easy was that? It took me less than $10 dollars and less than 10 minutes to make this adorable monogrammed pillow. Make sure to head over to South Boutique to pick up a few iron monograms for yourself so you can make one of these cute, unique, and adorable pillow cases!

Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they too can have cute and fun dorm room bedding!

Want to see more dorm room DIYs? Let me know in the comments!

Looking for more room decor, check out my Etsy shop where I make hand painted canvases!

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for new videos every week!

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Desk Tour & Organization






College is here at last, well at least for me! I’m heading into my junior year of college and decided to live in my sorority house this year! My room came with all typical dorm room furniture expect I have a full size bed (which I made beyond comfy). One of the first things I wanted to get set up in my room was my desk. I have this awesome desk hutch from Dormco which has been helping me organize everything I have and everyone in my hall loves it and wants one. So, since I’ve finished setting up everything I’ve decided to share it with you all and how I organize it to hopefully help you get some ideas for desk organization!


Make sure to head on over to YouTube and check out my desk tour and organization there as well!








Welcome to my lovely desk! Here is a small overview of what it looks like! Here you can see the dormco desk hutch which I am using to organize myself this school year. It’s great for getting things off your desk top and providing you with extra room and space for books, school supplies, or decorations like myself.



The top section of the hutch has 4 cubby whole spots for storing items! Mine is all neat and styled now, but Lord knows it will be organized and filled with junk in the next few weeks once school starts, anyone else find that happening to them too?

desktour11    desktour12    desktour13

Here you can see how I’ve organized each cubby hole. On top I’ve placed an Ikea plant, Bath and Body Works candle, and some cute plates from Target. In the first cubby on the left I have another Ikea plant, my sunglasses, and an Anthropologie mug with some decorative washi tape. 2nd cubby has a light up decorative L, monogrammed jewelry dish, and a mason jar with some decorative straws. The 3rd cubby is broken down into 2 smaller compartments for smaller items to be stored! The top one has a cosmetic case from Forever21 where I keep my daily jewelry and a tide detergent pod. The bottom has a yellow bowl from target with 3-4 Essie nail polishes and another Bath and Body Works candle (to bad I can’t burn those in the house).



Welcome to the actual desk top. I really like to keep this area clean and free to work on because I love spreading my books out and seeing everything at once which is why this adorable desk hutch is perfect. Down here I keep my small makeup mirror, lip balm, decorative L (which I made myself), my keys, some notebooks, and my laptop on top of my laptop case. You can even see my sorority paddle to the right (it’s broken and I’m working on fixing it before I hang it up!)

desktour8         desktour

Below this main part of my desk I have a long skinny drawer which I have yet to really fill with anything except random odds and ends. It houses my planner, this hustle notepad, my planner stickers in my Target file organizer, scissors, headphones, Vera Bradley pencil case, sticky notes, and a little jewelry tin.

desktour      desktour

Last but not there is storage space on the right side of the desk which includes a large drawer and 2 shelves. In the top drawer I store random accessories, like sunglasses, external hard drive, Go Pro, stickers, notebooks, my wallet, my old phone, etc. Most of this will probably change once I go school supplies shopping, but for now it will do!

Below I’ve placed 3 makeup bags all with my makeup, basic toiletries like deodorant, body spray, contacts, and more just for easy access while I’m sitting at my desk. Next to those I have some cosmic brownies because those are my favorite snacks and I’m currently eating one as we speak. Below in the empty space is where I will be storing all of my binders, textbooks, notebooks, etc. to keep my self organized.



Overall I am excited for how my desk looks! Thanks to this awesome desk hutch from Dormco I was able to get everything off the top of my desk to keep it clutter free, chic, and organized. I can now decorate my room with the extra space all while still having my area to spread out and do homework.

Let me know in the comments if you liked a peek into my desk if you’d like to see a dorm room tour as well?!

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Planner Organization 101: Etsy Stickers + Spreads



School is just around the corner and there it nothing more important than being organized and managing your time and tasks. Now I am someone who has recently been obsessed with planner decorating and stickers and using those to help me get excited about planning and look forward to writing things down. If you haven’t seen the whole planner organization scene, go check it out on Youtube and just google planner decorating. It is so much fun and there is this whole big community that is constantly growing! So today I am going to share with you all some stores that I have been loving as well as how I organize my planner and how I decorate!


Welcome to my weekly planner spread! As you can see my spread is colorful, decorative, and exciting! I look forward to writing things down and putting all the stickers to use! Make sure to check out the stores I’ve been loving at the end of this post for all of the stickers I’ve been using! The planner I use is a Day Designer by Target, this planner was a great price and is set similar to Erin Condren planners! The weekly layouts have a vertical layout for daily tasks and a daily break down of your schedule if you choose to use it. I however decided to create my own layout and what I needed to get done. Each day I have 5 sections.

1. Work. At the top I write my work schedule for the day and this is also where I place any pay day stickers.

2. Checklist. This section is where I mark anything in my personal life that I need to get done. For example on Monday I was going out to eat for my friend’s birthday and on Tuesday I had a little popcorn sticker to mark a movie date with Clay (my boyfriend).

3. Blog. My blog section is the place where I plan out what posts I want to go out and tasks I need to get done for future posts or responding to emails. By planning out my posts a head of time I know what posts are coming and anything I need to do for that post.

4. Youtube. Some of you may or may not know but I have recently created a Youtube channel where I also talk about college and sorority advice and will soon be doing several more types of videos! So make sure you’re subscribed to me! In this section I plan videos that need to be posted and any videos that need editing or filming!

5. Blank/decorative. This section is towards the bottom and is mostly for decoration and fun. It’s the place where I can put anything else I want for now. In a few weeks when schools starts I will change this into School so that I can write down any tasks I need to get done or any tests or quizzes.

6. Social Media/Water. These great little stickers at the very bottom are from Paws Paper and they are a great tool for someone like me who posts on social media each and every day! It has checkboxes for each social media and even e-mail along with water hydrating check marks to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day!

On the left side of the spread there is a long bar where you can write or put just about anything. I have placed social media checklists there for a job that I have and it keeps me on track with posts for her and posts for myself.

On the right side of the spread there is again another bar where there is place for gratitude, next week, and more! I jot down any important dates to remember for next week and use the rest of the space for decorating purposes.

Now of course you don’t have to use as many stickers as myself to get organized, you can really customize your spreads how you like and use as little or as much as you like! It’s been my new obsession! Let me know in the comments if you’ve been dying to do this too!


Planner Organization Tips:

1. Color code: Use different color pens, colored stickers, etc. to organize different things such as school, work, organizations, and more!

2. Use the monthly calendar: Using the monthly calendar is a great way to get a glance at important events coming up. You can even keep this color coded for an easier time!


3. Use a daily checklist/notepad: I love using these adorable notepads by Amanda Cowgill to sit down and write out all of my tasks for the day like laundry, getting gas, grocery shopping, working out, and more! She even makes notepads for your workout schedule too! Her store has a coupon code and link at the end of this post so go check her out!



4. Page Marker: Make sure to mark off your current week and the month for easy access and you’re able to flip between the two easily.

5. Take a Planner Day: Take time out of your week or day to sit down and plan. Look at the week ahead, add any additional events or dates, mark off any canceled dates as well!


With so many planner stickers out there to purchase, I have found that Etsy has the best! And lucky for you guys I am going to share with you some amazing shops that I used in my spread this week! Most of the shops have been kind enough to also include coupon codes so go take a look at their stores and the adorable stickers they have to offer!

Stores I’ve Been Loving:


Moogley & Me:

Moogley and Me offers amazing stickers from simple heart checklists to social media icons that are too die for! Not only do they have great icon stickers, but also cute functional stickers for full page spreads and more!

Coupon Code: “SOUTHERNBELLE” for 15% off any order! Expires Aug. 31st!

IMG_1776 IMG_1777

Clicky Chick Creates:

If you’re a sorority girl then this shop is for you! Clicky Chick Creates made me custom sorority stickers that have events like ritual, chapter, dues, and more that I am loving! She now offers them in her shop as well!

Coupon Code: “SSB15” for 15% off $15 or more purchase! Expires Aug. 31st!


Cricket Paper Co:

If you’re a girly girl like myself then Cricket Paper Co. is just the store for you! They offer adorable box patterns and matching flags to create the perfect girly spread. And these Target stickers are just too cute!

Coupon Code: “BELLE20” for 20% off $10 order. Expires Oct. 31st.


Poetic Soup Design:

Poetic Soup is a very unique store. They offer great stickers like these makeup items and sweets. They are so detailed and perfect for even scrapbooking!

Coupon Code: “SSB25” for 25% off plus a deluxe sample pack. Expires Oct. 31st 2015

*Store on vacation till August 14th*


Spot On Shop: 

Spot on Shop is the perfect shop for any beginner planner decorating. From basic icons to washi samples and more they have everything you’ll need to get on your way and for a great price too!

Coupon Code: “BELLE15” for 15% off your order!

IMG_1785 IMG_1786

Interrobang Designs:

Interrobang Designs. Wow this store offers some amazing stickers that are just the cutest. They are perfect for themed planning sets and she offers plenty of color schemes for what ever you are trying to create.

Coupon Code: “SSBELLE2015” for 10% off entire purchase. Expires Oct. 1st, 2015

IMG_1787 IMG_1788

Paws Paper:

If you’re into cute and girly designs or are looking for cute and affordable sticker sets for planning an entire week than this is the shop for you! The colors are so bright and her stickers are amazing quality.

Coupon Code: “BELLE15” for 15% off. Expires Sept. 1st.

IMG_1790 IMG_1793

Alternate Forces:

Love this store! From her water color banners and flags to the cute beer mugs, what’s not to love?! This store is unique and very bright and colorful!

Coupon Code: :TAKE10″ Take 10% off you order until the end of the year!

IMG_1794 IMG_1795

Simple Planning:

This store is adorable and so helpful. With so many stickers and all kinds of colors it’s perfect for any themed spreads and their little popcorn stickers are perfect for marking off any movie date nights!

Coupon Code: “10OFF” for 10% off your order

IMG_1814 IMG_1820 IMG_1816

Amanda Cowgill Designs:

If you’re someone who needs to sit down and plan your entire day then this is for you! These unique notepads are perfect for getting yourself organized for the day ahead and even your workout routine!

Coupon Code: “TAKE15” Takes 15% off your order! Expires Aug. 16th 2015


Heading off to school stirs up a lot of new things. From school assignments, organization dates, work and more! Make sure you’re staying organized and on top of these by planning properly! Interested in starting planner decorating? I suggest checking out each of these shops above for cute and useful stickers! It can be a great stress reliever and it’s more fun and organized!

Check out the haul of this video on youtube!

Are you into planner decorating? What planner do you use? Let me know in the comments!

Have an awesome day!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

How to Make the Most of College



A typical college student spends anywhere from 4-5 years in college. And at first that seems like forever, but you’ll soon realize that time flies by faster than it seems. I’m heading into my junior of college and I feel as though just yesterday was freshman move in day! One thing I can say for sure is that my time at college has been well spent. I’ve learned a lot about myself, how I study, how I work, and much more! I made sure to make the most out of my college days and continue to do so. So, today I’m going to tell you all how to make the most of your college years so that you have endless memories to look back on years from now.

1. Live on Campus: One of the biggest tips I can give to freshmen is to live on campus. You’ll be close to school so you’ll be more likely to be involved and you’ll make friends so easily!

2. Join 1-2 Organizations: Now don’t over do yourself, but join 1 or 2 organizations so that you’re doing something you love, you’re making connections, making friends, and learning valuable skills.

3. Play Intramurals. Even if you’re not the most athletic person I promise that intramurals can be fun. Grab a few friends and make a team, make shirts if you want, and just have some fun with yourself!

4. Campus Festivals. Every year my school has a international festival where there are people from all different cultures and races and there is amazing food, games, and things to see. Take advantage of these things and learn some new stuff!

5. Career Fairs. Career fairs are a great time to make connections in the business world and maybe find a new job! Don’t pass up these awesome opportunities to further your career.

6. Free Events. Most campuses host free events with free food, shirts, games, and more! Go to these! Take a few friends and go have fun! I know one day my school had a laser tag event and it was the most fun thing ever. We spent hours playing in it. And hey since most events give out free shirts, who doesn’t love that?

7. TALK to People. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Introduce yourself to people sitting near you in class. Ask them to study or work on a project. Same goes for when you’re anywhere with people, ask people to hang out! They probably won’t pass up a new friend.

8. Go to a Party of Two. I’m not saying go party crazy, but going to at least one college party is an awesome experience. It’s a great way to meet people, get closer to your other friends, and just let loose and have a good time!

9. Sporting Events. Go to them! Go support your school! Football, basketball, tennis, track, soccer, hockey, whatever! Just go and enjoy it. Most schools offer free tickets to students so there’s no harm in going!

10. Study Abroad. One of the best opportunities college can offer is studying abroad. This is a time to travel, learn about other cultures, learn a new language, make friends abroad, see how other countries work! There is so much to learn and do and such a good experience overall.

11. Take Interesting Classes. If possible take classes outside of your major that interest you, you might find a new passion or hobby from that! It’ll also open your eyes to new career opportunities out there that you didn’t know of.

12. Internships. Interning with a company is great exposure to different careers. It will give you an opportunity to work with a company and get a feel for what life is really like with that job. You’ll even make connections that could lead to a job later on.


There is definitely more to college than just books and the library. If you’re willing to put yourself out there and take a chance on some new and exciting things you can learn a lot about yourself and what you want to do with your life. I hope this inspired you all to really make the most of college and put yourselves out there!

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10 Myths About College


Any incoming freshman can attest to the fact that all you hear from people is college myth this, college myth that and it’s hard to determine which is true and which aren’t. Well luckily I’m here to help debunk 10 myths about college that will hopefully keep you from worrying too much before heading off to school!

1. Most students graduate in 4 years. In fact I know several people who are going into their 5th year, and there is nothing to be ashamed about that! Reasons for not graduating on time might include studying abroad, co-op jobs, having more than 1 major or minor, or changing your major!

2. Everyone drinks and parties. Not true. Although parties and drinking are a stereotypical college activity, many students don’t partake in this. Don’t feel like you have to take up drinking to fit in or go to every party every night. There are plenty of other fun things to do around school that doesn’t include drinking or partying.

3. Everyone has lost their virginity. NO! Don’t fall for the age old trick of everyone is doing it. Girl, if you don’t want to do something with a boy, don’t. If he doesn’t respect that then he is not worth your time. There are so many students in college who are virgins, and there is nothing wrong with that! In fact that should be something you’re proud of!

4. You don’t have to go to your classes. FALSE! It is important now more than ever to attend all of your classes. Just because a professor doesn’t take attendance, does not mean that is a reason to not come to class. Take it from someone who learned it the hard way, you will do much better in the class if you attend all of the classes.

5. Dining hall food is awful. Trust me, most colleges are working to have healthy food options available to students and they are bound to have several options that even the picky eater like my self can enjoy.

6. Freshman 15. Not everyone will gain weight during their freshman year. It’s up to the person and their dieting habits, physical activity, and stress levels to determine if they will gain weight or not.

7. There is no drama. You’re bound to argue with your roommate, hallmates, friends, boyfriend, etc. Depending on the type of people you live around will determine the amount of drama that might show up. Some people are just all about, it’s best to steer clear from them.

8. You’ll be friends with your freshman friends for ever. Sadly, probably not. People go their separate ways and start living in different areas and just don’t hang out as much as they used to. That’s not to say that you won’t stay friends with some of them, it just might not be the same relationship you used to have.

9. You have to decide your career as soon as you get to college. False, you have an entire lifetime to test out different careers, majors, and job opportunities. Coming from a girl who has changed her major 4 times it may take a while to figure out what you’re truly passionate about.

10. You have to join greek life. Don’t get me wrong I’m a strong believer people should try going greek, but there is nothing that requires you too. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, you just don’t want to do it, or you think it’s not for you that’s FINE! Don’t worry about what others think and say, you do you boo boo.


With college move in day right around the corner, I thought what better topic to talk about than college myths. Hopefully my debunking of these common myths made you a little more confident about college in the fall!


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