School is just around the corner and there it nothing more important than being organized and managing your time and tasks. Now I am someone who has recently been obsessed with planner decorating and stickers and using those to help me get excited about planning and look forward to writing things down. If you haven’t seen the whole planner organization scene, go check it out on Youtube and just google planner decorating. It is so much fun and there is this whole big community that is constantly growing! So today I am going to share with you all some stores that I have been loving as well as how I organize my planner and how I decorate!


Welcome to my weekly planner spread! As you can see my spread is colorful, decorative, and exciting! I look forward to writing things down and putting all the stickers to use! Make sure to check out the stores I’ve been loving at the end of this post for all of the stickers I’ve been using! The planner I use is a Day Designer by Target, this planner was a great price and is set similar to Erin Condren planners! The weekly layouts have a vertical layout for daily tasks and a daily break down of your schedule if you choose to use it. I however decided to create my own layout and what I needed to get done. Each day I have 5 sections.

1. Work. At the top I write my work schedule for the day and this is also where I place any pay day stickers.

2. Checklist. This section is where I mark anything in my personal life that I need to get done. For example on Monday I was going out to eat for my friend’s birthday and on Tuesday I had a little popcorn sticker to mark a movie date with Clay (my boyfriend).

3. Blog. My blog section is the place where I plan out what posts I want to go out and tasks I need to get done for future posts or responding to emails. By planning out my posts a head of time I know what posts are coming and anything I need to do for that post.

4. Youtube. Some of you may or may not know but I have recently created a Youtube channel where I also talk about college and sorority advice and will soon be doing several more types of videos! So make sure you’re subscribed to me! In this section I plan videos that need to be posted and any videos that need editing or filming!

5. Blank/decorative. This section is towards the bottom and is mostly for decoration and fun. It’s the place where I can put anything else I want for now. In a few weeks when schools starts I will change this into School so that I can write down any tasks I need to get done or any tests or quizzes.

6. Social Media/Water. These great little stickers at the very bottom are from Paws Paper and they are a great tool for someone like me who posts on social media each and every day! It has checkboxes for each social media and even e-mail along with water hydrating check marks to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day!

On the left side of the spread there is a long bar where you can write or put just about anything. I have placed social media checklists there for a job that I have and it keeps me on track with posts for her and posts for myself.

On the right side of the spread there is again another bar where there is place for gratitude, next week, and more! I jot down any important dates to remember for next week and use the rest of the space for decorating purposes.

Now of course you don’t have to use as many stickers as myself to get organized, you can really customize your spreads how you like and use as little or as much as you like! It’s been my new obsession! Let me know in the comments if you’ve been dying to do this too!


Planner Organization Tips:

1. Color code: Use different color pens, colored stickers, etc. to organize different things such as school, work, organizations, and more!

2. Use the monthly calendar: Using the monthly calendar is a great way to get a glance at important events coming up. You can even keep this color coded for an easier time!


3. Use a daily checklist/notepad: I love using these adorable notepads by Amanda Cowgill to sit down and write out all of my tasks for the day like laundry, getting gas, grocery shopping, working out, and more! She even makes notepads for your workout schedule too! Her store has a coupon code and link at the end of this post so go check her out!



4. Page Marker: Make sure to mark off your current week and the month for easy access and you’re able to flip between the two easily.

5. Take a Planner Day: Take time out of your week or day to sit down and plan. Look at the week ahead, add any additional events or dates, mark off any canceled dates as well!


With so many planner stickers out there to purchase, I have found that Etsy has the best! And lucky for you guys I am going to share with you some amazing shops that I used in my spread this week! Most of the shops have been kind enough to also include coupon codes so go take a look at their stores and the adorable stickers they have to offer!

Stores I’ve Been Loving:


Moogley & Me:

Moogley and Me offers amazing stickers from simple heart checklists to social media icons that are too die for! Not only do they have great icon stickers, but also cute functional stickers for full page spreads and more!

Coupon Code: “SOUTHERNBELLE” for 15% off any order! Expires Aug. 31st!

IMG_1776 IMG_1777

Clicky Chick Creates:

If you’re a sorority girl then this shop is for you! Clicky Chick Creates made me custom sorority stickers that have events like ritual, chapter, dues, and more that I am loving! She now offers them in her shop as well!

Coupon Code: “SSB15” for 15% off $15 or more purchase! Expires Aug. 31st!


Cricket Paper Co:

If you’re a girly girl like myself then Cricket Paper Co. is just the store for you! They offer adorable box patterns and matching flags to create the perfect girly spread. And these Target stickers are just too cute!

Coupon Code: “BELLE20” for 20% off $10 order. Expires Oct. 31st.


Poetic Soup Design:

Poetic Soup is a very unique store. They offer great stickers like these makeup items and sweets. They are so detailed and perfect for even scrapbooking!

Coupon Code: “SSB25” for 25% off plus a deluxe sample pack. Expires Oct. 31st 2015

*Store on vacation till August 14th*


Spot On Shop: 

Spot on Shop is the perfect shop for any beginner planner decorating. From basic icons to washi samples and more they have everything you’ll need to get on your way and for a great price too!

Coupon Code: “BELLE15” for 15% off your order!

IMG_1785 IMG_1786

Interrobang Designs:

Interrobang Designs. Wow this store offers some amazing stickers that are just the cutest. They are perfect for themed planning sets and she offers plenty of color schemes for what ever you are trying to create.

Coupon Code: “SSBELLE2015” for 10% off entire purchase. Expires Oct. 1st, 2015

IMG_1787 IMG_1788

Paws Paper:

If you’re into cute and girly designs or are looking for cute and affordable sticker sets for planning an entire week than this is the shop for you! The colors are so bright and her stickers are amazing quality.

Coupon Code: “BELLE15” for 15% off. Expires Sept. 1st.

IMG_1790 IMG_1793

Alternate Forces:

Love this store! From her water color banners and flags to the cute beer mugs, what’s not to love?! This store is unique and very bright and colorful!

Coupon Code: :TAKE10″ Take 10% off you order until the end of the year!

IMG_1794 IMG_1795

Simple Planning:

This store is adorable and so helpful. With so many stickers and all kinds of colors it’s perfect for any themed spreads and their little popcorn stickers are perfect for marking off any movie date nights!

Coupon Code: “10OFF” for 10% off your order

IMG_1814 IMG_1820 IMG_1816

Amanda Cowgill Designs:

If you’re someone who needs to sit down and plan your entire day then this is for you! These unique notepads are perfect for getting yourself organized for the day ahead and even your workout routine!

Coupon Code: “TAKE15” Takes 15% off your order! Expires Aug. 16th 2015


Heading off to school stirs up a lot of new things. From school assignments, organization dates, work and more! Make sure you’re staying organized and on top of these by planning properly! Interested in starting planner decorating? I suggest checking out each of these shops above for cute and useful stickers! It can be a great stress reliever and it’s more fun and organized!

Check out the haul of this video on youtube!

Are you into planner decorating? What planner do you use? Let me know in the comments!

Have an awesome day!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

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