Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

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Can y’all believe that it’s finally Thanksgiving? I know that I can hardly believe it! Before we know it’ll be Christmas and then we’re on to another year, wow how time has flown by. Since Black Friday is this week I thought what better post than to do a Christmas Gift List for all of you out there buying Christmas gifts for the men in your life. Trust me I know the struggle when it comes to finding the right gift for any guy, it’s tough. Which is why I’ve shared with you some of my favorite gifts to give my favorite men and some that just might work for you!

  1. Drill/tools. This may seem cliche but most men really don’t want to splurge the money to buy one for themselves so help them out and grow their tool collection. Maybe then they’ll be more likely to help you build something in the future?
  2. Loafers. In my opinion there is nothing more perfect for a man to wear than loafers, they can be worn every day or when dressing up!
  3. Watch. Daniel Wellington is one of my favorite watch brands, but there are tons of options in different price ranges out there!
  4. Patagonia Vest. Purchasing a nice jacket or vest for a man is a perfect gift for the winter and is so practical they’ll be wearing it all the time.
  5. Yeti Rambler. These cups are perfect for men, their stainless steel and keep any drinks they have cold!
  6. Wallet. Every man needs a nice wallet to keep everything together, and wallets come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices so pick what you think would fit your man best!
  7. Bean Boots. There is just something about a man with his beans boots, call me southern but they are the cutest things ever and a perfect gift if you can get your hands on them!
  8. Beer Making Kit. My mother purchased these for my brothers and dad last year and they all loved them, it’s fun and exciting what’s better than that?

I hope these few Christmas gift ideas for men will hopefully make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year and will hopefully leave all the men in your life happy and satisfied. Don’t forget to look out for my favorite Christmas Gifts for Women coming this week!

Have a great Thanksgiving y’all!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle

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