Staying Healthy in College


Freshman 15, none of us ever think we will be the ones to gain it, but trust me most of us do. From late nights of binge drinking to candy stops at the grocery store, it can be hard to stay healthy and on track during the school year. Luckily I have tips to keep you healthy and losing weight your freshman year and beyond!

1. Limit Your Alcohol

I’m not saying you have to drop drinking all together because I know everyone does it and it just happens. But I do recommend limiting how much you drink, how many days you drink, and what you drink. I suggest drinking beverages with fewer calories vs. beers with 100+ calories in each can. On top of that limit the amount of days you drink. If you’re chilling in your dorm room you don’t need 2-3 beers or shots, you’ll be fine without it. Save drinking for fun events, themed parties, thirsty Thursdays, etc.

2. Eat At Least One Healthy Meal a Day

Take the time to eat one wholesome meal each day. Whether it’s toast, eggs, and fruit at breakfast or grilled chicken with vegetables for dinner. Your school’s cafeteria is bound to have healthy options available so suck it up for one meal and eat something good for your body.


Drinking water religiously is a great way to keep off the weight. It’s 0 calories and you won’t be filling your body with all the sugar from sodas or juices. I recommend purchasing a Brita water bottle or filter so that you can constantly fill up a water bottle and have it available to you at all times. This way you’re not wasting money over and over again buying plastic water bottles.

4. Have Healthy Snacks in Your Room

Having healthy snacks in your dorm room will make it easier for you to stay on track when it comes to eating healthy. You’ll be less likely to run to the convenience store and get snacks and candy when you’re hungry. I recommend keeping things like fruit, 100 calories snack packs, veggie sticks, crackers, etc. in your room for healthy options that are readily available.


To keep the weight off during school it is important that you are working out at least 3 times a week. Grab your friends and head to your school’s gym, or do a short workout in your room, Blogilates on YouTube has great videos for short workouts when you don’t have a lot of time. I suggest walking to classes, ride your bike around campus, run up and down a set of stairs, take the stairs and not the elevator. There are plenty of options to get out and get fit so take advantage of them.

Keeping off the weight during college doesn’t have to be hard and if you start form the beginning it’ll make your life a lot easier. While everyone else is struggling to lose the weight their sophomore year you’ll already be in shape and looking good!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle