How To Be Productive Over the Summer


Summer time is here, no more waking up early, dragging your self out of bed to go to class or worse, work. During the summer time I tend to get lazy and mornings when I don’t have to wake up early I lay around and sleep until 12! That’s half my day gone right there! This summer I’ve decided to be productive and I’ve compiled a list of ways for you all to do it too.

Set Your alarm and wake up early

That’s right, keep that alarm on each morning. I wake up usually around 7am, 6 am when I have work, and I make sure to get up and start my day. Sleeping in really makes you lazy and you end up wasting all this time that you could be doing something better.

Pick up a hobby (blogging?)

Summer is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time for in the school year. My goal for this summer was to really work hard on my blog and post daily as well as start my Etsy store and keep it up and running. So far these things keep me pretty busy during the day and I don’t get bored of them!

make a to do list

It’s summer and you may think a to do list is a little to drastic, however it will keep your time organized and I promise it’ll make a difference. Need to do laundry, grocery shop, but still want to go out to a movie, and need to go to the bank? You might forget one of those things so keeping a to do list will make sure everything gets done in the day.

Don’t get rid of your planner just yet

Classes may be over, but that planner can still can come in handy. Use it to write those to do lists, keep track of work dates, and other fun things you’ve planned. I plan out my blog post ideas, my Etsy store updates (, work, and even pool dates.

schedule something fun and something beneficial

Having something fun to do each day really makes it easier for you to get up and get out. I suggest adding something beneficial to you each day as well though. Whether it be a little time for yoga and meditation or the time to have a nice bubble bath with your favorite Lush products.

I hope these quick and easy tips on how to be productive over the summer will make easier for you all to stay focused and accomplish a lot this summer.

What is one thing you wanted to learn to do this summer?

Till next time,


Preppy Dorm Room Essentials

Preppy Dorm Room Essentials

For some of you college is right around the corner, others you’re on to your second or third year of school, either way these preppy dorm room essentials will be sure to spice up any dorm room, college apartment, or living space!

Lilly Bedding


I found this adorable Lilly Pulitzer bedding on Garnet Hill’s website and I am in love! They can brighten up any dull dorm room or apartment.



Adding a wooden monogram or vinyl monogram to your bed room wall can give it a personal touch. I’m obsessed with monograms so this one on my wall probably won’t be the only one you’ll find in my room!


Shower caddy

A cute shower caddy is a must when you’re living in a dorm room, my shower caddy was actually a Lilly Pulitzer one, and now I use it as my craft storage! PBTeen has adorable shower caddies in all different colors and styles, you can even find one that matches your rooms color scheme!



Having a rug is essential if your dorm does not come carpeted. Adding a white faux sheepskin rug can add a more glamorous feel to your room and make it feel more homey.


Storage bins

These storage bins from PB Teen are perfect for storing things under your bed which is vital with so little space in a dorm room. The boxes even come in different patterns which could add a pop of color to any dorm room!

These preppy dorm room essentials will be sure to make your dorm room one that people want to hang out in. Not only that but you’ll love hanging out in your own room if you like the style and feel of it. Make it your own and make it your home!

What was your favorite piece from the preppy dorm room essentials?

Till next time y’all,


Preppy Picks: Forever21,

Preppy Picks

Forever21 is usually a store we don’t think of when the word “preppy” comes to mind. Most Forever21 stores house clothing items that are currently in style or trending. After browsing  Forever21’s website I surprisingly found several preppy items that I thought I would share with you all! Most are decently priced, definitely cheaper than J.Crew or a boutique.

Item 1: Scalloped key hole tank

Scallop key hole tank

This top is perfect for the summer months! It looks light and airy. Not to mention to scallop detail around the neck and the key hole are to die for! I personally enjoyed the white color for this top, but blush is also available.

Item 2: Embroidered Top


I love the detail in the top, it’s cute and feminine. The top seems light so it’s perfect for the warmer months. This top tucked into a pair of solid colored chino shorts would be great!

Item 3: Cream colored dress

Blush Dress

What about this dress doesn’t scream preppy and feminine? From the scalloped ends to the embroidered detailing at the bottom and the blush colored fabric, I can’t help but want to get my hands on this dress ASAP.

item 4: scalloped shorts


Can you tell I love scallops? I’m obsessed with these darling black shorts with small white polka dots. These shorts can be paired with pretty much anything and they have such a classic shape that they won’t go out of style any time soon.

Item 5: Khaki Pants


These khaki pants are so classic and simple that you can pair them with a nice blouse, a button down shirt, or even simple v-neck or tank top when it’s hot outside.

Overall I was able to find some preppy pieces at Forever21 and all are an affordable price and in style! I know I can’t wait to pick up some of these items!

Which was your favorite?

Till next time,


Life With Lauren: A Day At The Lake


Today is the start of a series on my blog I will call, Life With Lauren. These posts will basically be a follow along of my day and how I spent it. To begin this new series I will start with my day at the lake.

One of our close friends here at school owns a house at the lake and invited my boyfriend and I to come spend the day with him out on the lake. We started at 10 am and went all the way until 3:00pm. Needless to say, I am exhausted.

My boyfriend, Clay, and I were a little forgetful and didn’t bring any food or drinks. Not to mention we only had one towel for the both of us! Well, at least I remembered the sun screen. Even after multiple applications of sunscreen I somehow still got a little burnt in a few places, Clay on the other hand only burned on his face.

We ended up mooching off of our friend’s Doritos and drinks so we wouldn’t die from starvation or thirst, hah! They didn’t mind too much if you were wondering.

While swimming in a more shallow area we became swarmed by geese, yes geese. They had all the little baby geese and were clearly just looking for food, but let’s be real those things can be a little intimidating, so of course I raced out of the water to the safety of the boat.

After escaping from the geese and then some ducks we decided to do some adventuring to see some of the houses on the lake. Wow, these houses were absolutely amazing, there were huge ones, long ones, one with interesting layouts, and siding. I was obsessing over how gorgeous they were and decided I’d love to have my own lake house one day!

Overall the day was relaxing and calm. It was nice to get away from the phone and computer and spend a little time with friends and my boyfriend. Even though I ended up with a little sunburn, it was well worth it, plus I missed summer days like these anyways!

What did you guys do today? Go anywhere new and exciting? Maybe you just chilled out at home? Either way leave a comment and let me know!

Till next time,


How To Be The Best Sorority Big


Oh yeah, it’s about that time of year again, no I don’t mean summer, I mean Big lil season! If you’re anything like me the excitement of big lil season is unbearable. Whether you’re going to be a new big or you’re adding another little to the family this post will surely help you become the best big there is and make your relationship with your little one that will last forever.

Little gifts

Big lil season means lots of gifts and presents for your little to welcome her into the sorority and your fam. Maybe you don’t know what you should get her and need some helpful ideas and things she will love! I personally think hand made things are the best (and cheapest) way to spoil your little. You can customize them to her style and your sorority.

  • Canvas paintings
  • Stitched letters
  • Wooden letters
  • Your sorority’s mascot or symbol made of wood or trinket
  • Koozies
  • Croakies
  • Wine glass
  • Mason Jars
  • Monogrammed shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tees
  • Hand me downs
  • Stuffed animals
  • picture frames
  • Cups/mugs
  • Hats
  • Hair ties
  • Buttons
  • Bags

How to make her feel at home

One of the most important things as a big is to be a mentor and supporter for your little. It is important for you to make her feel at home in your sorority and grow as a woman. This can easily be done by putting in time and effort to make her feel comfortable and this will also grow your relationship with her!

  • Ride with her to chapter
  • Eat dinner before or after chapter
  • Introduce her to you other friends in the sorority
  • Participate in philanthropy events with her
  • Invite her to get ready with you before mixers and events
  • Sit with her during sorority events or workshops
  • Invite her to go out with you and your friends
  • Offer to tutor her in a class
  • Have weekly family dinner dates (can even be potlucks!)
  • Text or call her to wish her good luck on tests, job interviews, dates, etc.
  • Be there for her when she’s upset and offer advice and comfort her

Hangout Ideas

We all want that awesome relationship with our little(s) that everyone else is jealous of and people write about on TSM, etc. But, to have a relationship like this you have to work at it! I have compiled a list of things/ways for you and your little to hangout or things to do together.

  • Library dates
  • Coffee dates
  • Craft together
  • Go swimming
  • Take a vacation together
  • Show her your hometown
  • Have a Netflix marathon
  • Go to a yoga class or the gym
  • Take a shopping trip
  • Have weekly meals together
  • Have a photoshoot together
  • Invite her to a social event

With big lil season just around the corner I hope this post gave you several ideas to create an awesome bond between you and your little. From experience I can say that putting the effort into creating a strong relationship with your little is worth it and before long you’ll have that close knit relationship others wish they had!

So, are you taking a little in the fall? Or maybe you’re rushing and you’ll soon have a big?

Till next time,


The Ultimate Summer Bucket List


It’s that time of year again, SUMMER TIME! We’ve been waiting on it since January and it’s finally here. If you’re anything like myself I get bored pretty quickly with the same day to day routine of Netflix, pool, and work. So today I’m going to provide you all with an endless list of things to keep you occupied and active this summer!

1. Visit a beach

2. Have/go to a bonfire

3. Take a road trip with some friends or your family

4. Visit a town you’ve never been to

5. Stargaze

6. Go to an amusement park

7. Attend a local concert

8. Attend a yoga class

9. Go hiking

10. Go to a local farmer’s market

11. Visit an old friend

12. Read a book!

13. Binge watch you’re favorite show on Netflix

14. Have a nerf gun fight

15. Make your own popsicles!

16. CRAFT!

17. Have a photoshoot, even bring props!

18. Set off fireworks and sparklers! (Be careful!)

19. Have a water balloon fight

20. Make a YouTube video

21. Start a blog!

22. Make a dessert or meal from Pinterest

23. Have a cookout

24. Go bowling

25. Visit a lake

26. Build a fort (blanket or tree!)

27. Have a picnic!

28. Make an inspiration wall or book

29. Create your own room decor

30. Go 24 hours with out social media

31. Play Twister with paint

32. Visit a zoo

33. Take a photo every day

34. Get lost in IKEA

35. Make and sell lemonade

36. Go camping

37. Create a scrapbook

38. Learn to play an instrument

39. Have a movie marathon

40. Start and keep a journal

41. Go ziplining

42. Thrift shopping

43. Have a spa day

44. Prepare for a 5k

45. Run a 5k

46. Clean out your closet

47. Find a summer job!

48. Tie Dye shirts

49. Go to a water park


Hopefully this long list gave a few new ideas of things to do this summer! If you do one or more of these let me know! When do you guys start summer? What are you looking forward most to doing? I personally can’t wait to go to Disney World this summer I’ve never been!

Have a great summer vacation!


Mason Jar Decor

I have recently been obsessed with mason jars and using them for decor. Upon this new obsession I decided to create a few decor pieces for my Etsy store, Catchy Canvas.

I currently have two designs that I offer, the first being a set of 2 mason jars painted gold with chalkboard lids, I find these perfect for storing pens, pencils, hair ties, hair accessories, odd and ends and more. The set of 2 is sold a reasonable price of just $12.00.


The second design is a mason jar painted white with a large monogrammed initial, I can add any letter to the mason jar. This mason jar is adorable for a room decor piece or even as cute pencil holder on your new chic desk. It adds a cute and clean touch to an otherwise boring area. This mason jar only costs $10.00, a price that is lower than any others on Etsy.


Since all of you are so lovely I am offering a 25% off discount code: catchycanvas to you all because you’ve been so supportive of my store.

I hope you all enjoy my store and please feel free to like and share my page on Facebook as well!

Link to my Etsy page:

Facebook Page where new offers are always being posted and pictures of new items!

Hello world!

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New Etsy Items

I have three new Etsy items for sale!

1. Floral Letter Wall Decor- I can create any letter in this arrangement! For only $18.00 it’s a steal. It’s modern, fresh and perfect for Spring!


2. Metallic gold canvas with bible verse- this 8×10 canvas is a metallic gold with white script. This canvas is only $15.00, a steal for a hand painted canvas! 


3. Gold Mason Jars set of 2- for only $12.00 you can have these stylish gold Mason jars with chalkboard lids. These are perfect as room decor, bathroom organization or to spruce up a boring desk! 

Hope you all enjoy these items!
Till next time yall



Hello lovelies! Since you all seemed to love my post yesterday about my new Etsy store I decided to offer a code for 10% off any item in my Easy store!

I will be posting new items later today as well, so keep posted!

Have an awesome day!