What to Wear: Sorority Rush Week Day 3



Sorority rush week is almost over! In just two short days you’ll be running home to your new sorority, your future best friends and bridesmaids. Pretty exciting huh? Now that it’s the third day of rush week you may be a little lost on what to wear, how dressy your outfits should be? What outfits aren’t acceptable? No worries, because I’ve created three perfect outfits for the third day of sorority rush week!

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Outfit Number One:

On the third day you’ll be visiting less houses and sorority members will be looking for something in each PNM that makes them stand out from the rest. Wearing a bright colored dress will make it easy for someone to remember you and they’ll be more likely to remember why they love you so much! Pair a bright dress with a pair of simple and comfortable wedges. Adding a few accessories is ideal, just remember less is more.

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Outfit Number 2:

Staying with dresses I chose this yellow shift dress which is bright and stylish. Shift dresses are the perfect outfit of choice for rush week day three. Shift dresses are stylish and flattering and can be found in several stores now a days for decent prices! Check your local boutiques for cute patterns and styles that describe you. A few cute accessories are key for dressing up a simple dress. I love House of Harlow necklaces and Kendra Scott personally! P.S, those adorable wedges are from Tory Burch, I’ve seen them everywhere lately and can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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Outfit Number Three:

Depending on your school’s greek life you may have more strict rules for what you have to wear on day three, this is why I have included a dressier version for those of you that this applies to. A simple a-line dress is flattering on everyone and is still stylish. I couldn’t help but gush over the adorable pattern on this dress! Pairing an a-line dress with a pair of nude or black heels is the perfect way to dress up any dress. They add a more sophisticated and classy look. Again we are sticking with minimal accessories so as not to over do.


During day three of sorority rush week expect to be having more serious conversations and longer conversations at that. Now is the time to really get to know the sorority and what they are truly about and their beliefs. If you see someone in a party you remember talking to during a previous night don’t be afraid to wave and acknowledge them, it lets them know that you remember them and it will leave a great impression! Refrain from sandals, rompers, and shorts during the third day of sorority rush week. You should be wearing more business like or dressier clothing pieces.

Good luck on your third night of rush week, I know you’ll kill it!

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What To Wear During Rush: Day 2 Outfits



Welcome to sorority rush week day 2, you’ll be expected to dress slightly dressier, however I would still stay away from heels and cocktail type dresses. Depending on your school you may be attending skits, philanthropy night, or history night. Any which way, these three outfit choices should make your rush week easier by breaking down what you should be wearing.

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Outfit Number 1:

Pairing a casual skirt with a nice blouse can be an easy yet effortless look. It is perfect for those of you who may be attending house skits or walking to and from houses. Pairing this outfit with some simple accessories such as a gold bar necklace and Kendra Scott earrings can really spruce up the look. Wearing a cute pair of flats is another way to make this simple outfit slightly dressier.

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Outfit Number 2:

Can you tell I like rompers? They are just so easy and cute for any occasion! This one shown is perfect for rush week night 2, it’s simple yet not to dressy. Pairing it with Jack Rogers sandals and a statement necklace really adds to the look. Wearing a bright colored romper will really help you stand out among other PNMs and make it easier for people to remember you!

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Outfit Number 3:

Although this outfit has a shift dress, it is still casual yet slightly dressier. It’s perfect for those of you who are required to dress up a little but more on night two. Shift dresses of any kind would be a great item to wear during night 2 or even 3! Throwing on a pair of cute sandals and minimal accessories really adds to the look. Tassle necklaces are really popular right now, check Etsy and Forever21 for cute ones!


Night two of sorority rush week is slightly more dressier than night one. Take into account your school and how much walking and sitting you will be doing during the day to decide which outfit is best for you. When choosing skirts, dresses, or rompers remember to make sure they aren’t too short! I hope this day two of sorority rush week really helped you figure out what to wear and now you can head out shopping!

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What to Wear During Sorority Rush Week: Round 1



It’s the summer before college and you have your mind set on rushing a sorority right? You’ve probably read endless articles on clothes, talking points, hair and makeup, etc. Somehow you still aren’t sure what to wear each night of sorority rush. You want your outfits to be the best out of any PNM, you want to look hot yet classy and you want everyone to be gushing over your clothes. Well lucky for you I’m here to help with that! I will be breaking down each night of sorority rush week to show you the best outfits for each night. Keep in mind that all school’s rush weeks are slightly different and you may have to tweak these outfits to fit the standards and rules of your school. Enough of that though, let’s get into the fun part, the outfits!

Sorority Rush Week


Outfit Choice Number 1:

This outfit should only be for those of you who your school provides a rush week shirt and they ask you to wear it the first day. I would pair a nice pair of J.Crew chino shorts (Old Navy as some too!) and a white pair of converse for all of the walking you’ll probably do. These two things will go great with any rush week shirt. Feel free to add some simple jewelry such as a watch, bracelet, or pearl earrings.

Sorority Rush Week


Outfit Choice Number 2:

This outfit is casual yet still nice looking which is what you want to go for on the first day of recruitment. Each day will get progressively dressier so you want to start out casual and work your way up. I would pair a nice blouse with a pair of white skinny jeans rolled up at the ankles. Throw on a pair of Jack Roger sandals or a nice pair of nude flats. Play around with accessories and find some you like. My favorites are Kendra Scott necklaces combined with pearl earrings and a few bracelets to stack.

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Outfit Choice Number 3:

The last outfit is the dressiest of all three and is better for bigger colleges where rush week is taken more seriously. I would choose a cute summer romper (not too casual though) and pair it with a nice pair of sandals or flats. Make sure that the romper isn’t too short or revealing as you are impressing women not men. Add a few accessories items such as a nice watch and a few bracelets. David Yurman bracelets are too die for!


Each school will be different when it comes to dress code for sorority rush week, however I hope that these different variations helped you to decide which will be best for you! If you have any more questions regarding sorority life or college feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]



10 Reasons You Should Live In Your Sorority House

10 Reasons Why You Should Live iIn Your Sorority House


Living in a sorority house sounds like a blessing to some and a headache to others. However, I have 10 reasons why you should live in your sorority house because trust me it will be one of the best decisions you’ve made in college besides joining your sorority in the first place.

1. You get to live with all of your best friends! What is better than living with multiple of your best friends and having them around all the time. It’s like having a giant slumber party every night.

2. There is always someone around to talk to or vent to. When you’ve had a stressful day or your boyfriend is getting on your nerves, you’ll have a house full of girls who are willing to listen to you rant until you feel better. Then they will probably take you for some frozen yogurt afterwords!

3. You instantly make new friends when living in your sorority house. When you are a part of an organization that may have 150+ girls in it, it can be hard to know each girl on a personal level, by living in the house you can finally meet new girls and make new friends!

4. All the closets. Just imagine, 20-50 girls most of which are the same size as you! That means sharing all of the cute clothes, accessories, and makeup! You’ll never run out of outfits!

5. You will always have someone to go to the gym with you. And vise versa you’ll always have someone to make candy runs with you at 1 in the morning.

6. Study buddies. When you’re living in the house you’ll always have someone to study with, go to the library with, and maybe even someone in the same classes! It’s the perfect study motivation.

7. You’ll always have the inside scoop. You’ll be the first to here the latest gossip or chapter news. Nothing can stay a secret for long in a house full of girls!

8. It’s the perfect pre-party place. Everyone will want to come get ready at the house and hang out before mixers and social events.

9.The chapter room will always be close by. No more being late or rushing to get ready, or forgetting something, because you’ll be just a few short steps from your room where you have it all!

10. You’ll make memories that last a life time. 10 years from now you’ll be glad you had the experience of living in your sorority house and you’ll be thankful for all the fun times, memories, and friends that you made.

Overall I can not suggest enough living in your sorority house at least one year. It’s the best way to get involved in your chapter, get to know your sisters, and make the best of your college years.

Are you living in your sorority house this year? Let me know what you’re most excited for in the comments!


Sorority Rush Week Essentials

It’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for and you’re more nervous than when you went on your first date, it’s the first day of sorority rush week. It’s almost time for you to leave so you grab your bag and realize you don’t know what you’ll need! To save you the trouble and worry I have created and easy list of items to keep in your purse or bag during those long days of rush week. Trust me you’ll thank me for this later!



1. A Tote Bag, to carry all your essentials. Pick a bag that you don’t mind getting dirty or leaving on a floor!

2. Phone and Charger, a lot of recruitment days can be long and you’re phone might die. Make sure to keep it charged in case of emergencies.

3. Wallet, this is a little on the obvious side. You probably don’t want to be without your ID, student ID, and money.

4. Water and Snacks, please don’t forget to eat! I’ve seen too many girls pass out from eating, you will be standing and walking a lot! It’ll probably be hot too if you’re rushing in the fall.

5. Makeup, bring any makeup to have for touch ups between houses. I would bring your lipstick or chapstick, powder, and maybe an eyelash curler just to spruce yourself up.

6. Band-aids, chances are you’ll be wearing uncomfortable heels or walking a lot and you’re feet will probably get blisters. Keeping band-aids will help with this and you won’t be so focused on the pain!

7. Mints and Gum, some houses may offer food and you’ll want to freshen up in between parties. You’re going to be talking a lot and in close proximity of people and no one wants to talk to someone with bad breath!

8. Paper and Pen, these two things are great for writing notes about the different houses such as what you liked and didn’t like or people you talked to. This way when you go back to vote you’ll have something to reference.


Sorority rush week is an exciting time but it can be stressful as well if you’re not careful. Having these 8 items will surely make your experience more enjoyable and something you won’t ever forget!

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