Getting Along With Your Roommate


So you’re in college and you’ve been faced with living with another human who you may or may not know for a whole year. That might be a little daunting to some or exciting to others. Not only are you living with this person for so long, but you’re also stuck in a tiny dorm room and sharing all of your personal space. So how do you deal with that? Well here are my tips to help you get along with your roommate this year or any year!


Step 1: Greet your roommate, get to know the basic facts about her. Where is she from? What’s she majoring in, etc.

Step 2: Talk about rules and expectations for your shared space. Are guests allowed? Do things need to be kept clean? Do you need to ask to borrow something? Depending on how close or not close your relationship is with roommate will depend on how strict your rules are.

Step 3: Talk about your class schedules. Does she have an 8am class and you only have afternoon classes? Will you need to respect that fact that she needs to sleep early and vice versa?

Step 4: Invite your roomie anywhere and everywhere. Grab lunch, go shopping, get groceries, see a movie, join a club, go to the gym. The list of things are endless and there are so many great ways to get to know your roomie and really make that special connection.

Step 5: Be respectful. You really can’t go wrong here. Respect your roommates space, time, guests, things, and pretty much anything and this will hopefully keep you from any problems.


So what happens if you do have a fight?

Step 1: CONFRONT them. Don’t talk behind their back and ignore them, ask them upfront what’s wrong apologize and own up to any mistakes. It can’t get fixed until someone apologizes.

Step 2: Forgive and forget. If you truly want to remain friends and not have an awkward time as a roomie just learn to forgive and move on. Things will happen and now is the time to be the big person!


Having to share a room with a stranger can be tough, and even sharing a room with someone you know can really test your friendship. Just remember these simple steps and you and roommate will be on the way to the picture perfect relationship and hopefully no issues the whole year!


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Lauren | Simple Southern Belle