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Planner College and life in general can get pretty tough when your schedule is slam packed. Today I am going to show y’all how I keep my self organized with my planner. The actual “planner” I use is in fact not even a planner it is a Cahier Journal from Moleskin notebooks. It’s a little black thing with grid lines that I use for anything and everything. IMG_0376

Monthly Calendar

The first thing I always have in my planner is a drawn out monthly calendar, yes I draw these every month, but that’s just how it works for me! Everything is on here from tests and quizzes, work, sorority events, and even blog posts and video uploads. I find that having the monthly calendar in use really gives me an overall view of everything for the month so I can plan accordingly. IMG_0378

To Do Lists

What’s a planner without to do lists? To do lists are a great way for me to write out all the assignments and things due so that I can visualize them all in one place. Here is where I write anything and everything I need to get done from going to the gym, filming, writing blog posts, homework, tests to studying for, and more. Most of these lists I just use on going and add more items each day. Some days you’ll see I even write a little about how my day went or how I was feeling. IMG_0377

Chapter Reports

Being on my sororities council I have to give reports each week during our chapters. I tell them anything to do with my position that they need to be informed of. This is where I also write other people’s dates and events that I need to put in my planner.

The rest of my planner is dedicated to addresses, birthdays, test planning, blog and youtube ideas, and pretty much anything I feel I need to write down. This notebook is essentially my catch all place for all my thoughts and ideas that I don’t want to forget. What planner do you use and how do you organize yours? I love new ideas so please comment down below!

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  1. I have a pretty Plum Paper Planner but I’ve totally slacked in the last month and haven’t used it. Eek! Life has been crazy and that’s probably why…I’m not organized! I need to get back in the habit today 🙂

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