Sorority Rush Week Essentials

It’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for and you’re more nervous than when you went on your first date, it’s the first day of sorority rush week. It’s almost time for you to leave so you grab your bag and realize you don’t know what you’ll need! To save you the trouble and worry I have created and easy list of items to keep in your purse or bag during those long days of rush week. Trust me you’ll thank me for this later!



1. A Tote Bag, to carry all your essentials. Pick a bag that you don’t mind getting dirty or leaving on a floor!

2. Phone and Charger, a lot of recruitment days can be long and you’re phone might die. Make sure to keep it charged in case of emergencies.

3. Wallet, this is a little on the obvious side. You probably don’t want to be without your ID, student ID, and money.

4. Water and Snacks, please don’t forget to eat! I’ve seen too many girls pass out from eating, you will be standing and walking a lot! It’ll probably be hot too if you’re rushing in the fall.

5. Makeup, bring any makeup to have for touch ups between houses. I would bring your lipstick or chapstick, powder, and maybe an eyelash curler just to spruce yourself up.

6. Band-aids, chances are you’ll be wearing uncomfortable heels or walking a lot and you’re feet will probably get blisters. Keeping band-aids will help with this and you won’t be so focused on the pain!

7. Mints and Gum, some houses may offer food and you’ll want to freshen up in between parties. You’re going to be talking a lot and in close proximity of people and no one wants to talk to someone with bad breath!

8. Paper and Pen, these two things are great for writing notes about the different houses such as what you liked and didn’t like or people you talked to. This way when you go back to vote you’ll have something to reference.


Sorority rush week is an exciting time but it can be stressful as well if you’re not careful. Having these 8 items will surely make your experience more enjoyable and something you won’t ever forget!

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