Valentine’s Day Date Ideas & Outfit Idea

Valentine’s Day, the day you either love or hate. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day, not because I don’t love my wonderful boyfriend or anything, but simply because it feels like such a forced day to celebrate. Clay and I personally like celebrating our relationship on our own times. We love trying new activities, restaurants, cities, or anything we can whenever we can! With that being said, we have had some awesome dates and I have a long list of new ideas I wanted to share with you all for fun Valentine’s Day date ideas. I also have the cutest and easiest outfit ever to share too! And it’s all from Target!

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I was so sad to see that target dress is sold out, I purchased mine in store, so you may be able to still find it! However, I have linked up so incredibly gorgeous dress options that would also be perfect for a nicer date night. Now let’s get into the best part, talking about some fun and new Valentine’s Day date ideas!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

  1. A night in at home. Cook your own steak dinner, pop some popcorn and glass of champagne and enjoy a good movie! (Cheap and you don’t have to get all fancied up!)
  2. The classic dinner date. Can’t go wrong here
  3. A movie night. Grab your favorite candy, popcorn, and a large soda and watch a new movie in theaters!
  4. Comedy Performance. This is both fun and funny. Great if you’re in a newer relationship and want something relaxing!
  5. Recreate your first date, this is adorable for those longtime lovebirds.
  6. Escape room. Nothing tests your patience for a person than an escape room. This is really great for people who love puzzles and scavenger hunts!
  7. Weekend getaway. What better way to spend a little time with your special someone than on a relaxing vacation!
  8. Grab a blanket and head to the nearest field or mountaintop and enjoy a beautiful sunset picnic!
  9. Fondue party! Create your own fondue at home with fun dipping choices!
  10. Go dancing, time to bust out the moves and have a little fun dancing. This can be an actual dance class or maybe just a slow dance at home, whatever you’re up for.
  11. Tourist. Be a tourist in your own city, or do something in your city you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t!
  12. Airport overlook. Grab some snacks and head to the airport overlook and imagine all the places you’ll travel together.
  13. Impromptu beach trip. Pack your things and head to the beach for the day or weekend. Enjoy the ocean waves and sand together.
  14. Find a fancy dish and try to replicate it at home. Have a backup plan in case things don’t taste good, lol!
  15. Head to your local park for a lovely walk!
  16. Sign up for a community class like photography, cooking, or painting!
  17. Laser tag. Nuf’ said.
  18. Attend a concert of your choosing

I really hope that these fun Valentine’s Day date ideas have you feel excited, motivated, or planning your perfect day! What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory, let me know in the comments below!

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