OOTD & How to Be More Self-Disciplined

One of the biggest things I struggle with day in and day out is self-discipline. Whether it’s with my weight loss journey, blogging consistently, or even cleaning my room. Sometimes I just allow myself to ignore the things I know I need to be doing in order to succeed in certain areas of my life. I’m sure some of y’all can relate. As crazy as it seems, most of the time the only thing holding us back is truly us. For the longest time, I struggled with an addition to fast food and junk food. Whenever I was craving it I just allowed myself to have it knowing that it would make me feel sluggish, tired, and eventually gain more weight. It was when a switch in my head finally flicked on saying just tell yourself no. No one else can do it for you. You have to have the power to tell yourself no and do the things you know are right. Which brings us to the point of today’s blog post which is how to be more self-disciplined.

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The Outfit

Before hopping into the main focus of this blog post, I wanted to share today’s outfit of the day with y’all because it’s one of my new favorites! It’s comfy, a little edgy, and super causal if you’re running errands and finally doing those things you need to get done!

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How To Be More Self-Disciplined

  1. Treat your goals like your job. If you have a hobby or side hustle that you’re ready to take to the next level, treat it like your job! Mark out time on your calendar each day to spend focusing on this hobby or business. This can even be working out too! If you’re ready to finally meet your weight loss goals set a time each day to do something towards your goals. Mark this time down on a physical calendar. Do not allow others to interrupt this time. The second you make it a priority, the second it becomes one.
  2. Hold yourself accountable. Make sure to do monthly or weekly check-ins for what area it is that you need to be more self-disciplined about. This could be trakcing your weight loss, your food intake, or how many hours are spent on your side business. Whatever it is find a way to record what you are doing and hold yourself accountable. Once you have it written down somewhere, it becomes clear where you need to focus your efforts more.
  3. To Do Lists. One way to keep yourself on track and making sure that you’re getting everything done is to do lists. These are a must for me. You write down everything at the beginning of the day that you want to accomplish and you go through your list throughout the day marking off your finished tasks.
  4. Change your mindset. This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give if you’re going to be more self-disciplined. If you know you need to do something, JUST DO IT! Stop letting yourself make excuses and reasons why you can’t or why you’d rather do something else. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself, I promise.

P.S I just made a whole video related to this topic over on my YouTube channel. Make sure you head on over and check it out for more advice!


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