Must Have Winter Sweaters

Nothing makes me happier during the winter than the perfect cozy and trendy sweater. This winter I’ve been hunting around for the best sweaters to not only keep me warm but also stylish! Which, is why I wanted to bring you all my favorite and must have winter sweaters! Sweaters these days come in every shape, size, color, pattern, fabric, etc. I don’t know about y’all but I just can’t get enough, everywhere I look I see a new color or style sweater that I just have to add to my collection! Hopefully, you all enjoy my must have sweaters as well!

A sweater can be seriously accessorized or left simple, you can tuck it in, leave it out or layer it with different tops! Throw on a coat and you’ve even got more warmth! I find that sweaters are essential to the winter time fashion staples because they are so versatile and yet still so comfy! I personally am a sucker for an oversized, soft sweater that I can wear over top of leggings or pair with nice work pants and heels! Where is your favorite sweater from? Let me know in the comments!

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XO Lauren

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