5 Ways to Get Organized for the New Week + OOTD

Nothing stresses me out more than Mondays. And what’s even worse are Mondays when you know you aren’t prepared for the week. Your space is a mess from the weekend, you forgot to do laundry, you haven’t scheduled out your week and now it’s 8 AM Monday morning and you are frazzled and rushing out the door. One of my new year goals is to be more responsible and I have several categories under that to accomplish it, and one of them is getting organized each week. Taking Sunday to recoup and get myself ready for the rest of the week, which is why today I’ll be sharing with you all 5 ways to organize for the new week.

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5 Ways to Get Organized for the New Week

Starting off a new week is important and can be a game changer when it comes to how your week may pan out. Taking the time to focus on yourself and your goals for the week on Sunday afternoon or the beginning of your week will help you to recoup and organize for the week to come. So let’s hop on to those 5 ways to get organized for the new week.
  1. Clean Your Space. I find that taking the time to pick up your room or home is the best way to get refreshed for the week. Going into the week with a clean area will leave you feeling more inspired and less stressed.
  2. Plan Your Week. It’s time to whip out that gorgeously patterned planner that’s been collecting dust in your room. Turn to the mothly page first. There you should fill out all important meetings, work schedules, appointments, calls, plans, etc. That way you can see it all at a glance when you’re preparing. Next, go into your day to day planner section and write out a to-do list for each day. You should include things like visits to the gym, cleaning schedules, appointments, tests, whatever you think is important to remember.
  3. Meal Plan/Prep. Some people are super on top of their game and go ahead and meal prep for their entire week. I like variety when it comes to my diet so I tend to not meal prep but instead meal plan, but it’s meal prepping is your thing, by all means, go for it! I find it helps organize my week when I lay out and plan what I will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Once I’ve got that planned out I check my fridge and cabinets and make my grocery list. Knowing what I’m going to eat in advance typically saves me tons of money and stress!
  4. Pack your bag the night before. Packing your work bag or school bag the night before is a great way to get organized for the new week. You’ll save yourself time in the morning and you won’t forget anything at home!
  5. Quiet time/self-care. If you’re like me the weeks are full of nonstop work, hobbies, and social time. Weekends are usually spent filled with fun activities and trips as well. Which can tend to really exhaust me even though I love it. It’s important to take the time to indulge in yourself and practice self-care. Now self-care looks different to everyone. I really enjoy spending some time binge-watching Netflix and taking a warm bubble bath. For you, it may be getting a manicure or pedicure or reading a new book. Maybe it’s meditation or time with God. Whatever your self-care routine entails, take full advantage of it!

Hopefully, these tips will help to get your organized for the new week and feeling on top of your game. I find that these 5 things are crucial for me to have a successful week. What are some things that you think are necessary when preparing for the week? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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