My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions


Let us pause for just a moment, where on earth did 2017 go?! It feels like just yesterday was January! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by and how much has happened in such a short time. With 2018 being tomorrow I’ve begun to make m plans for things I not only want to begin in 2018 but things I want to leave behind in 2017. I’m looking forward to moving past negative times, learning from my mistakes, and pressing on to make bigger and better changes in my life. Today I wanted to share with you all some of those things I’ll be leaving behind as well as beginning in 2018.

Things I’ll Be Leaving Behind In 2018:

  1. Doubting myself. 2017 was filled with more self-doubt than anticipated. Whether it was doubting my photography, my blog writing, my video production, my relationships and so much more. Doubting myself was one of my biggest problems in 2017 and I want to start 2018 off strong and confident in myself, my worth, my passions, and my relationships.
  2. Laziness. I’m tired of being lazy, tired of making excuses for why I don’t want to do something even though I know I’ll be proud of myself for it later. In 2018 I will put a stop to being lazy, it is time to take charge and get things done.
  3. Negative Relationships. 2017 was a year filled with tough decisions when it came to friendships and my relationship. I’m proud of the measures I took to remove negative people from my life and I’m proud of the close friends I now have. I hope to continue this trend in 2018 because it has made all the difference in my happiness.

2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Become More Responsible: AKA be the adult I know I should be. I have a few subcategories to focus in on for this goal to help me hold my self-accountable throughout the year.
    1. Weekly/Daily Cleaning. I want to create a habit of spending 15 minutes each day tidying up my spaces. I also want to adopt a weekly cleaning schedule that includes vacuuming, laundry, dishes, and so much more.
    2. Saving Money. I’m tired of wasting money on eating out, buying unnecessary things, and going out. In 2018 I hope to be smarter with my money, save it for things I truly want and spend less money on eating out and drinking.
    3. Credit Score/Paying Debt. As Clay and I have become older we have decided that we would ideally like to move in with each other soon. After he finished school we will be looking for a place to call ours. With that, we know we will need to be saving for things such as furniture, apartment fees, etc. As we also move in together it is my goal to already have my personal credit card debt paid off as well as raise my credit score for any new financial situations that may arise.
  2. Read More. I love sitting down with a good book and bundling up on the couch. I hope to read at least 8 new books this year.
  3. Grow My YouTube & Blog. Within in this goal I have several smaller goals as well to again keep me on track for the new year.
    1. Posting minimum 2 times a week on both platforms. I have such a love for both blogging and YouTube and I want to find a way to create for both platforms.
    2. Gain 200 email subscribers. I currently have an email subscription list that I hope to grow to over 200 people in 2018. If you’re not all subscribed you can join at the end of this post!
    3. Reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. I’m most looking forward to reaching this milestone because I’m become stagnant with my growth on YouTube recently. If you’re not subscribed already, click here!
    4. Reach 10,000 followers on Instagram. I have been obsessed with making my Instagram perfect these past few months and I am so excited to continue this growth and interact with others. If you’re not following me already, click here.
  4. Pick Up a Healthy Lifestyle Change. I began my health journey at the end of September and was successful with my growth for almost 3 months. I fell off my journey when the holiday season rolled around and I want to continue my weight loss goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle overall.

Something about the beginning of a new year truly has me feeling on top of my game and ready to make some serious changes in my life. I’m excited to leave behind some old and negative habits and work towards improving myself, my channel, my blog, my health, and so much more! What are some of your new year’s resolutions and plans, let me know below!

XO Lauren

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