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It’s still surreal and sometimes hard to believe that my time in college has come to an end. No more buying textbooks, pulling all-nighters, attending chapter meetings, or being college kid broke. I wanted to share today not only my outfit of the day but also some of my plans and goals now that I am finished with school. Before we do that though, let’s share my outfit for today!

It’s weird to think that I will no longer have to spend my time running to classes or studying late at night. Now I simply head to work in the morning and return in the evening with a whole night to do whatever I please. I want to use this time to my advantage and do things I’ve never had the time for until now! Now that my time in college has come to an end, there are several things I am looking forward to spending my free time doing.

  1. Reading. I always felt so guilty during college when I would read for fun because there was always school work I should be reading or doing instead. Now I can enjoy my book and not take months to finish one!
  2. Blogging. I’ve always had a passion blogging and YouTube and until now I’ve been pretty inconsistent with it. With school, there were always ups and downs of busy schedules and of course my social life. I just simply didn’t have the time or drive for it. I’ve currently worked out my work schedule where I now am off a little earlier in order to take blog photos and work on videos. Nothing gets me more excited than a great photoshoot or an awesome new video!
  3. Instagram. Building my Instagram has been something I’ve been dying to do for quite some time. However, again with the busy college kid lifestyle, I was never able to fully commit to posting daily and interacting like I wish I could. Thankfully that has changed recently and I’m excited to share so many new posts that I have in mind as well as interact with all of you! So make sure you’re following me over on Instagram!
  4. Self-care. I think this is one of the biggest things that went out the window during school. I could never justify spending an hour taking a warm bath and enjoying Netflix or painting my nails or spending a little extra to get my hair done. Now that I’m working at a big girl job I don’t feel as guilty doing a few nice things for myself every now and then!

How many of you are done with college or schooling and have finally decided to focus on those things you love? Or maybe with the new year you’re putting together new resolutions to keep you motivated and on top of things! I’d love to hear down below in the comments!

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XO Lauren

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