OOTD: Girlfriend Jeans & Holiday Plans

Holiday Hustle & Bustle

Words can not even begin to express the excitement coming over me today. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here and I am in love with it. Today’s outfit is what I wore running around doing last minute shopping, wrapping presents, and exchanging stockings with my loving boyfriend. Below you’ll find where everything is from as well as a sneak peek into my busy week and weekend ahead and how I”ll be spending my Christmas!

I love nothing more than running around like crazy during the holiday season to find and finish everything! Plus it’s always filled with Christmas gatherings, parties, present exchanges, and family!

My Christmas is beginning a little early this year due to all of the family and friends Clay and I have to visit this year. Clay and I will begin our Christmas tonight, where we will exchange our stockings for each other. We love to do stockings with each other, however, we knew that both of our families would have stockings for us as well, so we today was the only day we could do them! Tomorrow, Thursday, I will be having my roomie Christmas party! I am so looking forward to this. We are going to be baking, exchanging gifts, watching Christmas movies and truly enjoying each others company.

Friday begins our journey to my hometown for time with my family for the holidays. Friday evening we are celebrating with my brothers and father, stepmother, and sisters. I love being able to spend this time with my family. We will be staying in my hometown from Friday evening until Christmas Eve. So Saturday will be spent relaxing at my mother’s house and munching on holiday treats and enjoying the quiet downtime. Christmas Eve is the big shabang for my everyone in my family this year. We all gather at my mother’s house and exchange gifts, eat a yummy meal, play games and just have fun of course!

Once Christmas Eve is over it’s on to Clay’s family! We will be heading their way Christmas day for brunch, family time and presents. We are excited because we will actually be staying with them another day after as well because we are heading to DC with them on the 27th! I am so looking forward to this because I hardly ever get to travel and I’ve never been to DC before! I’ll definitely have to stock up on my warmer clothes though for the cold weather! We will be staying in DC until New Year’s Eve. Which will bring us to the end of our traveling and we will finally return home to unpack, relax, and bring in the New Year at home.

What are your plans for the holiday season? Traveling, staying home, have the family visit? Let me know in the comments! Head on over and follow me on Instagram to follow along on all my holiday adventures that I’ll be sharing on my Instagram story!

XO Lauren

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