Backpack Essentials

My last semester of college is finally here y’all. Hard to believe, but still not setting in quite yet. Over the past 4 years I’ve narrowed down the absolute essentials for my backpack so that I’m not lugging around heavy items all day. So let’s take a peek inside my backpack!

  1. Backpack. I’ve had this trusty Northface backpack since my senior year in high school so it’s lasted me 4 years now and it’s still going strong!
  2. Water Bottle. I love my Camelback it’s an easy way to make sure I’m drinking enough water all day!
  3. Planner. I found the cutest white marble planner from Target and I’m loving it! Look out for a planner organization post soon!
  4. Macbook. Of course I have to have my laptop for taking notes, doing homework, reading, and assignments! Maybe a little Netflix too.
  5. Notebooks. I take all of my notes in 1 subject notebooks, nothing crazy, but it’s the best way to stay organized between classes.
  6. Wallet. I have this for obvious reasons like driving to class, paying for lunch or snacks, parking, etc.
  7. Pencil Case. I love my pens so I have a ton of different ones and highlighters to choose from.
  8. Muji Pens. These are my go to for taking notes and filling out my planner. I color code everything!
  9. Headphones. I keep these in case I stop by the gym or need to listen to videos in the library!



What is one thing you have to keep in your backpack? Let me know below!

Lauren | Simple Southern Belle


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