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Planner stickers, I’m kind of obsessed! Maybe it’s the crafty side of me or maybe it’s the OCD side, either way decorating my planner with stickers should come as no surprise to some of you! Which is why I’m back again today with another Plan With Me, this one being the first week of classes and well as my birthday weekend! Here I will show the stickers chosen for this week and the lovely shops that they are from! Let’s jump in!



The first thing I did was go ahead and add in a few header labels that match a little better with my daily schedule and also break up the vertical layout. These lovely aqua ones are from The Everyday Planner. She can even custom make ones for whatever your busy day holds! After that I went ahead and added in a few flags to the side to just add some more color and cover up the numbers. Again these are from The Everyday Planner and are perfect for just about anything!


My next step was to add in some full size boxes because I’m someone who likes a lot of color and pretty patterns. The one from The Everyday Planner were perfect for the coral and turquoise color scheme I was going for.



Here you can see the entire spread with the labels, flags, and full size boxes. I tried alternating the colors from pink to blue to balance out the spread. You’ll also notice that Monday is not decorated due to the fact that it was Tuesday when I finally got down to planning the spread!



Next I got a little excited and added this adorable quote sticker from Craft Cake Designs. She has amazing quote stickers, summer themes, and even made a few Kappa Delta stickers which you’ll see later in the post! I also couldn’t resist adding that adorable blue donut sticker from Anxiety Aids. Her donut stickers were to die for and I wanted to seriously use all of them!



My next step was adding these awesome college related stickers from Crafted By Corley. These stickers were perfect for marking off the days this week that I didn’t have class, I can’t wait to use the exam and quiz stickers once the semester really kicks in!



One of my favorite things to do is to mark out the weeks weather by adding these adorable weather stickers from Crafted By Corley. Luckily it’s nothing but sunshine this week!



After working a little on the actual week I decided it was time to pay attention to the weekend, AKA my birthday weekend! Woo, if you’re curious I’ll be 20 on Saturday so holla! Starting at the top the adorable tassel banner is from Starlets Doodles. The banner was seriously the perfect color for my color scheme too! I next had to of course add a cupcake from Anxiety Aids to symbolize my actual birthday! Woo hoo! The green watermelon was just really cute so I had to add it, you can find it at Planner Envy’s store! Sunday I decided to add a cute water color full size box from Planner Envy as well and just the usual weather stickers to add a pop of color!



The next area I wanted to focus on was the bottom of the page for daily tasks and such! As you can see I added the adorable Kappa Delta stickers with bows from Craft Cake Designs to symbolize the sorority recruitment practice nights! I later wrote in the time and location beside them! Under I added to each day 2 bars with tear drops and interchanged the colors! Both are from Rima Nur and they are such adorable pastel colors!



I began to add icons on top of the teardrops.  The laundry baskets were a reminder to do laundry for the week and they are from Starlets Doodles! Adding onto every other day are the little tennis shoes from Eve’s Sticky Room which were perfect for marking the days I needed to work out!



My next thing I decided to do was add small icons to the different sections. The cute camera at the top is from Anxiety Aids and was a reminder to photograph this for my blog! Underneath an adorable trash bag from Eve’s Sticky Room so that I wouldn’t forget to take the trash out that day! I also added these adorable YouTube and Instagram stickers from CSIllustrations to remind myself of tasks I needed to get done! Also from CSIllustrations I added 2 chevron wash strips to fill in space and act a background that still went with my color scheme!



After all that was done I decided to use these cute water tracker stickers form The Everyday Planner so I would remember to get my 8 glasses of water each day!



I decided after that to move to my side bar! So I started out by adding a To Buy header from Starlets Doodles along with a little checklist from Rima Nur to keep track of my list! I also thought to add a few makeup stickers from Anxiety Aids to the bottoms because I’m obsessed with makeup and I thought they looked cute!



The last touch to the spread was these perfect flag stickers from Eve’s Sticky Room to remind me to do online work, they come with lots of different labels which are perfect for students!


Sticker Stores Mentioned:

Eve’s Sticky Room: Thankful15 for 15% off

Anxiety Aids: NOTREADY for 20% off

Rima Nur: FREESHIP50 for orders over $50

Starlets Doodles: SSB25 for 25% off

The Everyday Planner: SIMPLESOUTHERN15 15% off $5 or more


Craft Cakes Designs: STICKIT15 for 15% off

Planner Envy: PLANNERENVYSAVE5 Spend $35, save $5

Crafted By Corley


Anyone else loving planner stickers and decorating your spreads? I know I just can’t get enough, it’s a great way to relieve stress and have fun! Anyways, what kind of planner do you guys use? I love my target Day Designer it’s the best bang for your buck and seriously so cute! I hope this plan with me was fun and interesting to see what stickers I use and how I organized and decorated my planner for the week!

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