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Between college classes, Kappa Delta, work, and blogging my life can get a little hectic. It is essential for me to stay organized or else I simply go crazy and can’t get anything done. Here are a few ways I stay organized which will hopefully help you stay organized as well!

1. My Planner!

This is a huge part in how I stay organized. I use my monthly calendar to keep track of all due dates, events, blog posts, or anything else in my life!

One way I organize the calendar is by color coding different things. For example everything for class is in orange, everything for Kappa Delta is in green (obvi) and so on.

2. To Do Lists

My to do lists are in the same notebook as my monthly calendar so it is easy for me to access both and flip back and forth. Sometimes I’ll do daily lists or even just a running list of long term things that need to be done. This way once I’ve finished a task I can cross it off (this makes me more excited to finish other things).

I also keep a running list of things that can only be done on my computer on the Stickies app for MacBooks. It’s just a sticky note on my desktop where a keep important things to finish!

3. Check School Websites and E-mail

Most colleges have a website they use where teachers put assignments, quizzes, grades, syllabi, and more information. Now if your teachers are anything like mine they update these things all the time with projects and assignments we have to do and never inform us! So, it is extremely important for me to check these daily so I don’t miss anything.

E-mail is another important thing to check daily. I think I check mine at least 100 times a day. Checking it frequently is important so that you don’t miss any class cancelations, new assignments, important e-mails, and more.

These are just a few of the ways I keep myself organized in school and at home! If y’all have any tips you’d like to share please don’t hesitate!

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  1. As I pass through the different phases of my life, I reorganize my systems to suit my current needs. My latest great find is a lightweight zip case that holds my iPad and my calendar.

  2. I just discovered planners too! I’ve printed different planner pages from different places & combined them into several different ones. One for my life, one for my dog grooming business, one for teaching my son & one for blogging. I don’t know how I did without them!

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